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Published: Thursday, Dec. 30 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Yeeeee Hawwwww... As Hot Rod would say " You gotta love it baby"

Meadow, UT

Not only were the Jazz outplayed this game,butt they were outcoached.I think the Captain is dead on in his assumption that Fesenko should be getting more playing time.The Blazers used thier "Fesenko" (Camby) to their advantage for most of the game.None of our guys could stop Aldridge inside.That,and with Camby killing us on the boards,it was just too much for us. I am beginning to think that Fesenko should be starting,at least against certain teams. I'd like to see Big Al and Fess playing together more. Fesenko would be ok playing inside on offense in this situation because he would never get double-teamed with Big Al also in the game. Jerry got outcoached this game.The Jazz simply didn't have enough beef inside to win this game,and the story will be the same when they play the Lakers or Dallas.

Fajardo, PR

We probably should have kept Matthews.

Delta, UT

only if we wanted to compete for a championship we should have kept mattews

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Last season was beatiful because of Matthews. I was upset when we lost him this summer. Matthews is one of the best players this franchise has ever had. Right now D Will Al Jeff and maybe Milsap are the only guys I would take ahead of Wes...I would put Matthews in the Milsap/Jefferson category...maybe just a hair below those two guys.

Good Luck Wes!

You are a true PROFESSIONAL...we were lucky to have you if only for a breif period of time.

Layton, UT

well add the blazers to the list of teams that simply have the jazz number each time they play (and the list just keeps growing with each loss the jazz have this yr)

Federal Way, WA

Bad choices in offering late to Milsap and apparantely not offering to Matthews which I cant believe, has really cost the Jazz. It makes me think that they really arent as good as I thought they were.

Santa Ana, CA

I could rip Sloan and you guys know I would. However, I do not. These slow starts he does not plan and DWIL was right, they are wearing on the Jazz mentally much as physical. I am not going to say it always comes down to JERRYS "toughness".

The key is Portland hurts him because of long lean guys like the Lakers will also. Batum, Camby, Aldridge are very tough matchups. I hope Evans can develop quickly because to combat this partially, we may need him more and he is improving

The Jazz just have to "stay around 1st place". OK City will likely beat ATlanta, but we could tie them come Saturday.

Fes did great except for the free throws and couple of bad shots. He was in there when Portland did not score for 6 1/2 minutes. The thing that hurt is the Jazz themselves only scored 8 points in that time. Not getting 6, 7 point lead then was costly in this game. It would be great if Utah had a quick, springly d guy 6'10 or 6-11 but we do not.

I knew a catch. Fes would not get the time, Elson healthy

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Without AK it's not good defensive team. Al is too soft, Deron occasionally plays defense... Yesterday everybody was jumping Hayward wagon. He may looked good against fella rookies but you can't buy experience. After couple years will see who he is. Al and Millsap not very good combination because AL soft he need side-defender bit Millsap not that good. Any big plays better with Fes at least defensively.
Game was winnable too many To's doomed Jazz specially in 4Q.

Orem, UT

The Jazz took the older Bell over the younger Mathews and that is only one of the reasons why I can in no way root for the Jazz.

The Jazz let Eric Maynor go. They let Weslie Mathews go. The overpaid for Kirelenko and Boozer. They let Ronnie Brewer go.

I realize pro sports is a business, but it's a business I choose not to support.

Ivins, Utah

The Jazz did not "let Matthews go"! The Jazz organization loved Wes just like we all do. Portland ripped him away from the Jazz with a financial offer that the Jazz could not match. It's a simple as that. If you've ever had to run a business you often have to face tough decisions about what you want to do, but some things don't make sense financially. If you can't support the team because they have to make tough decisions sometimes, then so be it. But in this case at least don't rip on the team because "they let Matthews go" so that they could replace him with an "older Raja Bell". If the Jazz make bad financial decisions then eventually none of us will have a team to support because they will not survive. I support the Jazz, and believe it or not I support Wes too and hope he does have a great career. He's a great kid!

  • 7:02 a.m. Dec. 31, 2010
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Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

There's one reason why Wes Mathews is doing so well and it isn't because of his athletic ability. He is a good player because of effort, desire, and heart! He does not quit and will not. We just don't have too many players on this Jazz team with that same drive. As for letting him go, well that isn't exactly true. The mistake was not offering him a contract, and letting some one else make the first offer and finding out it was more than we could pay. Why didn't we offer a decent contract to him of about 5mil and let him know how much we liked him and wanted him to stay, instead of going the bidding route? He liked it here and I am sure money didn't drive this young man like it does so many others. Thats the Jazz mistake. That will happen with Fess also if he isn't traded before seasons end. Do not trade A.K. and take on another big contract in return, better to just let him go and say happy trails. 18 mil, what a gaff! Oh well.

Longmont, CO

Most of the team looked tired on the second night of back-to-back. Hayward especially made some very silly fouls in the first half, it looked like he just didn't have any legs. Those things happen when you're tired. He played 44 minutes in LA. DWill & AJ also looked tired at times.

Ivins, Utah

So you're thinking that Jazz stood around last season waiting for it to end so they could have a bidding war with other teams? I give the Jazz more credit than that, after all they were the only organization that saw the talent in Wes before anyone else did. I know they were talking new contracts with Wes before the season ended but I'm sure it was his agent telling him to hold out for the other big offers coming his way. And who could blame Wes for doing that. It doesn't make him a bad guy to hold out for the best offer. I would guess that the general public hears about 1% of what goes on behind the scenes and just think the Jazz were sitting on their hands regarding getting Wes a new contract. I'm sure they wanted to work it out, but again it comes down to a business decision. And, the team would be the first to admit they make mistakes, but let the team that doesn't make any mistakes cast the 1st stone.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm not as concerned about this one game as the Jazz playing soft at home. 6 home losses used to be a season's worth. Cut that in half and the Jazz would be 2nd in the West. They actually have a better road record! On the one hand it is great they are good on the road -- they weren't for YEARS during the Stockton-Malone era -- but come on, guys, defend the house.

Rexburg, ID

I love how so many people talk about the Jazz like they are the only team that makes signing and drafting mistakes. Look at Portland with Roy and Oden. Look at the Bobcats with Morrison. Even the 76ers with Evans right now. The reality is you just can't predict who is gonna be a great or healthy player because it relies so much on the player and how hard they work and how bad they want it.

It just seems Jazz fans should be happier to have a team that is this good while so many other teams struggle. Or maybe just the people who are upset post here. It is frustrating at times but I enjoy watching the Jazz cause they always compete and are always successful. I mean how many teams besides the Celtics and Lakers win championships? It is very rare, not that I don't want it but be realistic.

Not saying we shouldn't want the Jazz to be the best they can be but realize how lucky we are to have a competitive team EVERY year.

Cedar Hills, UT

I am trying my hardest to not have "the end of the world mentality" most Jazz, BYU, and Utah fans have here in Utah after a loss...But, it is really hard when your team just doesn't look good consistently. If we would put up a fight for 4 qtrs instead of 2 or 2 1/2 then I wouldn't be so dramatic like everyone else on the message boards. Come on Utah, just work hard and play a full game! It will be amazing what will happen.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

There isn't anyone on the Jazz that can guard my mother. Wes Matthews going off with 30 points....for the love of pete..give me a major break. And Alldrige nearly 30 and Camby 20 plus rebounds....come on man. If a team can't defeat teams like Portland, at home or on the road, they have no business contending for anything in the NBA. Okur, Kirilenko, and Miles have no heart. Fesenko should be playing in Europe or anywhere else. This league and this franchise is horrible. What is wrong with Williams? The is something bothering him. He is not the same.

As I have always said....the Jazz is nothing more than entertainment. Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are finished....trust me.

Santa Ana, CA

No one here is in crisis mode or panicking over one loss. However, trends that are bothersome will be discussed on this forum. Paul Milsap is not a weak defender, he gets burned at times. However, i watched him vs Blake Griffin Wednesday Night and he burned Jefferson more than Paul by far.

On Brandon Roy, you can consider it unfortunate, he has had serious injuries. He has hardly been a bust though. He is young hope can make it back. No one thought Grant Hill would come back and he has had a stellar career.

The Jazz losing at home is the only bugaboo of the season. If they are winning this division, cannot afford more than 3 home losses the rest of the season. That should have the Jazz finish at 54-55 wins which they will need to win the division.

It was to great for Fes to be doing so well. However, You should have known it "was a catch why". We find out Elson has a bad toe, so likely vs Memphis, Elson will be back and Fes will sit.


Ivins, Utah

Anonymous, we need to get your mother a tryout. If she can score and play defense I'll be pulling for her! It's a long season with teams going through ups and downs all the time. It seems worse for Jazz fans because we pay so much attention to them, but all teams have their struggles. In a way, that's what makes sports fun to watch.

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