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Published: Sunday, Dec. 19 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

So, let me get this right. Anderson recommends:

1) not letting Boise score a lot

2) try and get turnovers

3) run the ball well.

That's some great insight! I'm sure KW never thought about that.

Plus, why does Anderson care about "poking the giant." Not really "conference foes" anymore.

Syracuse, UT

Some blueprint plan. This coming from a coach who has been run over by a team two years in a row. "Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play." We are all waiting to hear how the utes defeated BSU in the bowl game to see if those wonderful plans worked out. Let's see how a team that is going to the "Conference of Champions" can handle a little 'ol team that is a MWC wantabe. The very conference that the utes are smearing at every chance. Go play with the big boys now....uhhh maybe not.

Richmond, VA

I'm not a dreamer but I love cheering for the little guy, the underdog, and this will be no different. I say don't count the Utes out yet. I know, I'm a Cougar fan to the core, but I would love to see Utah upset the Broncos. Why? well frankly, because it will make BYU look good too! If the Broncos blow away the Utes in a lopsided win, how does that make BYU look? Utah being exposed/humiliated on national tv by Boise will do nothing to enhanced BYU's image, especially after we lost to them (Utah) in the regular season. So, go Utes!!! Yep, my motives are somewhat selfish but so what? Go get 'em, Utes!!! You can do it!!!

American Fork, UT

Maybe Utah should try getting the BSU kicker to miss two chipshots in the final seconds. Think of how close Boise was to playing in the BCS. To be honest, they should have been playing there even with that loss.

Danbury, CT

Forget about how this makes BYU look (a very strange reason to cheer for your rival when you consider we've recruited vs. one another for years). This isn't about BYU anyway...

Let's get to the heart of it: BSU is better all-around on all sides of the ball, better coached and super hyped up for this game after narrowly missing a BCS opp.

BSU by at least 30 points.

Ogden, UT

Rock reports: "The other half, of course, is talent. In that area, Andersen said the teams are 'very close.'"

Hah! I'll take heart and consistency over all the talent in the world every time.

Even at that, I'd say it's a major stretch on Anderson's part to assert that Utah is "very close" on the talent scale, as talent has much more to do with implementing it than possessing it.

Just watch: BSU in the fifties. U of U in the teens.

Payson, UT

The vegas spread was only 17 last I checked. I beleive it should be closer to 25, but whatever the spread, the Utes have a chance in this one and they have to execute their game plan.

The coaches will need to make changes at the half to stay in the game and it could go down to the wire.

And if we need lady luck on our side to pull it out, I wouldn´t turn her out.

Utes by 2 in a nail-biter.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Andersen is careful not to take sides. No reason to offend a conference colleague."

This just in, Rock. Boise and USU will be in different conferences next year -- unless you know something we don't.

Allen, TX

I'll take BSU minus the 17 points any day. Utes will get slaughtered. It's gonna be embarrassing....

Results of the game aside, the author and interviewee missed the most important key for anyone playing BSU. TCU. UO (Oregon, not OK) or Auburn this year: You have to control time of possession and keeep their offenses off the field. Only by long sustained SCORING drives could Utah or anyone hope to beat these elites. Sorry, Utes, streak ends now.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Utes should save their blackout gear to wear on Thursday. Actually they should get some camo gear as they will want to hide after the beating they receive from BSU.

Salt Lake city, UT

the blueprint to stopping boise comes from their loss to nevada. true, the kicker missed 2 easy field goals, but the nevada D held off boise's attack long enough to get them back in the game and get them a win. if it wasn't for that break in coverage at the end of the game then the kicker doesn't even get a shot at those field goals. if nevada's defense can hold off boise state, then utah's can too. establishing the run will be quite a tall order though. nevada ran all over boise, but utah isn't as committed to the run as nevada is nor can they run it as efficiently either, but they need to expose boise between the tackles.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah will compete hard and it should be a good game to watch. I doubt BSU covers this large point spread.

Bountiful, UT

The Utes are in for a long game I am affraid. However, I'd rather play Boise and get whipped than play the worst team ever to make a bowl game (UTEP).

Santaquin, UT

GO UTES!!! I'm a big time Cougar fan but I'm pulling for you guys to get it done and make the state of Utah proud.

Trent Madsen
North Salt Lake, UT

Gary Anderson has no idea how to stop or slow down the Broncos. He has been blown out the past two years, if Utah wanted to know how to slow BSU ask Nevada. Turnovers are not going to happen. Kellen Moore is the most accurate Quarterback in NCAAF. he has a touchdown to interception ration of 33:5, and in many games didn't even play the 4th and a lot of the third quarter. BSU is a more rounded team, and i believe they should still be going to a BCS bowl. Look how Terrence Cain did against BYU's secondary. he was 2/7 8 yards and 2 interceptions. Boise State has a much better secondary than BYU so Utah will have to rely on their running game, oh and by the way Boise state has the sixth best rush defense in college football.

sandy, ut

Hey eastcostcoug, Didn't Utah St. beat Byu by double digits? When is the last time Utah lost to Utah St. do some research.

Salt Lake City, UT

The game will be decided on the field by athletes, not the Uncle Rico's of the world on the Des News comment boards.

Cedar Hills, UT

If Uncle Rico were playing, Utah would win... The case is he is not, so this is what will probably happen.
BSU 55
Utah 10

Fallon, NV

I love the picture at the top of these comments. Coach peterson has a big confident smile, but Kwitt looks like he does not really want to be there at all. His aura says overmatched and what will I tell the team after we get our third tail-whipping of the year. We all know Boise is still steamed about that loss to Nevada, and are going to take it out on the Utes.
I predict this is the last time we we see the U of U in a bowl game for some time. Any Ute fan that thinks they are just going to go into any PAC-X+ii (little i's for the little guys, Colorado and Utah) stadium and win consistantly is up in the night. The Utes are going to have to rethink their team goals, starting with HOPING to be bowl eligible each year from now on.
It will be fitting to have a big loss to start the Utes new theme "HOPE not to be an also-ran" in the new PAC-X+ii

Boise St 52 Utah 24

Sanpete, UT

This is the last guy I would listen to on how to get an upset over Boise State.

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