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Published: Thursday, Dec. 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Nov. 27, 2010
Head Coach Kyle Whittingham

"I couldn't be more happy for the seniors on our team going out with a win this way. This is the winningest group of seniors in the history of the school and is a fitting end to their careers here."

...or end their careers here. National TV.

I bet that's the last time the Ute Fans will storm the field for a few years.

I rarely try to prognosticate, but I will take a shot at it, and wager that the next time they storm the field again, it will also be because they beat a 6-6 team by one point.

Life is cyclical.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, it hurts bad.

But give me a couple days and I'll be over it, knowing that the season was overall a very impressive one. With Oregon and Stanford both not on the schedule next year, 2011 is looking ROSEY!

Palo Alto, CA

The PAC 12 bound Utes have been schooled by the MWC bound Broncos, 3-36 and 3-26 in their last two games.

The Utes are breathing a sigh of relief that they won't have to play the Broncos anymore. The Utes can hide behind the skirts of the PAC 12 and use that old "but our schedule is already too tough" excuse for never scheduling the Broncos again.

Orem, UT

"Rushers didn't move particularly well."

That's because they are called Running backs, not rushers. You sound like my wife.

The Offensive game plan was to win by using the arm of Terrance Cain instead of the feet of Wide and Asiata and/or the brute of the O-line.

Bad plan!!!

I hate coaches who fall in love with their play books instead of using the talent of the players they have.

Also, I can't stand it when writers write the story before the game is even played. This story was written before the game knowing BSU would win and was meant as a tribute to Whittingham's past bowl record.

However, the stars are more aligned when Rock comments on all things Ute, and stays away from anything BYU, leave that to Harmon, Rayburn and Call who actually have some insight.

Then again, when Rock sounds like my wife, I question his credibility.

Lubbock, TX

That score shouldn't have been as close, utep and utah are very close.

South Weber, UT

What I saw on the field last night was a Utah team that was valiant in their efforts and did not give up , nor did they let the State of Utah down. Brent Mussberger mentioned BYU and their recruitment of players from the Islands, his trivia question included " Quarterback U " as he called it in his praise for the players from the Y.
I saw a group of young men push their hearts, hopes, and physical endeavors on every single play. The defense was on the field a long time, opportunities were lost , passes were dropped, and a back-up quarterback was doing his best to move his team against one of the nations strongest defenses.
I saw teamwork , endurance, and 110% effort by every player on every play.
I gained value myself by being able to watch young men push their physical abilities to the limit and never giving up no matter how large or small, great or petty their assignment. All of those hours of practice on the field, in private practice,in the classroom, and the self motivation needed in this game will carry forward and strengthen their characters for the rest of their lives.

Utes Rock!
Santaquin, UT

Something was really "off" for the Utes tonight and I think it had more to do with the receivers timing being off than it did with BSU being good. Yeah sure... Boise is good, but their performance against Utah was NOT overwhelming. How often does does Brooks, Smithson & Christopher drop passes right in "bread basket"? How often Phillip's miss a chip-shot field goal...? Let alone 2 of 'em. Boise MAYBE would have won anyway, but Utah's toughest opponent tonight was... ITSELF.

Centerville, UT

No excuses. We lost to a better team. That is all there is to it. But I tell you what. This was a great season and the future for this team is bright! We had a freshman all-american, most everyone on defense is back (unless burton and siliga go NFL-both good bets) we have some issues, but they are fixable, especially with this coaching staff. GO UTES! So proud of you guys today!

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ute alumni
Salt Lake, UT

ures rocks? I think not. You are going to have to come up with better excuses than that. The fact is they should have lost to byu and were fortunate to have as good a winning record as they did. Big announcement after the bcs bowl games end. I am afraid this news will kill the utes' pac 12 high.

Lehi, UT

Sorry, Utes, but your were overmatched and you will be overmatched every time you step on the field in the Pac-12. As I see it, you "lost" four straight games with losses to TCU, ND, BYU and BSU. Even the BYU game was a loss because of the luck that allowed you to score a win in the column with a 1-point victory over a team that outdid you in every category. Good luck...I was hoping for more from the team that represents my state, but who really cares. It's only a game and games are for little kids. Stick to intramurals and weak schedules and beat your chests. Actually, the Utes lost this before they ever set foot on the field with their childish behavior before the game and as they were warming up and fighting on national TV. They certainly didn't send a good message to the nation with their cheap shots and lack of discipline on the field. Let's hope for the future, but I don't see much difference when they step across the line to the Pac-12.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

This was the first time that I never pulled for Utah in a non-conference game. Now, I never have to root for them again. Starting last night, my favorite team is who ever Utah is playing. So far, I'm 1-0.

Bluffdale, UT

Utah is not moving on. They are moving up.

Palo Alto, CA

"Utah is not moving on. They are moving up...."

to the same level as Washington State and Colorado.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

That was UGLY.

Ute fans should make standing reservations for Las Vegas.

They'll be there the next few years.

That is if they are bowl eligible.

Ogden, UT

"Nine straight wins is nothing to dismiss."

Did you really say that, Rock? Yes you did; it's right there in black and white.

All you sports-media types like claiming a winning streak is a reliable indicator of what team to put your money on in the current skirmish.


Obviously the Utes' nine-game, bowl-winning streak played no part last night's results. They simply got their behinders kicked, even by an off-their-game BSU team.

(If Coach Petersen were like Jerry Sloan, there'd have been no bragging to the media about this 26-to-3.)

And as for "moving-on time," rather than AQ BCS-bound, the Las Vegas Maaco Bowl will be the BEST the Utes have to hope for, for a dozen years to come ... at least.

Just Wondering...
Gilbert, AZ

After last night, the Pac 10 is wondering if might have overpaid to get into the #40 tv market in the country, and the Sugar Bowl definitely wants its trophy back now!

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT

Utes don't rock

Take off the crimson colored glasses. Any fan who's watched the Broncos throughout the season knows that the Utes were fortunate that the Broncos played the worst game they've played all season or this could easily have been another TCU-like 7-47 blowout.

It took the Broncos most of the first half to shake of the rust and get their offense running. Even then, the Broncos missed some easy scoring opportunities in the 2nd half (like the fumble into the end zone).

Total offense tells the real story of this game though:

BSU 543 yds.
Utah 200 yds.

The Broncos had more rushing yards (202) than the Utes had total yards (200).

Cain looked worse than Heaps did during the first half of the season.


What comes around goes around, and it's coming around! Gotta love all that pre-game trash talking and thug-ish behavior from the Utes. No one from BYU needs to point out the un-classiness of the Utes anymore. They do a great job of proving that all on their own, and now the PAC 12 gets to deal with it. Good riddance. I hope the Vegas Bowl enjoys having them back for many years to come.


Dear Utah: Start looking for a REALLY good QB for next year or you are going to be an embarrassment to yourselves and the entire state of Utah, kind of like last night.

Fallon, NV

Since this board is technically about commenting on the written article, I will say this; Mr. Rock's comments are his own, and he is lucky to be getting paid to say them. That said,

Hailstorm, eloquent and moving, but really? I saw a group of kids that were undisciplined, unmotivated and not worthy of their own hype. I just hope this was a good lesson that they can learn to grow up from. how did they spend all those practices, breaking dishes and working on rude tweets? That falls squarely on the coaching staff.

Chrissy, you are doing a good job of not bashing the TDS(short for Touchdowns remember, something the Utes need to have for a goal next season), but you just can't help yourself when it comes to making predictions can you? Looking Rose-y? Really???

Here's a prediction for you, Utah finds itself barely bowl eligible next year, and gets beat in the Vegas bowl again by the second place MWC team, since the MWC champ will be in a BCS bowl again.

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