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Published: Monday, Dec. 20 2010 8:00 p.m. MST

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willard, ut

The Jazz officials must be showcasing CJ and AK for a potential trade;or why else wouldn't you play Evans more. Tonight the Jazz got decent shooting from the two, and when we do this we are tough to beat. So KOC trade these two(CJ&AK) and get us a quality legit two guard and let's contend out here in the west!

Santa Ana, CA

Good win for the Jazz. It is important they hang around the top spot long as possible with all these road games.

Millsap always seems to come out ready, I wish we all did every night. He started sharp. It was good to finally see Raja come out of his shooting slump. He seemed to take it slower than quicker release, it appears he has worked in practice hard on the shot. Miles was his good self tonight, played well, disappointed he became "3 point happy" after making a couple, but was important.

All night the Jazz were better team. Good scoring from all starters except AK, who is awful shooting. I wish CJ would replace him but another time.

Important was the good work, especially AJ with the offensive boards, helping us stay ahead with 2nd chances.

1/2 court Defense was good, but the Jazz again refuse to guard the "3" kept Cleveland in it. They did get help with Jamison bad shooting night.

DWIL got hot at the right time late in the 3rd and AJ warmed up, as we had enough.

Seemed like Earl was quiet, yet solid again, 3 assists, 0 t/os, 4 boards

Rexburg, ID

With how AK is playing I don't get why Hayward doesn't get more playing time. It isn't like we are losing anything without AK on the floor, his defense hasn't even been good this year. And I swear he is always the one who gets the first shot of every game and it is a jump shot he bricks. His shot was lookin good at the beginning of the season but since then it has been horrid.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Pate you should coach the Jazz!!

CJ was spectacular once again. 22 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists.

The reason Hayward doesn't get more playing time is because AK is 3 times the player. Not even close.

I see Fes is warming the bench again. I don't agree with Jerry on this one. Not that Fes really deserves to play either. The problem is the Jazz nedd Fes come playoff time. Jerry needs to think ahead and develop his players.

Santa Ana, CA

CJ this is why Houdini I will listen over you because if you do not think Fes deserves time, it is misguided. WHen you say CJ AGAIN has a great game, hey-----I have said he should be the one starting because it is best for the Jazz and CJ. Kirilenko every time he shoots, i say "NO!", he is back out of form. I support the players, but he bothers me more than anyone. I guess why is the money he is making. He is still a shell of what he once was...He is getting all these minutes, Tonight for example, tell me: Why did he have to come right back in start of 2nd quarter instead of FEsenko?

CJ is an enigma. I am sorry to tell you he is not "great again" He is maybe "every other game"

Every other game will help have us finish 2nd in the Northwest Division. The Jazz MUST win the NW to have a realistic playoff run....

Sandy, UT

Where is Evans? He has been spectacular! What is Sloan doing? Is Jeremy hurt?

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

CJ is not good every other game. He had 16 points and 7 rebounds the last game. He is a factor on defense every night. His rebounding and scoring is way up this year along with his assists. He is one of the main reasons for the hot start.

Layton, UT

i cant believe im actually praising him and giving him a huge pat on the back (no pun intended) but a HUGE congratulations goes to jerry sloan who is not only tied with pat riley now but is about to be in 3rd place for all time wins in nba history all by himself after the jazz next win. to win that many games as an actual nba head coach is truly amazing but to do it with one franchise is a huge understatement.

Los Olivos, CA

again:look it up
ak shooting percentage much higher than cj, in every category. and I really do like cj's game. without these 2 guys we do not have a sf and we are weak at sg. The system wins lots of games but is not geared for offense from those two positions

Lehi, UT

I would understand if the Jazz decide to trade AK for cap reasons. AK is getting paid like a superstar with his 17 million, that is really 34 million when you consider Lux tax, having to match dollar per dollar. TRADE AK!!!This team is not a championship caliber team right now. We are good, not great yet. The Jazz have assets to pull off a trade or two that woiuld make this team better now and for the future, but will they? I say the Jazz should get involved with the rumored Carmelo multi-team trade, Bring in a higher caliber shooting guard to help compliment D-Will in the back court. I trust our GM KOC, he has the inside track that fans dont see, but from the outside looking in, I think a trade is likely the best thing for this Jazz team not only for now, but for our future. GO JAZZ!

Your dead Uncle
Saint George, UT

Does AK have a clause in his contract that if he steals the opening tip then he gets first shot?

Longmont, CO

It was great to see Bell finally break out on the offensive end 19-pts 5-6 from 3. It would be great to be able to get those type of numbers from our 2 guard every night.

As far as CJ is concerned ... 10 3-pt attempts is way too many in a game.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Wes Matthews was 3/6 from 3 and 7/8 from the line last night along with 7 boards, Raja was 5/6 from 3...cj Miles jacked up 10 three pointers and if the game was about 2 minutes longer the Cavs may have caught us with cj Jacking and bricking 3's with plenty of time on the shot clock. cj is a very athletic and talented athlete but his descision making is suspect.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

10 3's is what the Jazz need to open up the inside. He should take that many every game. He made four of them and that is like shooting 60% from 2.

It doesn't matter if AK has better stats. AK is not a difference maker like CJ on offense. The Jazz need CJ to win close games or to beat better teams. AK isn't that type of player.

Lehi, UT

CJ Miles Needs to keep doing what he is doing, we need him to keep shooting the ball, it forces teams to guard him and not pack the paint. It gives our bigs a chance to rebound. Keep working hard, GO JAZZ!

Salt Lake City, UT

Coach Sloan is by far the Greatest Coach without a Championship.

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Fajardo, PR

I second that opinion.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just so everyone understands that when AK shoots less than 6 shots in a game the Jazz are 5 and 4. When he shots over 6 shots a games the Jazz are 14 and 5. When he does not shoot the ball the Jazz are a very bad team. Him and Miles are playing great basketball and they both need to shoot the ball so teams respect the Jazz's outside game and it opens the inside game.

Williams, Millsap and Kirilenko have the best PPS (outside of Evans who only takes dunks). Really if the Jazz want to become an elite team Millsap NEEDS to shoot over 16 shots a game (Jazz are 9 and 1 when he does that) He needs more shots than Jefferson.

Kirilenko is actually having one of the greatest statistical defensive seasons in the league (Small Forward Opponents are shooting 40% from the field while going to the line only 2.9 times a game.) Those numbers are better than James, Pierce, Durrant. Actually Kirilenko is the best Defensive small forward in the entire league.

And as far as

Murray, UT

2 teams right now need a big - Houston and Orlando. My hope is we can package Fes for a great shooting SG or SF - like Battier or Redick or J. Richardson (if they decide they don't need him from the trade after all). Any thoughts?

Salt Lake City, UT


When Millsap takes 14 shots they are 9 and 1
When he take 16 shots the Jazz are 5 and 0

Millsap is shooting 13.6 shots a game in wins and 11.2 in losses. On Average he is taking 12.8 shots a game. Which is 3 highest on the team. He needs to be # 1 or #2.

When Millsap gets 10 or less shots a game the Jazz are 4 and 3.

Harpring is correct they need to run more plays for Millsap. if the Jazz can get Boozer 14 shots a game for 4 straight seasons they should be able to get Millsap 14 shots a games

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