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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

This ought to make Republicans happy.

Santaquin, UT

What this means is that our Republican legislature will be able to divide the few Democratic voters in the state between four districts instead of three. Thanks for your service Mr. Matheson--you had a very impressive run.

Provo, UT

You betcha.

Sandy, UT

It certainly does make me happy. Congrats Utah, we now have a more powerful voice on important national issues! Great news.

Farmington, UT

We would have gotten the 4th seat even with 300,000 fewer people. We would have needed over 400,000 more people to get a 5th seat.

Salem, UT

Go gerrymandering- and we wonder why American voters are cynical- you want real government reform then have competative races for the house- how do you get this- competative districts-otherwise you get safe seats and career politicians- that is why average house retention over the past 5 congresses has been 93%- ohhhh we knocked it out of the park this time with only 81% retention- show me anything where you can have a guranteed 81% return- and we wonder why elected officials do not listen- gerrymander away but please do not turn around and decry career ploitcians later in safe seats that never have to worry about re-election- you get what you pay for

West Jordan, UT

The question is actually whether they can split enough of Matheson's Dem leaning areas of his district off and join them into a strong Republican district without allowing a chance for him to get enough independent voters to win.

What they should really do is make 1 district in Utah that is composed of all the rural areas so that there is a rural congressperson who can deal with issues that affect rural Utah. That way the rural people wouldn't get short shrift from the urban/suburban congresspeople.

Santaquin, UT

I agree. No more gerrymandering! Utah should follow the example of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and... oh, wait... well maybe not.

Attack of the Republiclones
Ogden, UT

Divide Salt Lake four ways now...YIPEE! Even more cross-eyed Tea Party people representing us. Back to the early 1900s we go!

Salt Lake City, UT

2,770,765 is the apportionment number for Utah to decide we get 4 congressional districts and 2,763,885 is the number of people in the state for redistricting with 6,880 people overseas not counted for redistricting. 2,784,572 was the 2009 US Census estimate.

Stockton, UT

This should make EVERYONE happy who values representative government. Only rank partisans who hate the idea of their political opponents having voice are upset at Utah or other conservative areas gaining the seats to which they are entitled.

As far as redistricting I have two observations.

1-Democrat controlled States gerrymander so as to make Utahns look like a bunch of pikers. The Illinois 4th and 17th and Cali 34th come to mind.

2-There are only two rational, possible ways to draw congressional districts in a State like Utah.

One is to have a single rural district that covers most of the State, and then 3 urban districts. Nevada has used this model for the last 10 years.

The other is to split the urban areas and have every district include both urban and rural voices. Utah has done this.

There are both partisan/gerrymander and very legitimate reasons to support both methods. On which a person chooses to focus probably depends a lot on whose ox is being gored.

But if you don't like how the legislature draws congressional districts, elect different legislators.

Sandy, UT

Rod: We have the same name, and Eliot Matheson has probably been the worst Congressman just for the fact of his liberal voting record (93% to the dems) and that he flat out lies about it. Saying "independent" I guess he is Bernie Sanders Independent.

Salem, UT

Eliot- (Mass gerrymanders like crazy- and ohhh that never hurt Mr. Romney) look at Iowa (we do rely on them to decide who our next Pres. will be afterall- or are you arguing the Utah primary matters?)- they adopted a redistricting model 20 years ago that follows county and natural boundaries and have had the most competative elctions (less than 5% victory margins) in the country since then and have some of the lowest political cynicism scores in the country as well- just saying my friend

Utah Girl
Vernal, UT

I am proud to have been one of the Census takers this past Spring. One of the bits of information I used to explain the purpose of the Census, besides the fact that it is mandated by law, is the importance of having an accurate count so that we can have that 4th seat in Congress that we should have had 10 years ago. I also have to agree somewhat with GWB above about finding a way to have the rural areas of the state better represented. I live in a rural area, and Matheson is our (not) representative. Rob Bishop has been more accessible and more helpful to us here than our own Representative.

Anyway, I'm glad our hard work going door to door has paid off in the numbers game. When will an election for the new representative be held? I know new divisions have to be made first.

Salem, UT

Eliot- Mass gerrymanders with the best of them- not sure where you got that one other than expressing your NE bias- lets looks at Iowa (they do pick our next Pres. for us afterall- or is someone going to argue the Utah primary matters?)- so Iowa about 20 years ago passed a measure that required all districts to follow county lines or natural boundaries- since then they have had the most competative elections (margin of victory less than 5%) overall in the US and have some of the lowest cynicism scores in the country as well- just saying- but of course we here in Utah know better

Salt Lake City, UT

A Gerrymandering we will go. A Gerrymandering we will go. Hi Ho the derry - o, a gerrymandering we will go.

A balanced government instead of an unbalanced government is the only way. Thank you Mr. Matheson, your service was great for this state.

Remember Utah Legislature, are you honest in your dealings with your fellow men?

Somewhere in Time, UT


This will give Utah and other conservative states more seats as well as more electoral votes. This is bad news for the Democrats and Obama.

However, the real bad news for the Dems is that the people are now on to them. They have really blown it in what the Wall Street Journal has called the worst congress in history.

Henderson, NV

Theoretically, each representative will be representing about 700,000 people. Do you feel that one person can represent the interests of 700,000? I don't, and I don't think the founders did either. The federal government is out of touch, and it's impossible for them to be in touch with these numbers. This country is too big and too diverse to be governed by one national government in its present scope and strength. Adherence to the doctrine of reserved powers would diffuse the contention and ensure our survival as one nation. Shifting the number of representatives from one state to another is not enough anymore to adequately represent the many diverse interests of such a large population. It's one size fits all, Wal-Mart government that represents nobody in its effort to represent everybody. If issues of social welfare and education were debated at the state and community levels, instead of the national level, we would all have a much better chance of having our interests represented. It's simple math.

Springville, UT

Utah is NOT gerrymandered. This is nothing but politcal tripe. There are 4 Democrat strong holds in the State, Matheson gets three of them: Salt Lake City, Park City and Price. He doesn't get Tooloe because that would not even come close to working.

If you want to see gerrymandering look in other states. The claims that Utah were gerrymandered were pushed by Jim Hansen because he lost his beloved fishing spot in St George back in 2001.

Next subject please.

Cedar City, UT

Yes, Cats, because we all know that the sainted Republicans are as pure as new fallen snow, and there is no corruption or monkey business in a one party state of either persuasion...

cough, cough.

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