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Published: Saturday, Dec. 25 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

And now every BYU game will be on ESPN.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU better be ready for whats about to happen to them in the next couple of years. The first year is going to be critical for them. With the exposure through ESPN they better not have a repeat of the debacle we had this year.

Go Cougars!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Live Hard, read bad.

Perhaps you should reread the article. Boise State's willingness to play the Thursday and Friday games and the attendant exposure is what enabled it to rise from D-II to one of the best programs in the country in a very short period of time.

Now BYU will have that kind of exposure, but rather than starting from the ground up, they can build upon a base of being a perennial Top 25 program -- averaging five top 25 finishes per decade over the last 30 years, including four top 10's.

The only person who can see that exposure as a bad thing is a blinded hater. (Who, ironically, will probably watch those games and will certainly comment on them. Pathetic, really.)

Provo, UT

More exposure is good for anybody. Competition is what the Utes thrive on. Their biggest question will be whether kids offered by USC and UCLA would rather come to Salt Lake. That's an unknown at this point.

The Utes apparently need a quarterback who won't be seriously injured by the fourth game. Looking at the schedule, the current starter should not be expected to last into the m onth of October.

BYU risks the same outcome, but with a better quarterback.

Neither program can expect to overcome injuries to win big games, because the rosters aren't deep enough. That will change for both teams over time.

Good luck to both teams and to their coaches. Much success against the big boys!

Orem, UT

Kellen Moore and Petis were players Whit passed by.

South Jordan, UT

Good article however it isn't just ESPN. It's the style of ball they play. It's just plain fun to watch BSU play. It's the coaching staff that has created a unique family culture. It's being in Boise where BSU is "it." In Salt Lake, Utah and BYU can come after the Jazz and other venues many times.

It's also the blue field, which turns out to be the best advertising in the country. It's easy to bad mouth the color, but if you turn on the TV and see a blue field you know "Boise State." Players come to play on the blue and people come from all over the US to walk on the blue and have their pictures taken there.

In summary it is ESPN, but it's also other things as well.

South Jordan, UT

ESPN has helped generate BSU's national following. There some other factors that have also helped.

BSU plays an exciting brand of football....they're fun to watch. Every game has some surprises.

BSU is easy to separate from other teams because they play on a blue field. People fly from all over the US to experience a game on the blue field. Some take cheap shots about the blue field, but from a marketing/advertising point of view, it's worth millions, ask any marketing person.

Sandy, UT

@ Live hard

Here is the beauty of the whole shakeup. BYU is one of only two D-1 Football schools which have Independent TV contracts with a Major Network.

Notre Dame and BYU.

BYU has an 8 year deal, whereby ESPN has all home game rights to BYU's basketball and football, with same day re-broadcasts on International BYU-TV.

ESPN must carry at least 3 home games but have rights to all. Most are predicting at least 6-7 of BYU's games will be televised by ESPN next year.

While all others will be on their own National Network, basic tier.

BYU has planned this for 10 years and been building it for 5. Everything is in place.

When U of Texas follows BYU's lead, then something is working right.

It is just frustrating to the Ute Kingdon to realize that even after Utah was invited to the Socialistic Model of a Conference, that BYU has still landed in a much better place.

BYU will not only better Utah in revenues, but more importantly, they will have greater Access and Exposure.

Utah, meanwhile is about to join Washington State in the land of Obscurity.


Falls Church, VA

This article is right on the money. With Utah's solid BCS wins, the only way to account for BSU getting some better recruits there is exposure on ESPN. You have to play on ESPN now in college football in order to compete.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Well Live Hard...we know that you will be one of the many watching BYU on ESPN regardless of time slot...or your dubious but vain motive of being a detractor. Rock has made the point that exposure is everything. Chris Peterson is the reason for that exposure at BSU. Over the years having coaches like Lavell Edwards, Doug Scovil, Robbie Boscoe, Bronco Mendenhall and even Kyle Whittingham...as well as his father are the reason that BYU, the Old WAC, and the Mountain West started receiving the exposure in the late 70's and continues to do so today... despite the BCS mentallity that we live with. These are coaches with vision. Utah's entrance into that exposure market really started when Urban Meyer left here at Bowling Green State Univertsity and took Utah to it's first undefeated season and a BCS bowl game...and continues now under Kyle Whitingham.

Before Bronco Mendenhall and his administrative hired O.C. Robert Anae... plays like the statue of liberty the hook and ladder the fake punt were only part of BYU's play book. The double pass, the fumblerooskie and others were also. Detmer would bring them all back.

Riverton, UT

The key ingredient to Boise State's fast rise...winning and winning big football games. The exposure wouldn't have meant a thing if they hadn't won ballgames.

Sandy, UT

I am sure millions will be flocking to watch BYU USU, BYU New Mexico St and so on. We just witnessed Samuelson and Holmoe;s independent blue print.

Play below .500 or sub .500 teams from Conference USA and the WAC. In half filled stadiums, while bringing marginal fan support (Sold only 2,500 tickets to New Mexico bowl) to the visiting opponents stadium.

Shows a great recipe for success.Have fun being independent and irrelevant BYU fans could not of happened to a better program

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Utah has no one to blame but themselves.

If they would have stayed in the MWC, TCU and BYU would have stayed. Add in a good BSU team and get out of the MTN deal and you have a pretty good set up.

Instead they make a hasty move for some quick cash and are now going to be stuck in the middle of the Pac. Recruiting isn't going to improve as their teams rise to the middle of the Pac. Attendance isn't going to improve except when one or two of the premiere teams show up. Maybe USC or UCLA but is anybody going to get excited when ASU comes to town?

BYU and Utah are two teams headed in opposite directions.

Salt Lake City, UT

Seems ESPN has grown up a bit. They have scheduled BYU into...only two Friday night games and both at the insistance of BYU. The games are prime evening games too. Not the nightmare schedule the naysayers predicted.

I am okay with games during the week but I would rather leave Fridays for the high schools as has been the traditional case. But shorting other teams practice time to meet your schedule is also a tactic that Boise used to it's benefit.

Either way, Utah will get on TV when the regional PAC 12 channel wants to showcase their opponent not when they want to be on.

ESPN will work to make BYU a favorite.

Great to follow the Cougars.

Eagle, ID

Could it be that these yong men WANT to come to Boise because Coach Pete is a class act coach, because Boise IS a great place to live AND because we HAVE used the great marketing tool of the blue turf? Could it be that EVERYONE KNOWS about the blue turf, the quality of life here in Boise and and the fact we don't act like the Utes ....arrognat and conceited?
Utes...you need to change your image somehow. You are not very well respected. THAT is YOUR problem!

Chrissy Bee
Atlanta, GA

UteFan123 says what he hopes will happen, not what he thinks will happen. How sad when someones happiness is predicated upon the failure of others. How sad that UteFan123 will remain sad for many years to come.

Go Cougars!

Boise, ID

Boise State fans have serious misgivings about The MWC. Namely, it isn't much different than the WAC. We have even heard referred to as WAC 2.0 or Son of WAC. Add to it the really AWFUL TV contract and many of think the move was the wrong one. We should have stayed put and let the MWC recede into the sunset. There really isn't much benefit for us. Can anyone tell us what it is if we are wrong? Not so far.

Allen, TX

Look at BSUs roster - Lots of kids from Texas and the rest of the Bible Belt. Without ESPN great football and the blue field, they don't get those recruits. In contrast, only FSW broadcasts PAC games, not generally available in the Bible Belt. So Utah gets exposure on the west coast, where 11 other teams are trying to recruit, while BSU and BYU get exposure nationwide, including in Football Nirvana - the South.
Utah has taken a step backward.

Gilbert, AZ

This article is about Boise, not BYU or Utah.

The sad point that has been missed is that now BSU is exiled to the same mtn. network while still playing in the WAC 2.0 (the new MWC without BYU, Utah and TCU. The point of the article could be that it is the beginning of the end for the Broncos.

Mapleton, UT

Hmmm I wonder which is better playing San Jose State, or playing Montana State (yes that's right, Montana STATE, not the perennial FCS powerhouse Montana).
I think that both BYU and Utah will benefit from their moves with greater publicity. Even if the Utes struggle their first few years, they will still be known as a Pac-12 school and that will help their recruiting. Everyone wants to lump them in with Washington State as a loser school, but just remember as bad as Washington State is we all know who they are.

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