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Published: Saturday, Jan. 1 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Chris B.
Midvale, UT

I'm no Mormon, but those Mormons don't mess around.

Home Town USA, UT

Great project and timing for jobs in the area. Way to go. Right on. Praises to John Uibel, to be involved and bring this project to fruition.

Also outstanding work foresight to the First Presidency for carrying out this kind of project. Amazing to bring the Holy Land to Utah and for the educational, and inspirational benefit.

No one has to go to the real place to film the stories and the expense is well spent in the long term. Many jobs areto be created with the demand for the portrayals a real bonus. Halleujah!! Amen.

Wild Blue
Abilene, TX

I am Mormon; and you're right.

Taylorsville, UT

Where is Goshen?

Salt Lake City, UT

"No rocks larger than a marble"? How will the Temple on the "Dome of the Rock" be re-created?

Salt Lake City, UT

Any value in the future as a Western replica of Orlando's "Holy Land Experience"? Would tourists be drawn to Goshen? Could the success of the Polynesian Cultural Center be duplicated in the Utah desert?

Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT

When they're not using it for filming, it would be a great place to take the family camping!

Orem, UT

Ummm...someone needs to tell the reporter that a square mile is 640 acres--NOT 830 acres.

Benton City, WA

A square mile,known as a section to rural folk,consists of 640 acres..830 acres would be a little more than a third larger than a section..Not trying to nit-pick but there are people who would read this article and try to pass off a square mile as 830 acres,swearing it was the truth because it was written in the Deseret News..Otherwise a very good and wholesome article about a worthy endeavor...

Pocatello, ID

This is soooooooooooo cool!
Think of all the jobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope that they have it open for tours when they are not filming. I have often dreamed of going to the Holy Lands but am afraid to because of all the violence that is going on over there. This would not be the same but a close second and much safer.

Orem, UT

I agree with JanSan, make the grounds as much a replica of the Holy Land as is possible.

layton, Ut

"a square-mile area into a parcel of the ancient Holy Land that includes replicas of parts of old Jerusalem, Bethlehem and other New Testament-period places."
Why aren't they doing the same thing for the BofM history and geography?

American Fork, UT

I'll be curious to see if the role players in the films, and ultimately whatever sort of religious disneyland this becomes, actually look like authentic people of the Eastern Meditteranean would have looked 2000 years ago. Or will they look like church paintings?


Hate to rain on everybody's parade here but, this just doesn't give me warm fuzzy feelings when I keep reading about all the commercial endeavors of the church and the people in Haiti don't have homes, people are going hungry here and abroad etc.

Draper, Utah


Donate to the Humanitarian Fund like the rest of us.

Ogden, UT

Should be interesting filming as they are looking for people that look like middle easterners.Like the idea of making it a place to visit on a family vacation


re: Bryan
"Donate to the Humanitarian Fund like the rest of us."

I donate to various humanitarian organizations. I'm also well aware of the Church's charitable material and financial endeavors (as reported by the Church) as well as the commercial endeavors. I'm also well aware of the significant manpower and monetary resources Church members brought together in 2008 for a politcal purpose.
The people in Haiti have no homes. They have no/limited potable water. There are many countries around the world with similar issues and where LDS missionaries serve.
A movie set, high-end shopping and luxury housing doesn't do it for me. I stand by my statement.

Atlanta, GA

Truthseeker, are you suggesting that the church should do nothing else but pour all of their resources into solving the housing problem in Haiti?

Mayer, AZ

i'll give Haitians my movie lot if you give them your home.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Is this the most judicious use of the tithing funds given to the church by members rich and poor?

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