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Published: Thursday, Dec. 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

They were lame ducks all right; they just weren't done tinkering with our country.
More entitlements, the unemployment extension, DADT...
They had nothing to lose.
We can count our blessings that DREAM failed again.

Santa Monica, CA

"Say No to BO" sums it up for the radical right: negativity, anger, short-sightedness, and, most importantly, a personal affront to a most effective President.

Tooele, UT

Re: "Both sides hoped the compromise would win points for pragmatism . . . ."

Pragmatism? I guess that's what Democrats and RINOs call it when they make under-the-table deals to betray the people that elected them, huh?

Too bad "invetigative journalists" won't be tracking which lame-duck Congressmen go to work for Obama and his supporters after being turned out off office.

It just shows the voters were correct to turn them out.

And how much work there is yet undone.

West Jordan, UT

Say NO to BO, when you say "they had nothing to lose" it sounds as if you think lame ducks session should just not do anything.

Of course, you do realize that it was a lame duck session of Congress in 1998 that Impeached President Clinton.

I guess that lame duck Congress "just weren't done tinkering with our country".

And, you do realize that the only real change will be in the House of Representatives with Boner as Speaker. The Senate stays in in the Democrats hands with Reid setting the agenda and the Presidency stays with Obama.

American Fork, Utah

It is interesting how in this lame duck session Bob Bennett has all of a sudden turned into a Democrat. He has been voting more with the Democrats on almost everything. All of you moderate conservatives that have defended Bennett and Hatch need to consider this. These guys are career politicians who only vote conservative to stay in office and when nobody is looking or when they think it doesn't matter to their political future they vote socialist/big government.

Hatch needs to go next. Matheson has voted the Democrat party line 90 percent of the time and somehow has duped Utah into thinking he is a moderate. He needs to go also. Until the country gets back to the Constitution we will spend ourselves closer and closer to bankruptcy and closer and closer to anarchy.

Provo, UT

The ONLY reason this lame duck session was so busy was because of months and months of Republican foot-dragging. The Republican leadership openly said that damaging Obama politically was a higher priority for them than doing the work of the people. Luckily, there were enough Republicans late in the game to put country over party and sit down for bipartisan compromise. (And of course they get vilified by conservative extremists as RINOs.)

Proud of my country, proud of my president, proud of my party, and proud of Brother Reid!

Glendora, CA

Are you also proud of the fact that your Harry Reid, (after we Californian LDS struggled to protect the institution of marriage with Prop 8, and deal with persecution and backlash), made the comment to his liberal constituents and supporters that the LDS's work was a "waste of time"?

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

The only reason the democrats took the republicans to the wall after the election was they still had the votes. The republicans did not do anything in their lame duck majority after the November 2006 election which put the democrats in control in the House and the Senate. This just goes to show you that the democrats have no class and are not interested in anything but their brand of partisan politics....shoving everything they could on their liberal agenda down the voters throats. They are the same old party politics, classless bunch of ruthless partisans; elitists, class warfare tax and spend liberals we have all come to know again in this political year. Senator Reid and House Majority Leader Pelosi have no shame, burying our country as they have. None of these people have any regard for the will of the people and the good of our country.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Of course, you do realize that it was a lame duck session of Congress in 1998 that Impeached President Clinton.' - GWB | 9:19 a.m. Dec. 23, 2010

Forget the aquital?

'Bill Clinton, President of the United States, was impeached by the House of Representatives on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice on December 19, 1998, but acquitted by the Senate on February 12, 1999. Two other impeachment articles, a second perjury charge and a charge of abuse of power, failed in the House.'

You must watch Fox News.

'Univ. of Maryland study finds Fox News viewers to be misinformed on key issues' - By Ryan Witt - Examiner - 12/17/10

'Over 40% of respondents said President Obama started TARP even though TARP was signed into law by President Bush on October 3rd of 2008.'

I will admit Clinton was impeached, but to purposefully FORGET that Clinton gave the office to George W. Bush?

Well, that's like claiming Bush kept America 'safe'...

after 9/11.

Provo, UT

fatheroffive - First off what is a Moderate to you?? Bennet has voted Moderate. It's funny and sad to see how the extreme "right-wing" sees everything out of their close minded point of view "Socialist " or "communist". Well, what a way to label and judge people don't ya, I admit I might be doing the same thing with you by labeling you an "extreme right-wing" conservative, but that is what you are portraying with your comment. In fact, Bennet shows he is a Moderate conservative with he's votes, so does Hatch when not pressured by an upcoming election. Let me just add that it saddens me that in your eyes a Democrat can not be a Moderate... a Utah Democrat is more conservative than a Mitt Romney. Learn politics before you spew incoherent comments buddy. :)

Ogden, UT

Way to go Harry Reid--most powerful Mormon in politics! Hey morpunkt, what ever happened to free agency? Prop 8 is bad legislation, similar to earlier restrictions of inter-racial marriages. If the Church wants to protect the sanctity of marriage, they have a lot on their plate with their current members marriage difficulties/problems.

With the appropriate separation of Church and State precedence set in the First Amendment--Gay marriage will never be forced to be performed by or recognized by any religion against its will. The marriages will only be recognized by the State--what's the problem with that? I think President Monson has expressed support of civil unions and partnership rights. You can support basic human rights, and that is not compromising your morality.

Stockton, UT

The entire intent and purpose of the 20th amendment, the so-called "lame duck amendment" has been subverted. Look at Utah's own Senator Bennett. He voted contrary to the obvious will of most of his constituents on both amnesty for illegal aliens and the START treaty.

It was and is unthinkable to allow a man who has been voted out of office, whose record and agenda has been rejected by those he is suppose to represent, to then have free rein to impose his will on those people. That is why the 20th amendment was passed. It shortened the time between elections and the seating of a new congress and president. It eliminated the mandatory lame duck session that had previously existed.

Now we have some factions rejoicing in a lame duck session as several defeated members of congress have voted to spite their constituents. To fund government for a few weeks, or even deal with a real emergency is one thing. For lame ducks to fundamentally alter the character of our nation is reprehensible and cowardly.

Port Alice, B.C.

The loony left is going wild this morning.

The prime task is to make sure Obama loses in 2012.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Shaken by a historic election in which angry voters canceled Democratic control of the House, lawmakers of both parties and President Barack Obama tried something new?, no they did not, it was the same ole BS they always to toss under the bus those that are unemployed, such as in the Senate (first) they added on another tear to the extensions, the GOP killed that idea, they would NOT BUDGE on it, even after they got the tax breaks for the rich, yet they padded into those Bill's trillions of pork, earmarks and pay back monies, that these unemployed have to pay back, along with the rest of us to, but that's ok, as long as the GOP do it?.

Glendora, CA

After reading your comments, are we to assume that the Brethren were not inspired to ask us in California to assist in the passage of Prop 8?

Atlanta, GA

I was beginning to wonder whether Obama really had it in him to get something done. This last week has been fantastic.

It also showed that the only thing Republicans care about is tax cuts for millionaires. Once they got that, Democrats got support for the unemployed, tax cuts for poor and middle-class people, equality in the military, and a nuclear arms treaty with the Russians.

I'll say that's Democrats 4, Republicans 1. Maybe the loss of the House was the best thing that could happen for Americans this month.

Overton, NV

If the new Republican congress continues to spend like the previous congress, then they will have stabbed us, the voters, in the back. We will be watching.

However, if anybody things that what Congress and President Obama have done over the last two years is good for the country, you are deluding yourselves. At no point in history has the deficit been increased at such staggering rates. It is time to put the brakes on spending, and this is something that the new Congress has promised to do. Like I said before: we'll be watching. I just hope it's not too late.

Logan, UT

"It was and is unthinkable to allow a man who has been voted out of office,"

You must not "love" the Constitution, for it CLEARLY lays out the length of term of office for members of Congress and those terms are not yet up. Therefore, they are duly elected and rightfully charged with conducting congressional business.

South Jordan, UT

The premise of this article could be stated another way:

After two years of liberal law-makers cramming liberal legislation down the throats of Americans, they found out that Americans didn't like it and were about to toss them out of power. So in the remaining days before they lost the opportunity, they finally started compromising with the conservative law-makers, in a desperate effort to pass as many liberal leaning laws as they could.

It's amazing what a reality check will do, even for liberal power brokers in Washington, DC.

It's too bad that laws can still be passed after the voters have voiced their opposition to those who are making the laws. Lame duck sessions should be outlawed.

Salt Lake City, UT

'...tinkering with our country.

...under-the-table deals to betray the people that elected them...

...to their political future they vote socialist/big government.

...to fundamentally alter the character of our nation is reprehensible and cowardly.

...we'll be watching. I just hope it's not too late.

...cramming liberal legislation down the throats of Americans...'

You can tell America's on the right track, when those on the far, far right complain...

but can't really say why.

Thanks for keeping things civil DSNews.

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