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Published: Thursday, Dec. 30 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

I hope we're not witnessing a Norm Chow situation all over again. While I like Bronco and have backed him throughout his tenure, ultimate responsibility lies with the head coach. I'm sure there is more to the situation than is being shared in the media but one has to wonder whether this could not have been salvaged with some solid leadership and accountability, both at the head coach and AD levels. Lavell Edwards was untouchable so Chow took the fall. But in this case Bronco is not Lavell and should ultimately be held accountable. Looking from afar this seems a bit knee-jerk given the success the team had during the past and uncertainty at QB this year. Whatever happens, OC at BYU is a tough job because there are a 100k armchair QBs who think they could do it better. I for one appreciate Anae and the success he brought to BYU. I hope he harbors no hard feelings and has great success wherever he goes.

Mcallen, TX

Both Anae and Jaime Hill had something in common. They did'nt interview well with the press or relate with the team. Hope things work out for the ex-coaches and the team.

Orem, UT

I really thought Anae did a good job.

The two-QB thing was dicey. I am not too happy about Nelson keeping his injury quiet. He took valuable reps away for Heaps and he knows it. I kinda think Nelson should lose his scholarship because of it.

So if Anae felt targeted, then he should move on and I am confident he will do well wherever he goes.

Nice article Dick, as per usual.

Orem, UT

Anae has leadership and accountability; his basic problem is poor decision-making -- his decision this year to go with two quarterbacks when just about every knew such a system almost never works.

Calling a dive into the middle that resulted in a fumble just before halftime against UCLA a gift-wrapped a TD for the Bruins that almost cost BYU the game.

Going for it on 4th and short when a FG would have put BYU up 9 points, and then throwing a pass instead running a simple quarterback sneak.

Going ultra-conservative after Heaps had completed 4 of 5 and moved BYU to the 20 yardline with three straight dives into the middle that lost yards, resulting in a long FG try that was easier to block.

Robert did a good job with the experience he had, but he was an O-line coach before he came to BYU, which accounts for his lack of creativity in critical situations.

Anae will end up in Maryland working for Mike Leach as his O-line coach.

Brandon Doman will be BYU's new OC and we'll see a marked improvement in BYU's offense next season.

The Rabbit (in Spanish)
Salt Lake City, UT

Pointing out specific plays to demonstrate flaws in Anae's play calling is meaningless. According to many fans, any play that didn't work was a bad play call. The fact is, the players and coaches on he other side of the field are ALSO intelligent and trying to win the game!

It is the trends in play calling that can be questioned in my opinion. In 2008 against Utah BYU averaged 7.1 yards per rush and was down by 3 points in the 3rd quarter. Anae decided to emphasize the pass for the rest of the game and ended up with 5 interceptions. Four of which occurred AFTER coming within 3 points. That was either stubbornness or incompetence.

Against UCLA, it would seem there were only two plays in the play book. Unga up the middle and going long to Collie. UCLA crowded the line, shot the gaps, and just hoped collie would burn them too much. Ever heard of a screen play? Guess not.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Enjoyed the historical perspective.

The buck stops with Bronco, one way or the other, with regard to Anae.

The Cougars badly misfired against USU and that game was the turning point of the season and the best indicator of BYU's nadir offensively and defensively.

Mendenhall needs to NOW demonstrate inspiring leadership. It will be interesting to see whether he can do that.

Lehi, UT

Before we name OC and other assistant coaches, let's consider Ty Detmer for OC and Ben Cahoon for receivers' coach. There's a lot of talent out there and the door is still open to tap some of it. Good luck, Bronco, in putting a strong staff together.

Go Cougars!!!

Chad S
Derby, KS

It was simple. BYU asked Anae to resign or be fired. He saw how things went down with Jamie Hill and decided that he actually respected the University and decided to resign.

I'm certain he would have rather stayed. His offenses did have a 75% winning percentage over 6 years after all.

Ann Arbor, MI

Anae is smart enought to know not to board the Titanic. As Bronko lays slogan T-shirts on the deck chairs Anae realizes much better opportunites are in BCS conferences - possibly Maryland.

As far as the bronko backup plans?

How much OC experience does Domain have? crickets

How much *coaching experience does Detmer have? crickets...

* Detmer is currently a head coach for a 0-11 high school football team.

Old Cougar
Cottonwood Heights, UT

All of us proficient "arm chair coaches" miss a call and a "mark it down" prediction once in awhile.

Personally I thank Coach Anae for his contributions to BYU football and wish him well in his future career.

My big concern is: Who will now maintain the Island connection (or whatever it is politically correct to call it)?

Mark it down --- There are many good teams whose rosters include a high percentage of "Island Heritage."

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

Anae wasn't horrible but I do think that BYU can do better at OC. The only way this independence thing works for BYU is if they turn it up a notch performance-wise. They can't afford another bad season like this year or they will be left on the sidelines for good the next time the BCS conferences add teams.

I think it's important to maintain some continuity with Heaps so I think Doman should be given a shot at OC with Detmer taking over as QB coach. They don't play any top 10 teams next year - every game on that schedule is winnable - so they need to make a big splash in their first year of independence.

Lehi, UT

Thanks Robert A. for some great moments in BYU football history. Poor recruiting and poor coaching on both sides of the ball caused the troops to lose a lot of games this year. Recently the recruiting has gotten better. Now coach tries to fix the coaching weakness. If the current players work really hard this off season we will get 10+ wins in 2011 and better in 2012 and 2013. If we get the best coaches her to develop the players to their highest level, we get a BCS bowl.

B=Bold=BYU Fans
C=Confident=BYU Coaches
S=Strong=BYU Players

Oh, and we keep the $ to build stronger than before. Sweet!

Lehi, UT

There are two types of coaches, those who have been fired and those who will be fired. In football coaches like LaVelle Edwards are rare. The only thing consistant about football teams is they change. Every coach knows this going in, it is part of the buisness. And Detmer has 14 years "coaching" experience in the NFL. Teams didn't bring him on for his overwhelming physical presence. The brought him into the orginazation because the "Dude Knows How To Ball".

Old Navy
Provo, UT

After the Utah State debacle, BYU hit rock bottom. I was at the game, it was the worst showing on both sides of the ball I've ever seen.

South Jordan, UT

First thing: Anae has done a great job and provided a great service to BYU.

It's sad to see some writers, especially those connected to the so called newspaper in SLC, react as if all the statements by Anae and BYU administrators and coaches are lies.

Iowa City, IA

D. Harmon, the reason why people believed that Skousen hired Anae is because that's what you reported. But I'm glad you cleared it up because I was scratching my head wondering why I thought Mendenhall flew to Texas and interviewed Anae.

I guess you can't believe everything you read. Is that also the reason you've softened your language on what Bronco told his coaches to do? It doesn't seem your reporting anymore, "seek other employment" as the direction from Bronco.

Provo, UT

Old Cougar | 8:35 a.m. Dec. 31, 2010
Cottonwood Heights, UT

My big concern is: Who will now maintain the Island connection (or whatever it is politically correct to call it)?

Mark it down --- There are many good teams whose rosters include a high percentage of "Island Heritage."

Rest EASY, Old Cougar (and all the others who are fretting and hand-wringing on message boards and talk radio about the future of BYU's Poly Pipeline for recruiting) The answer is already on-staff, and has been for years.

His name is Steve Kafusi, BYU D-line coach. Kafusi seems to have been forgotten in all the fuss about Anae's departure. He is Tongan. The pipeline will be fine.

Rise N' Shout

Washington, UT

The head coach always has the last word and Mendenhall hobbled Anae with his oddball micromanagement, the ludicrous and unworkable 2QB system being exhibit A. Small wonder that Anae has had enough. He has to be fed up with being the fall guy for a dysfunctional staff and with taking such a beating from fans who understand so very little about the game and how a coaching staff operates, but who blame him for every failure. Good move and good luck coach.

Fresno, CA

I like that Bronco allowed his coaches to self-evaluate and decide if BYU is still the best fit for them and if they are still the best fit for BYU.

He will now hold evaluations with them and they can have open and honest discussions about performance, goals, and needed improvements.

In this way, it becomes a conversation more than a lecture.

Skyline Fan
Holladay, Utah

Great guy, not so good of a coach. Coach Reynolds deserves his job in my opinion.

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