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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 29 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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Longmont, CO

With CJ and AK possibly out could mean a lot of playing time for GH. Time to step up kid and show everyone your potential.

Murray, UT

Good! Now maybe Evans will get to play!

Kaysville, UT

Carlos Boozer taught these guys well. Want a night off?? Hey coach, I'm hurt.

No wonder I lost interest in the Jazz......

Sandy, UT

I groan over injuries/illnesses but cheer loudly for opportunities presented to the bench guys to step up, produce and (we hope)dazzle us.

Go Jazzboys tonight!

Santa Ana, CA

I knew Kirilenko would go out matter of time. Great news for the Jazz

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

CJ take off your diaper and put on your uniform. The Jazz have no chance without you playing tonight.

vancouver, wa

And how much is AK making for his wonderful performance with the Jazz? bye-bye

King Black
Paso Robles, CA

@ duke5

I believe he's making a pretty nice penny.. As I m sure anybody would gladly take if it was thrown at them because of how relentless he use to play, I mean no one can lie He use to be a beast.. I mean come on other teams coaches literary feared to plan to play Utah because of him, not his fault his old way of play got him hurt. And now all I see is people like you just throwing HATE all his way.

Santa Ana, CA

Then again, I do not make his money for turning over the ball, over the last month shooting lousy and not playing great defense either.

Longmont, CO

AK is still a good player just not $17 million good, and the older he gets the less and less value he will add to the team. I'm sure the Jazz are shopping his expiring contract like the rumored Melo trade. Utah doesn't need to make the mistake of trading him away for nothing though. He has already said he would love to resign with Utah even if it means for less money. He would provide a lot of value to the team if he could be signed for about 1/3 of what he currently makes.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

You can change CJ`s diaper,give him a good paddling,send him to bed hungry but he is what he is, a lazy player who has reached his potential,will score 20 one game......then ...poof he`s disappeared!!! sad thing there probably is not much of a market for a player like him,they`re a dime a dozen

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