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Published: Monday, Dec. 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

'The sin is the homosexual relationship, and sex outside of wedlock.' - Redshirt1701 | 2:49 p.m.

Annnd yet, 5 states allow gay marriage.

So, that 'sinful' gay relationship, it's sex is actually WITHIN a marriage.

About sin...

'I must agree that PRIDE is the greatest flaw in our nation's character. (sic) There are many who are proud that they are not homosexual...' - LDS | 1:58 p.m.

So, it is 'sinful' to have pride...but it is NOT sinful to be proud you are not gay.

When you realize that many are prideful, not just those who are gay, you realize that ALL should be held to the same standard.

Not just homosexuals.

Let's look at the 'traditional' example of marriage.

Tiger Woods
David Lettermen
John Ensign - Still Senator of Nevada
Mark Sanford - Still Gov. of SC.
John Edwards
Philip Giordano
Robert Packwood
Mark Foley
Larry Craig
Jim Gibbons
Kevin Garn

All adulterer's, and yet, follow the 'traditional' example of marriage between one man, and one woman.

If you want to defend morality, make yourself moral before you claim others are not.

Work to make divorce illegal.

Then, come back to me.

Bountiful, UT

Christians who profess the moral beliefs of the author are indeed a minority.

American Christian morality is NOT at odds with the "morality" of the Bible. Christ made it very clear that the main tenants of the gospel were to love others as you would have them love you and to love God with all your heart. The Ten Commandments were the basis of all moral doctrine prior to Christ. It is disingenuous to claim therefore, that the Bible does not condemn slavery or rape or any other act of unkindness. If these are not loving acts, they are condemned by default.

In as much as parts of the Bible contradict Christs principal teachings, we can safely conclude that those parts either should not have been included in the Bible, that they were translated incorrectly, or that they applied to an ancient culture that we no longer understand.

Sugarhood, UT

Is there any statistic more meaningless than Americans' self-reported assessments of how "moral" they think their current society is? Yet ask them about acts of "immorality" that they've personally witnessed or been affected by and you will get a very, very brief list if you get one at all. And the lists will generally includes items like "that boy I saw at the mall with the pierced lip and blue hair," or "that girl in the park with the low cut shirt".

Oh wait, I thought of a more useless stat: any one related to a question asking an American to compare how "moral" he considers his present society in relation to how "moral" society was in the past. Always, always, always will the past be rated as more "moral", forever and ever, amen. This is why the study of history is every bit as important as the study of math. Gives us the much need perspective so as to not see apocalypse in every teenage prenancy (which, incidently, have decreaed in the past 50 years).

Salt Lake City, UT

RS1701: "...there are those that are so prideful that they think that the Prophets are 'out of touch' and that Gays should be allowed to marry, contrary to God's laws."

Sorry, that argument has zero merit.

You already do or condone _tons_ of behaviors that are "contrary to God's laws," and it's a darned-good thing for all of us that you ignore "God's laws," frequently and repeatedly.

Come on - we've been through this before, right?

Do we really need to list, ad nauseam, all the things that the Bible unambiguously states are "contrary to God's laws," but which for the sake of a just and sane society we rightly accept and/or ignore.

It's not "pride," it's simply a matter of living in the real world as a rational human being in possession of a properly functioning moral compass.

Ms. Parker's original thesis, that homosexuality is wrong because her religion tells her that it is wrong, is irrational and indefensible.

The more you press the excuse of "it's contrary to God's laws" for your bigotry the more you reveal the Bible itself to be morally bankrupt.

Draper, UT

Many great comments here that have said it all. However, just to add my 2 cents:

Both the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association state strongly that homosexuality is not a choice but a genetic condition and that homosexuals cannot change their fundamental attractions. Common sense tells us no one would choose to be gay in this homophobic world. Further, research shows that efforts to change a person's sexual orientation may be harmful to the person, leading to depression and suicidal tendencies.

Gay people, just as the rest of the population, come in many moral stripes. Many keep their partners for life, raise children, and go regularly to those progressive churches who welcome them into the fold. And studies show those in the military do their jobs no differently than heterosexuals.

With all of this in mind...how many fundamentalist families have agonized over their gay children, disowning them or attempting to change them, causing harm, alienation and grief for all concerned? Is this not also immoral?

working class
Salt Lake City, UT

Whether Ms Parker is right or wrong she has the unpleasant duty of making the latest line in the sand, others in the past being bibilical justification of slavery, Jim Crow laws, ability of racial minorities to vote, INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE, etc. She has to explain why treatment of homosexuals is in some way different from these earlier travesties.

Salt Lake City, UT

I remember when I was younger the term "Christian" had connotations of love, compassion and good. Now all I feel when I hear Christian is hate, fear, ignorance and lies. If I were a Christian, I would be much more concerned with cleaning up my own nest, than poking my nose around others nests, where is doesn't belong. I truly do not remember that last time that I witnessed a real Christian act of kindness. I have witnessed thousands of Christian acts of hate, but no kindness. I see people like Ms. Parker rant in the name of Christianity all of the time, this is not news this is venom. Christian venom.

Tooele, UT

Re: "The scariest people on Earth are those angrily demanding that we strictly adhere to 'God's morality' . . . ."

The writer seems to be the angry one.

His disgusted rant is much scarier than sincere Christian profession of submission to the will of a Loving God.

Real Christians are committed to loving and serving all God's children, even if they lack the inclination or strength of character to abide God's law.

Refusal of shrill demands to bend His will to the whim of libertines or the PC left is neither hateful nor scary, except to those making those foolish demands.

South Jordan, UT

EDM:"I don't know whether to laugh or cry for those who lack the simple introspection that informs us that no one chooses a sexual orientation.

And Ms. Parker's opinion only illustrates that if anything can skew a moral compass, it is religion. Bigotry hardly exists except in the name of God. "

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the simple introspection that informs us gays are not born that way. There is zero concrete evidence to back up the philosophy that homosexuality is innate. Everything I have seen has been inconclusive.

The fact is, everyone has choices. Including gays. I don't believe homosexuality is wrong because my religion tells me its wrong, as someone on this forum pointed out. It is instinctively understood that its wrong. No man made philosophy is going to change that.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Pagan | 3:58 p.m." just because the laws of men allow sinful behavior that does not mean it is correct.

Since when is adultery acceptable? Even when Jesus gets the people to spare the life of the adulteress, he tell her to stop sinning.

Since you are not a person of faith, you don't understand or can't understand that what the world does is not what God would have us do.

To "Blue | 4:21 p.m." what do I condone that is against God's laws. You claim to know me and Gods laws, so please tell me, how do I "already do or condone _tons_ of behaviors that are 'contrary to God's laws' "?

Ogden, UT

Thank you Star Parker for having the guts to stand-up for what is right even though its not the popular thing to say. Remember the old saying whats popular is not always right, and whats right is not always popular.

blue dot!
Eagle Mountain, UT

It is easy to find outrage in the actions, choices or lifestyles of others if your goal is to force them to live the way you think they should.

Homosexuals don't try to impose an athiest lifestyle on you, so why do you try to impose a heterosexual life on them?

Castle Valley, Utah

Ms. W:

Are you kidding? Do you really believe that you chose your own sexual orientation? Or that it was gifted to you in adolescence, perhaps, because you were living a better moral life than the neighbor kid who turned out to be gay? - This is the kind of simple intropsection I meant in my original post.

West Jordan, UT

"Homosexuals don't try to impose an athiest lifestyle on you, so why do you try to impose a heterosexual life on them?"

They don't? That's exactly what they're trying to do. The gay agenda is trying to force society to accept their lifestyle and values through legislation and judicial edict.

As a society we recognize that adultery is not good moral behavior. We cannot stop people from doing it, but we don't condone or support it legally. We know that adultery is not good for our society. It is destructive to the family unit.

Those who feel homosexual behavior is immoral and destructive are being forced to accept laws that condone and support it. To me it's like giving a tax exemption for the support of a mistress. That would show support and approval for adultery. We don't do that because we know it would encourage adultery and degrade marriage.

Is it in the best interest of our society to promote homosexuality? Many of us say it is not, but our values are being ignored and put down more and more every day.

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