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Published: Monday, Dec. 20 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

And yet...

no 9/11.

Spanish Fork, UT

Talk about a slanted report. Must have been written by Obama's best friend.

Roy, UT

That's the good news, it's proabably only going to get worse! Especially if republicans continue to "COMPROMISE" with this clown! Soon we are going to see HYPER INFLATION, Food will skyrocket, energy costs will rise, and TAXES will GO UP! All this will trigger the "Revolution" Obama and Socialist and Communist and 60's reformers wanted all along, and our CONSTITUTION will hang by a thread! Our Dollar will be worth next to nothing, and riots will become as rampant as in greece and other european countries! We will have to be X-Tra Careful of a THROWN ELECTION, and TAMPERING, and perhaps if the right people who "CARE ABOUT OUR COUNTRY" rather than power and purse get into office, things can turn around again. That's my take on it. Stock up on food storage now!!! Save your money and commodities, Do Not Have Them In Accounts, Keep Them On Hand! You will need them!

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Is this fox news?

Phillip J Fry
West Valley City, Utah

Sorry, but I don't feel bad that Obama had a bad year. He applied for a job he was woefully unqualified for, made promises he couldn't keep to get the job and has used thug like tactics to push through an agenda the American people didn't want. He's getting exactly what he deserves and had better get use to it, he's got two more years that are going to get progressively worse.

Cedar City, UT

CougarKeith, you need to step away from the ledge my friend...

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Carter, Nixon and Harding are all grateful for BO; he makes them look like all-stars in comparison.

Somewhere in Time, UT

This is the typical example of left-wing journalism in this country. All this happened because the voters were in a foul mood and the Democrats got the blame. Obama had lost touch.

These things happened because Americans hate the Obama agenda and his performance in office. They hate the dirty deals that were struck in order to get a health care bill through that the American people don't want. It doesn't matter how in touch he gets. Americans still don't like his philosophy, his politics or his agenda. Americans nows realize what a terrible mistake we made in 2008 and just how unqualified and incompetent Obama really is.

These journalists are more out of touch than Obama.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Luckily obama is the smartest person on the face of this earh. By his own personal report, things would have been much worse, if he wasn't president.

There is no way to actually run numbers and see if he's correct. But, with his intellect so big and the most brilliant campaign slogans, who cares? We should implement more this jeniuses ideas!

He solved the illegal issue, by making their countries look good. He solved the dirty oil and car issue, by taking away jobs so fewer people could drive. Iran, North Korea and other nations are going nuclear, but it's just for energy purposes until they drop the bomb. The war protesters have stopped attacking the president, even though nothing on the war front has changed, he fixed health care even though the majority of citizens don't like it, he fixed the economy now people want to work the minial jobs. More citizens are on the welfare system instead of producing.

Yeah things just keep getting better alright:) And he got the nobel peace prize to boot!

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

And we expected any different? Let's remember what we were faced with, in considering whether to vote for Obama-- a first term senator who had the documented most liberal voting record in the Senate out of the 100 senators. Where's the "change"? And his "poud" party owned both houses of congress for the first 2 years! A disaster, pure and simple. I agree it will only get worse before it gets better.

Ogden, UT

CougarKeith, you need to stop listening to Glenn Beck. Things aren't that bad buddy. I haven't seen brown shirts or black helicopters invading.

For anyone tossing the term socialism around, I admire your moxie, but that's a little over the top. This socialist president continued the TARP under Bush and the GOP and bailed out Wall Street. I don't think any socialist would have done that. He backed off a public option in health care, so private industry directly benefits from the reform bill. He immediately caved and gave the 2% their tax cuts because the GOP threatened to destroy the Nation until the aristocrats got even more money.

If Obama is a socialist, than I am the Pope! I wish a true progressive would be president and restore the power back to the people! Instead we have to cater to the corporations and a ultra wealthy ruling class that wouldn't mind weakening the Nation so long as they got a few extra bucks. Socialism you say? HA! We live in a corporate fascism now. We passed capitalism a long time ago!

Happy Holidays to all of you! From your liberal friend.

Sandy, UT

Wow, I can't believe some people (Wildcat) think that Obama is "progressive" engough. I for one am scared. Also, the only think Conservative about Bush 43 is he lowered taxes, and strengthened national defense. I am not suprised about you hating Glenn Beck though, he is still better than is what on your side "Keith Olbermann" whose books have an extermly negative titles "picthforks and torches" Really? You don't think Obama is a Socialist? How about when he said "When you spread the wealth around, everybodies happy" Enough Said, I debunked the liberal idiology, which should really be called idiotology, because that is what it really is.

Mike in Texas
Allen, TX

My goodness. The sour grapes runeth over. Health care reform- badly needed and overdue. DADT- a ridiculous and unconsititutional law that the military violated with impunity. The Bailouts- most of them put in place first by a desperate Bush Adminstrtion. High unemployment- a legacy of the the Bush Administration. 2 wars- well it ain't hard to remember how they came about. The deficit- (see 2 wars and a tax decrease (mostly for the very wealthy)and the painful cost of trying to pull the country away from the brink of a depression.

Obama inherited a mess and he has done well to stave off much worse. The republicans with their right wing propoganda machine succeded in some measure in redirecting the blame away from themselves. Too many Americans have drank the Beck/Fox cool aid while he laughes and gets richer by the day. Wake up Utah, You have drank deeper than most.

Sandy, UT

By the way, for the people who can't use their critical thinking skills (Wildcat) this was writen by The Associated Press.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Who writes this garbage? Oh, I see. The AP.

Salt Lake City, UT

We sent an academic, latte professor to solve economic problems and fight two wars. The problem isn't Barack Obama...the problem is that we actually thought he could fix our problems.

The dude has never run a city, state, business or managed a payroll...how could have been so naive to think he could run a country?

Somewhere in Time, UT

Obama IS a socialist...

...Not in the communist, totalitarian mold. He is a socialist in the European social democrat mold. Anyone who doesn't see that is either unschooled on what socialism is, doesn't understand what Obama is about or is sticking his/her head in the sand.

Obama IS a socialist. He flat out states in his book that he was educated by all the best "Marxist" professors. The only reason he hasn't gone head long into total socialism is because we have a constitution and people who stood up. The people have seen what he is and what the far-left is. THEY DON'T LIKE IT AND WON'T STAND FOR IT.

Thank goodness the majority of the people of this country still have some common sense.

Cedar Hills, UT

As a rule, what is bad for Obama is good for America.

1. Obamacare is being challenged all over America with many state law suit's(including Utah) headed for the US Supreme Court where most likely the ruling will be 5-4 in favor of making this train wreck bill unconstitutional. Over 70% of American's want a full or partial repeal of this insane piece of socialism.
2. The Nov 2 election was a disaster for the democrats ALL due to the people rejecting Obama and his policies. The only democrats that survived were those that ran away from Obama and his policies. Of course you have Harry Reid being elected by the corrupt Teamsters Union but that is another sad thing that Nevadans have to deal with.
3. Obama's job approval rating actually dipped into the 30% range (probably back to around 42%). What a free fall from the glory days of 08.

The bottom line is people have figured Obama out. The facade and smoke screen are gone and the king has no clothes. Expect the Tea Party to be even stronger this go around and redistricting is going to kill the dems in 2012.

Salt Lake City, UT

The 700 billion dollar bailouts (bush passed but dem endorsed) will end up costing taxpayers... 25 billion. That's it. 25 billion dollars (the 700 billion are loans and almost all of them are paid back or expected to be paid back). In exchange we averted a Great Depression.

The auto bailouts saved the auto industry and up to a million jobs. Those loans are being paid back.

GDP has grown the past 5 quarters. Jobs went from -700k in Jan 09 to gaining private sector jobs 11 straight months now.

The Iraq war has been drawn down to less than half the number of troops we had in there at the start of the war. We've captured more Al Qaida leaders the past two years than the previous 8.

Corporate profits in the third quarter of 2010 set a new record high. And Obama is anti-big business? The reason he's having a bad year... is because people are misinformed or uninformed. Loud mouth TV or radio hosts saying Obama is destroying America. Uh huh, someone above shouted hyperinflation a warning shouted the past two years, this year... lowest inflation rate in half a century.

Salt Lake City, UT

[Glenn Beck though, he is still better than is what on your side "Keith Olbermann" whose books have an extermly negative titles "picthforks and torches" Really?]

First off, Glenn Beck was at one time collecting pitchforks on his show. Secondly, Beck's works include "Arguing With Idiots".

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