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Published: Saturday, Jan. 1 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

Best BCS-buster game yet, Congrats Frogs!! Wisconsin was great, but you were better!

I try to be a fan and not an anti-fan, but I am a huge anti-fan of Jim Delany.

MWC Champ > BigTen Champ

BigTen 0-5 on New Year's Day (1-6 overall, if you throw in Nebraska)

Non-AQs are 4-1 head-to-head overall against the "big boys"

Eat your heart out Jim Delany, TCU just ate your lunch!

Draper, UT

You're right Mr. Gee (Ohio St. University President). TCU and Boise St. certainly has no business being mentioned as contenders for the national championship.

Logan, UT

Another New Year's Day. Another dismal showing by the Big 10 conference. What a joke.

Heber, Utah

Just like the 08 Utes, TCU won't get their shot to prove who really is the best team. After watching them this year, they are a lot like the 08 Utes and a few of BSU's teams, they could play with any of the "big boys" and beat them most of the time. The Utes, Frogs and Broncos have all been shafted by the BCS. And probably just like 08, the frogs will be "rewarded" a number 2 ranking after Oregon/Auburn winner. Whoohoo!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Now the issue is conference victories.

The MWC went 4-1, with the only loss to a WAC team that beat TCU last year.

Interesting, that one of the TCU player's mentioned that "God's Hand" was involved after the game. Wow, a Christian University player mentioning God, like God cares who wins a football game? Personally, I have no problem with it, but I know that there are some football fans that will try to drag him through the mud.

Secondly, Brent Musburger noted the class of TCU saying how happy they were to be in the RoseBowl. Not whining that they should be in th NC game, that the TCU staff and team to a man said they were happy where they were ranked, and would watch the polls come out.

I don't know if that will change, and if they will do something embarassing, like throw a parade or three and claim themselves #1, but is refreshing to see a class organization represent the MWC in a BCS game.

Coach Patterson, we will miss you and the class you bring to the national spotlight for the MWC, and the non-AQ teams...

Overton, NV

Only team to beat a MWC team in a bowl game the last two seasons = Boise St.

But the BSC conferences are SO much better. /sarcasm

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Great game horned frogs, way to represent!

2 BCS games for TCU and counting
2 BCS games for Utah and counting
2 BCS games for Boise and counting
1 BCS game for Hawaii and counting
mid major byu - 0 BCS games with no hope for one

Congrats to these 4 great programs

Iowa City, IA

In terms of "game" nothing will match the Boise-OU Fiesta. Of course as a Ute fan, my favorite BCS-busting game was Sugar '08.

But this was a great game with two solid teams and a chance for the "little guys" to stick it to the establishment.

Mission accomplished.

Betcha the SEC is happy Auburn won't have to play TCU to win the championship.

And yes, the Big-Ten did lay an egg so far (except the Hawkeyes, of course).

So who do you take in the Sugar this year? Either way, it's the establishment that wins: Ohio State, President Gee and Jim Delaney, or the SEC (Arkansas) that is intent on staying the only conference that can consistently vie for the national championship?

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Good game by TCU and Wisconsin. Glad they won and played for all the little guys. Wisconsin is a very good team also. When TCU joins the Big Easy that conference will become the Big Easy plus 1. TCU will dominate them.

TCU is a class team with classy players. You most likely will end up ranked #2 in the final poll.

Springville, UT

Congratulations to the Frogs! This team was real from the very beginning. Total domination in and out of the conference.

Geewiz, just wondering what kind of conference the MWC could have been if everyone had stayed and then add Nevada and BSU. If a sweet TV deal would have emerged...

American Fork, UT

I'm no fan of the bcs but I really can't see how TCU is getting the shaft. Neither did utah in '08 or boise. The fact is that there is not a playoff so there is no way to decide these things other than opinion and I suppose in the opinion of more of the people that count Auburn and Oregon are better teams than TCU.

Until there is an actual playoff then voting on who is national champion is the only way to do it. The sham is that the bcs lays claim to deciding who can be voted on. They make an artificial matchup of the two "best" teams and then insist whichever of the two wins is the national champ.

If they wish to preserve the bowl system I am fine with that but they need to layoff any claim to crowning the national championship and simply leave it up to the voters to vote on whichever team they think is best from all of the teams in the country regardless of what bowl they play in.

The Disillusionist
Alexandria, VA

Congrats to TCU on an impressive victory. That leaves Utah as the only MWC team to lose their bowl game. Way to represent!

Utah has no national championships and no hope for one.

Stay the Course
Mona, UT

TCU 16-3 W L record against AQ schools
way to go

Alexandria, VA

Very glad that BYU will not have to play TCU in the years to come. I'd much rather that they play the other teams in Texas right now.
As for Chris B - talk is all you'll have for the next few years.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


I thought the same thing. Didn't Dalton say something about God exalting them?

I wonder if the kids on the hill are running around having a hissy fit a player said that. To all those in the category: keep breathing, its ok. Life will go on I promise. No need to crucify Dalton or the Horned Frogs. Or is it just when a byu guy says it?

Big J
Bountiful, UT

Great job TCU! One classy school with great fans. I will miss seeing them on the schedule.

Go Utes!

Albuquerque, NM

The Disillusionist: It was peaceful on these boards until you opened your mouth. All I can say is, 2 BCS bowls, 2 BCS victories in this decade! And that has more significance than BYU's 1900 something championship no one remembers.

BYU leaves MWC cuz it just got harder and no chance to bust the BCS in the MWC. Utah moves to a BCS conference called the "Conference of Championships", TCU moves to the Big East. What conference did BYU move to??? I know...conference of loneliness. Your jealous, don't deny it, your post says it all.

Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

Thanks @MiP, how could I forget Iowa's victory over Mizzou, the Jayhawk Nation thanks you. BigTen: 2-8 in bowls, with Nebraska thrown in.

I gotta go with Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl. Except for maybe Oklahoma, no team has gotten so much love from the BCS with so little in return as Ohio State. And its Ducks all the way in the BCS "Championship."

I'll meet you at the McD's in Coralville tomorrow as I pass through tomorrow!

Highland, UT

Super game to watch. Both teams were very well matched. Wisconsin's run game was great. Dalton was amazing and made plays all over the place.

Both teams could do well against Auburn or Oregon. Until there is a real playoff there is NO NATIONAL CHAMPION only conjecture.

TCU is well coached and has a great system in place for winning. Speed kills. Easily the best bowl game so far!

Midvale, UT

Mountain West - 3 BCS - 0 victories. This is getting old and boring. The poor AQs (automatic qualifiers) continually getting beaten up by the outsiders. How long will systems designed specifically to make the rich get richer exist in america? Especially when they DO NOT deserve it! The BCS is 100% un-american and turning into one hell of an embarrassment! Good thing they pitted TCU vs Boise last year so two AQs didn't get pounded!! Un-American BCS - Big Crying Shame!!

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