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Published: Monday, Dec. 20 2010 4:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry Memo. This is a good thing.The second unit is a high pace unit.And both Fesenko and Elson are faster than you right now.Andria or CJ are able to create their shots with this unit.We need you 100percent so take your time.

Longmont, CO

They really need to be careful with MEMO and let him take his time coming back. I'd put him on the inactive list every other game for the next few weeks. Let him get rest and come up slowly and give the rookies more much needed time on the floor. It is still a long season, take it slow.

Ute Fan In Utah
West Jordan, UT

Give Evans some good minutes!

one day...
South Jordan, UT

Let him go, we don't need Okur, he is the next Boozer of the team!

Santa Ana, CA

Sloan at it again. No Fesenko even with Okur out, AK got those minutes, refused to guard 3s.

Clevland killing them on 3s keeping them in the game, Sloan is more stubborn at times than a mule

Santa Ana, CA

Why does Sloan not have players guard 3?


That is all your guy though

AK actually made a shot! a dunk

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Memo needs to go. He is a horrible defender. The Jazz don't have a problem scoring. They have a problem defending.

Los Olivos, CA

Look it up: AK is shooting 38% from 3 point land; best on the Jazz; shoots 43% from the field, 2 points higher than CJ (nothing agaist cj. I like him).

He is second on the team in assists; second in steals; second in blocked shots; third in rebouding; first in free throws vs field goal attempts (in other words, the best on the team at drawing fouls first in deflections.

Yeah. Lets dump him and a worthless hof coach.

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

I hate that sloan puts anybody with eyes in a situation where they believe their reality is compromised, that their eyes don't work, that they can't think straight, while sloan is the genius singing as the ship goes down burning...
I was actually having a decent run with sloan this year until this, u know he is biased to okur, even though okur has been the point of attack for nearly every team, and they usually have success, i hate sloan because i want to like him i want to like okur, but not at the expense of me thinking i must be stupid or something.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Trade Okur now..................

Salt Lake City, UT

To me trading Okur would be a mistake. Hard to find bigs in first place. And even harder to find one with a three point threat. I will be very surprised if there is a trade at all this year.

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