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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 22 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Payson, UT

What? Terrance Cain leads the Utes in a 2nd half comeback to win by 2?

Utah 40
BSU 38

Utes, keep the bowl streak alive!

Cris B.
Sandy, UT

Utah 34
Boise 24

You all know I'm going to be right - I always am

Saint George, UT

Chris B, wwookie

I remember you both predicting a Utah win over TCU, then a blow out over Notre Dame. And finally a double digit massacre of BYU. Your predictions hold no weight anymore.

Boise State is every bit as good as TCU, better offensively, not as good defensively. But pretty close. Boise also has a top QB in Kellen Moore, he is the most accurate and dynamic QB in the NCAA. The great WR's Young and Pettus will terrorize the weak Utah secondary.
Boise will be out to embarrass Utah. They will not be holding back.

Like sending sheep to the slaughter... I would love to see Utah pull it off, but I do not see that happening. Boise is a complete team, Utah is not.


Iowa City, IA

I have to agree with PureOpinion. I see Boise getting their averages in scoring offense and defense and winning a fairly boring game.

I would like nothing more that for you two to be right, wwwookie and Chris B. I would be happy to admit I was wrong, if the Utes pull this off.

But I am mentally prepared to see the streak end, unfortunately.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I am 10-2 on predicting Utah games and 9-3 on predicting tds games.

Combined 19-5. Tell me again how terrible my predictions are. I've proven to be a great predictor(which has made me some $ this year by the way)

I won't be wrong on this one.

Utah 34
Boise 24

You can take that to the bank(I am, in a big way)

Fallon, NV

I have been impressed by Chris's predictions, other than the fact that he can't quite get the numbers right. Wasn't BYU a two touchdown dog to Utah? There is no way he took the points and made money on that game. If he was really betting, he would have taken BYU, but he might not admit it. Of course the fails have been epic, but at least he is all in. So am I.

Good luck to both teams, I am hoping for a great game.

American Fork, UT

Oh boy this is going to be hilarious LOL christina and wwookie will be nowhere to be found on here tomorrow.

Chris B's momma
Idaho Falls, ID

Chris is easy when u plays a cupcake. He is wrong today! You can take that to the bank! Utes finish the season unranked and don't get ranked for years to come!

Ask the Vegas odds makers! Go Broncos!

Cedar City, UT

Hey Chris B,

How did that trip to the bank go?


Thank you for proving everyones point point on your predictions.

Wake up son.

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