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Published: Thursday, Dec. 23 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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Scottsdale, AZ

Funny, no mention made of all the smack-talking from the Utah side. Seems like everyone else noticed it though...

Lehi, UT

A football season is like a horse race. Its not how you start that counts, it's how you finish,,,

Syracuse, NY

That game was painful to watch and I feel sorry for the Utes. They really did miss some opportunities. They easily could have had a 24-0 lead in the first quarter and that could have changed the whole complexion of the game. In the first quarter, it looked like they were going to do to Boise what they did to Alabama... but you have to catch the ball! (the big one they did catch was called back due to a penalty) What if? What if? This is going to haunt Utah for a while.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Very Simple - utes nation were feeling the welcome hands from the PAC10 and were focusing for next year and seeking for big thing. Feeling the future bcs world and Bronco the non qualifier school made sure utah don't win this game. And you think the pac10 and the rest of the bcs feeling stupid picking up utah?

Eagle Mountain, UT

This was a painful game to watch. It reminded be of BYU at the first of this past season. Some good things happening but just couldn't string together enough of them to keep the ball moving. I kept expecting the Utes to get things going but it never happened. I was very discouraged by the pre-game taunting and mouthing off of the Ute players during the game. This was classless and really changed my attitude about wanting the Utes to win. I applaud the Boise coach who grabbed his player and severely chastised him for the same type of behavior. I realize this goes both ways but I really would like to have seen a Utah coach do the same to their players. You would think this would stop by the time your team is down 3 touchdowns but it continued for some of the players. I hope Whittingham disciplines them. Maybe these types of players will get humbled next year in the PAC.
No, I don't like it any more when the BYU players or any schools players do it.

Kearns, UT

The Yewts are no better than a #8 or 9 team in the new PAC 12. Good luck in your future endeavors. You'll need it.

By the way, coulda, shoulda, woulda doesn't count. The Yewts didn't get a 24 to 0 lead, so it is irrelevant because it didn't happen. If I use that reasoning, BYU shoulda beat the U by 24 points a few weeks ago.

Iowa City, IA

Another problem- utah to busy trash talking, even the ESPN commentators (who we discovered were assigned before they knew who would play) made a comment about it, saying basically enough is enough, go play football. Between the "girlse" comment, the fight during the week, and the pregame fight, utah has established, no cemented, itself as a classless, self-centered, program.

This is an arrogant team and fans base. A lot of schools are going to enjoy taking them behind the woodshed.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

The only regrets the Utes should have is recruiting players who trash talk. Every team they've had in the past 15 years has included players that acted that way.

This article is way lame by insinuating the Utah players could have any regrets about their performance or the outcome of that game. Utah was dang lucky to have only lost by 23. It coulda, woulda, shoulda been 43. Instead Utah should find solace in holding Boise State to only 26 points. If those two teams played ten more times Utah would lose every one of them and by far bigger margins.

Lee Corso
American Fork, UT

Us here at Gameday are trying to figure out who was worse. BYU at the beginning of the season or Utah at the end of the season. Wow that's a tough call.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

This may have been the worst performance of the year by Boise State, and it was not because of any fine defensive play from Utah.

Hayden, ID

All the trash talking, mugging and fighting coming from Utah deminishes the team, the school and the sport. Coach Whit should kick the offenders off the team. Classless!

King View
Orem, UT

Okay, seriously, no need to rub it in. They still beat us in the rivalry game. I don't care if you guys think it was because of the refs. We should never have put ourselves in a position to lose from a call in the first place. Let the Utes worry about their football team and we can worry about ours.

North Ogden, Utah

I get sick reading these comments every week. I swear the fans of both schools on here have some personal assessment of their own value every time either of these teams play. It's ridiculous and so petty. There are news stories with real personal implications that don't get this many comments. It's sad. Utah is a fine institution. BYU has made a name for itself. Utah didn't get chosen to go to the PAC-12 because of football alone. The utes being chosen is no reflection of byus program. While sports may dominate every decision in your life, I hope you are the minority. A little perspective people.

Lehi, UT

As expected, no shortage of reference posts to the pre-game (most notably) castigations by u players. I would only hope that Whit has a CTJ session with his team and lays on some wood. The player's tweet referencing boise as girlses about to get spanked hard, rings more than hollow. Especially with the reality as to which team played like they were preoccupied connecting daisy chains, while the Broncos served up a heaping does of "Boys II Men"!

Salem, UT

Very seldom is 7-6 greater than 10-3 but this year it is. BYU and Utah are headed in very different directions. Next year I see BYU finishing 10-3 while Utah would be lucky to finish 7-6. BTW, way to back up the trash talk Devonte Christopher! Zero catches! Who is the girlse now?

Salt Lake City, UT

I am not in a position to say all things Utah are classless. I missed the pregame fight and tauntings so I can't comment on that. What I did see was Boise state was a little rusty out of the gate but were still able to keep the boat afloat and get their act together to win. I saw a Utah team with a lot of opportunities which they squandered by being pushed back on their heels, making stupid mistakes (What was with all the holding?) and an All American receiver and companions who caught that virus that BYU receivers had at the first of the season which causes extreme tenderness in the hands. At the time the Y receivers were called out as poor atheletes. So I guess the story of Utah this season is they became poor atheletes. (Absurd assumptions both ways)
Coach Mendenhall just calls the difference in winning and losing execution.

Down the stretch BYU learned to execute.

Utah learned to be executed.

Lehi, UT

@ King View, AMEN.
All of you that complain about Utahs poor sportsmanship, look in the mirror. Is your trash talking any different? I think not. Grow up.

Girlse State
Midvale, UT

They them girlse state cheerleaders dominated U.

I just wish a boise state player had grabbed some pom poms and gotten an excessive celebration penalty. Would have been a perfect ending.

But they're too classy for that.

MoTown, CA

Can't wait for August...congrats to a 10-3 season Utes...I love you guys!!

sports fan
Provo, UT

wow guys you really are a bunch of losers. you are like the "people" in the middle east who were celebrating in the street after September 11th. reveling because somebody you hate is in misery. the circumstances are not comparable but the attitude is the same.
i guess people are the same the world around.

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