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Published: Friday, Dec. 24 2010 5:00 p.m. MST

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Roy, UT

If BYU fails in the "Independant" ranks, one thing is for certain, they will be invited into a BCS Conference, and they will become a team with MUCH MORE respect! I think they will be much more successful than Notre Dame has been in recent years, and the bowl games they will be looking at will bring in so much more revenue it will be rediculous. We already have some of the best facilities in all of College Football, and they will continue to stay on the cutting edge! BYU will outshine the other independants and playing the other independants gives us 3 games right off the bat. Good luck to BYU, and to the scheduling for them. I see many teams looking to fill their schedules with a game verses BYU, just for the status it will bring their programs.

Cris B.
Sandy, UT

Byu will start every season 1 and 4 against good opponents and finish 7 and 6 after playing wac teams. Cougars - its groundhog day! Mediocrity, get used to it

Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

There are no WAC teams on BYU's schedule for 2013 on. And there are only two Friday games on BYU's 2011 schedule (UCF and Utah State). The haters like to say that BYU is a quasi-WAC team, and that ESPN will load them up with Wed/Thur/Fri games. Now that we have some real data to work with, the haters can take their theories and toss them in the garbage.

BYU's move to independence has to be taken at face value: BYU said they wanted to take on a national schedule, and increase the prominence of their program, and have better control of their media rights/access, and that is what they are doing. The only thing that remains to be seen is how BYU will perform. I'm sure the haters have opinions about this also. I think all indicators are pointed in the positive direction. Go Cougars!

Mcallen, TX

Players tranferring in from Southern Cal and UCLA reflects the direction of BYU sports. Many people here in Texas are looking forward to Cougar football in Austin. They were impressed with their play against Oklahoma. The future is bright.

Slim Shady 801
Bluffdale, UT

BYU does not play Notre Dames' schedule....just look at who they play: Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue, USC, etc. WAC teams? Oh yeah, ND bounced Nevada 35 to zip in 2009.BYU will play some better non-league games, but teh WAC is well...WAC...

Cody, WY

Cris B. should spent less time predicting 1 and 4 starts for BYU, and more time thinking about his Utes after the fiasco in Vegas this week.

Coach Wittingham is an excellent coach--but it's been a long time since I've seen a Ute team show such a lack of effort as they showed against Boise State.

On the other hand, Bronco and the Cougars only improved with each game the 2nd half of this season, and Cougar fans are looking forward to next fall. I'm not sure I could say that if I were a Ute. As for mediocrity, that's what the entire nation saw from Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl. In fact, the term mediocre would be generous.

I may bleed BYU blue, but even I didn't like to see Utah pummeled and humiliated like they were against Boise State the other night. Especially on national TV.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Tomey said former Arizona coach Lute Olson was "phenomenal" and he worked with him when he coached the Wildcat football program. "He won a national championship after beating two No. 1 seeds and they were fabulous, but they finished fifth in the Pac-10. Were they the best team in the country? Probably not. But they got hot at the right time.""

All debate about the "best team" is irrelevant. Give us a champion, who won that title by running the gauntlet of a playoff.

Tomey cites the Arizona basketball championship? Well, in 1979 a team that didn't win their conference championship won the NCAA championships. They were a pretty good team, led by a pretty good player -- Magic Johnson.

Florida beating Troy State and Appalachian State during the season makes them a good team. I call BcS.


DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Chris B. Chris Momma and now Cris B - What are you? You said "ROSIE", funny you Chris and dream on about your utah going to Rose Bowl in Grand Daddy Day in January. So, are you getting all the fun with all the attention?

Dick Tomey knows what he is talking about and he may be right. Go Cougars!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

@ Chris

Utah will start every season 3 and 1 against OOC opponents (the loss will be to BYU) and finish 7 and 6 after playing PAC teams. Ute fans- its groundhog day! Mediocrity, get used to it.

See, Chris, that was neither intelligent, productive, creative or very nice. Please re-work your assignment and re-submit it after Christmas break.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Let's face it. Utah destroyed more than their own school when they left.

Had they stayed, BYU and TCU would have stayed. Bring in BSU and that is a much better league than the Pac whatever.

Instead Utah leaves and now its destiny will be a return trip to the LV bowl each year as the 6th place Pac team. They will get destroyed by the MWC team year in and year out.

Yet the ute fans keep talking like it was a great move. It was a move made in hast. I blame Thompson for his lack of leadership in the MWC.

The utes are going to get owned.

Pac kids are already leaving the league and coming on board the BYU wagon.

BYU and Utah = two teams headed in completely opposite directions.

Syracuse, NY

I have had my doubts about this but I am softening my view. What anti BYU fans don't seem to understand is that the Mountain TV Network did not leave BYU any real option. They were quite literally invisible. When things didn't work out with any of the BCS conferences, that left BYU no other viable choice. To stay in the invisible MTN would have been like burying your talents or keeping your light hidden under a bushel. When you have the assets BYU has, you must invest them wisely. I mean, what else was there to do? (again, I have been quite negative about this in the past, but again, what else could they have done under the circumstances?) So far it looks like it may work out. I certainly hope so.

Syracuse, UT

Hey Chris B do you want us to "write it down"?

You seem to be good at bad predictions and you would think that you would learn your lesson, but you don't. With each "prediction" you become a bigger and bigger joke. Don't you wonder why everyone brings your name up when you make such silly predictions? Or do you live in a world where you just like to see your name in print. Sad, sad commentary on a life.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

BYU will do very well on ESPN and in idependence!

Dave from Taylorsville
Taylorsville, UT

Chris B. or Cris B. or who ever you are (maybe you're Hayes Barnard or Paramount Equity who said in his commercials about mortgage rates in the 5%s on KSL Radio, that "That ship has sailed." Oh well, who ever you are; write this down!

BYU will do very very well as an independent, they will play in some much more notable bowl games (because they can travel VERY well, unlike the Utes), and their schedule will include more and more notable teams. You'll also hear a LOT more talk about them in the national media.

ON THE OTHER HAND: The Utes. . . well let's just say, given tehir meltdown in the last quarter of the season and against "Girlie State", they won't even be smelling Roses, much less playing in that bowl for a long long long long time.

The furture is bright and it looks very "blue."

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Ref: Chris B.
You are so funny...and what a clown...Keep us laughing there guy.
The uteys will have a nice reception into the PAC...especially from their old fomer WAC opponents in Arizona who will be wiping the their feet on the new doormat team in the conference...Good Luck...

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Dave from Taylorsville "BYU will do very very well as an independent, they will play in some much more notable bowl games (because they can travel VERY well, unlike the Utes)." Really because when I was channel surfing and came on to the New Mexico Bowl I saw pretty much an empty stadium (where were the supposed well traveling Y faithful). On the other hand the stadium was full at the Vegas bowl with far more Ute fans than BSU fans. Utah traveled very well to both BCS games so I think you are a bit out base especially base there. With regards to your predictions about Utah not going to anymore bowls I think that is quite laughable since they have been to one pretty much every year the last decade including two BCS bowls. How many BCS bowls has your "team on the rise" been to? Come back when your team actually goes to a BCS bowl (let alone 2) and kicks the trash out the opponent. Until then you and other such BYU rips on Utah will be nothing more than fantasy/fiction.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Where's Stockton ??? How did BYU do the last time they faced Arizona in football; Ill tell you, bad loss. Its like shooting fish in barrel with most BYU fans.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

"How did BYU do the last time they faced Arizona"

What difference does it make? The last time BYU faced a PAC 10 opponent, BYU destroyed the then #16 ranked Oregon State 44-20 in a game that wasn't even that close.

Utah will fit nicely as a little fish in a big pond in a conference where the Utes haven't beaten a good PAC 10 team on the road since last century.

Fallon, NV

Chrissy, here's hoping you got a new crystal ball for Christmas, the old one quit working.
Utah 34 Boise 24, everyone laughs again.

BTW, Utah's O-line is still holding.

Fallon, NV

Rock, why are you living in BYU's past? It is people like you that are always telling Yfan to get out of the past. Weak and old.

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