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Published: Friday, Dec. 31 2010 9:00 p.m. MST

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Saint George, Utah

I'm starting to think that Tai and the gang are becoming a little too lax in their playing. They shouldn't let a now 13-2, 2-0 record get to their heads. On a positive note, Aggies were able to make a great comeback thanks once again to Stew Morrill and his impressive ability to rally his troops. Go Aggies!

Saint George, Utah

Coach Morrill put in to words what I have been trying to say all season long. Basketball is doing great but they are kind of sluggish. The holiday break has not been good for them. Glad Morrill lit a "fire under [their] butts," or they would have lost the game. Aggies need to step up. I know they can do it!

Ogden, UT

Atta boy, Stew!

Farmington, UT

I too have thought the team has lacked a little luster this year. I'm glad we're 13-2 and 2-0 but the play hasn't been as dominant as I expected from a heavy senior team. Hopefully some really hard practices will whip em into shape. They will need a little more toughness for the upcoming road trip.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

What is the WAC? Every school is running away from the conference. Utah State leading or winning the conference title is silly. What the Aggies need to get into is the Big Sky, and then they can play Montana and Montana State, one of which defeated UCLA BB and the other nearly did. USU football and other sports do not compete. Really the Aggies should go NAIA and cut down on expenses. There is no amount of money available to be competitive at the national level in Division 1. It is an embarrassment. Pretty soon the WAC is going to be the MWC West anyway.

Logan, UT

Are you referring to that awesome Montana team that got their pants kicked by a 4 and 10 Nevada team? Just checking. The big sky is nothing special, at least not any more special than the WAC. In basketball or football. I would concede that Montana's football team is better than USU's, but not much. Of course we will never know for sure because they are to afraid to move up and try making it with in the big show. Anyways, USU will never drop down a division in football so every body might as well drop that argument.

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