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Published: Monday, Dec. 20 2010 3:00 p.m. MST

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Happy Valley Hillbilly
Alpine, UT

This is unfortunate, but needed. Bronco, should also be included in this housecleaning as he is just as much responsible for the Cougars problems as anyone else. Let's go forward with a clean slate.

Sherwood, OR


You did not have to do this on my account. I think the offensive coaches have brought the team along nicely. You made a tough/good decision with the defense. Hope to have at least two or three of the same assistant coaches/offensive coaches in the lineup next year.

South Weber, UT

Didn't see that coming.

Surfers Paradise, AU

WOW! We asked for it, and now we got it. This should be interesting.

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

The best possible news in the off-season. Hopefully this means that Brandon Doman will be re-hired as the OC. Rumor has it that many players were tired of Anae's heavy-handed demeanor. Thank you Coach Mendehall. This move in addition to the marked improvement over the last half of the season bodes well for the next several seasons. Go Cougs!!

Mcallen, TX

A coach has to do what a coach has to do. Let's hope everything is in place for spring practice.

Spanish Fork, Utah

Glad to hear this, it was past due on the OC. Sorry Robert, but we have to get better and it starts with coaching.

Lehi, UT

I don't think Bronco is blind or stupid. I'm not so sure he is not asking the staff to live to the standard set for the players. I believe he is sending the message that there are no entitlements in BYU football, top to bottom. The staff will have earn their keep just as the players have to earn a spot to play. There will be no double standard.

This will make for some very exciting things to come and BYU football will continue to improve.

Thinking Deeper
Lindon, UT

Not so sure this is a good approach to the problem... I hope the Des News is short on facts.

Orem, UT

Another season like that and it will be time to replace the head coach.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mendenhall can't fire himself unfortunately for us....He is a good defensive coordinator, just not a head coach~ And firing Reynolds after he ran out of sons who had committed to byu is past a joke!

Cedar Hills, UT

Wow, what is going on here. First the defensive coordinator gets the ax and now the rest of the offensive staff. I acutally like Robert Anae so I hope he stays. I do think BYU needs to improve greatly with the O-line so if that means a new coach then so be it. The BYU O-line is far too slow and out of shape year in and year out.

Orem, UT

Releasing the entire staff just makes it easier for Bronco to completely reorganize the offensive staff without having to promote, demote, or fire anyone.

This is a good first step to addressing the offensive shortcomings of the program.

Hopefully, no more sitting on the ball at the 20 yard line after marching all the way down the field, bleeding the clock, and then getting a FG blocked to lose the game.

Just as on defense, you sometimes have to take chances with blitzes, etc., sometimes on offense you have to risk throwing the ball, rather than getting too conservative.

Eagle Mountain, UT

And let the trolling and un-educated opinionating begin! I'll Start! Don't know why Bronco is doing it this way but I hope it is because he has some ideas about who on the current staff will be most effective in which positions. Easier to move position coaches than to fire the ones you don't want where they are now. The losers are the coordinators who are not retained for their current positions. Have to be pretty humble to accept a demotion. I wold love to see a little more aggressive and imaginative play calling on offense but who is to say that the beginning of the 2010 season would have been any different if it had. Looking forward to seeing how all this will pan out. I am excited for next year already.

Alpine, UT

The future looks even brighter now.

Salt Lake city, UT

not really in on the byu know-how, but it appears that most cougar faithful don't want anae back. any ideas on who goes or stays from this list?

Centerville, UT

If I understand the article correctly, this means that the current coaches won't necessarily be out of a job, it just means they have to compete for their jobs, just like the players do. Which means, now that Chad Lewis just got hired as assistant director, he might also want to compete for a coaching job and maybe Ben Cahoon will hangup his playing career and compete for the wide receiver job... It's sure going to be interesting, but I would think that Anai and Doman will be back.

Provo, UT

Holy Cow, I mean, WOW! Even Lance Reynolds and Brandon Doman

Salt Lake City, UT

Let's hope Anae is promoted to Co-Associate HC along with Reynolds and Doman is promoted to OC. I also would like to see Cahoon come in as the WR coach, Detmer as the QB coach and Brian Logan get hired as a Grad Asst on defense.

MoTown, CA

The wheels are off their cart...it's only going to worse. Hang on to those "quest" t-shirts...you're going to need 'em.

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