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Published: Saturday, Dec. 18 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Without a doubt, Bennett is a nice enough person. But that what bothered most principled conservatives about him was that he felt he was entitled to a "career" as a Senator. Public servants who don't have enough humility to understand their position isn't one of entitlement aren't really serving the public.

Dime-a-dozen politicians like Bennett "get things done" in Washington, to excess to justify their existences. True statesmen show restraint by doing the right things and recognize that the Federal government doesn't have all the solutions and becomes less effective the larger it gets.

Bennett, with all his deal-pushing and backscratching and entitlement spreading, earned his ouster.

Syracuse, UT

After his vote for the DREAM act, Bennett's departure can't come soon enough.

westvalley, Utah

May you take care..senator Bennett
As well as one of those wonderful retirement plans.
As leaving behind papers and a Office with much to focus about our America~

you need a Break!

Provo, UT

I did not agree with him all the time, but we need moderates like Bob Bennett. When I think about who will be replacing him, I shutter the thought. Mike Lee is a Libertarian in GOP clothing who will do more harm then good, if he does any good that is!

Sorry to see you go Senator Bennett, you deserved better. Utah and the US deserves better! Dark days ahead...

Lehi, UT

After 18 years his still doesn't get it. At last he is now free to join the Democrats. Too bad we are still going to have to pay his retirement.

J. Adams
Sandy, UT

Mr. Bennett's vote on immigration, especially the dream act, cost him his job. He lost the trust of Utahns with "ability" to reach across the isle to liberals.

Lehi, UT

Bennett didn't see it comming because he lost touch with the people of Utah, The people he was supposed to reperesent and vote for. He became a TOOL for the inside the beltway crowd. His votes for liberal anti constitutional policies and programs cost him his job. And so it will be for any Utah senator (Hatch ! are you listening!) or representative that goes to washington and turns a deaf ear to the people of Utah..

Spanish Fork, UT

Too bad ALL of the elected officials in Washington D. C. who were at the reins of power while our country went down the financial commode aren't voted out.

Suwanee, GA

Let's see. Bennett was first elected in 1992. The national debt was $4.2 trillion. Eighteen years later, the national debt sits at $13.2 trillion. I would say it is time to stop compromising.

Toquerville, UT

Senator Bennett is still clueless, and I'm offended at the tone of this article; praising him for all the pork he brought to Utah, pretending that compromising oneself into a valueless drone is somehow admirable, and ignoring the fact that many of his votes were so awfully wrong. Something ugly happens when someone is in office too long, they believe they are invincible, that their votes don't matter, that they can compromise with the devil and be forgiven for it. Bennett made so many bizarre votes, it's difficult to list them all, he never looked to the constitution for guidance in his voting, and he committed the unpardonable sin, he distanced himself from the voters in Utah and ignored them. I will not miss him, and I look forward to a new generation of constitutional senators.

Centerville, UT

Bennett's loss is not merely because he crossed the aisle to compromise and negotiate. His loss is not solely due to a perception in Utah that he is not conservative enough.

There is a strong feeling among many Utahns that you only heard from Senator Bennett around election time. When contacting him via email, phone messages, letters, or other means, you never heard back from him and often you never heard back from anyone in his office.

He seemed distant and not listening to Utahns.

I think his age played a factor as well. How long should one continue serving as a Senator. Is 18 years not enough? Bennett used the same logic to oust the Senator he beat out when he first won election. Now he is offended that this same argument is used against him?

Due to the internet and other forms of information, people are more informed today. They are also more involved. You cannot simply vote in the Senate and not make effort to reach out to constituents and explain your reasons for voting the way you did. Bennett was behind the times.

Red Smith
American Fork, UT

It's time for a change after 18 years.

Bennett is a fine man.

Mike Lee is another fine man who can do the job.

Why can't fine men voluntarily leave after 18?

Springville, UT

We traded Bennett for Mike Lee? Oh, what has Utah done?

Sandy, UT

Our friend and brother also voted to repeal DADT. It is right for him to retire.... time to enjoy the grandkids and do no more damage to this great nation. Glad I could help.

Kamas, UT

It's no secret I opposed Senator Bennett's earmark politics, but as a man he's as thoroughly good as a man can be. And now, let the Mike Lee era begin.

my slc
Newport Beach, CA

Thank you Senator Bennett for your service.

Cedar Hills, UT

Where are term limits? Anybody listening?

salt lake city, UT

I want to say thank you to Senator Bennett for serving his community but let's make it clear; he lost his job because he was out of touch. Yes, he did play on a team and yes he played the game, but he was out of touch with his constituents. I can't think of one piece of legislation that he can take credit for, legitimately. I know he piggy backed a lot of legislation, brought a lot of pork, stayed in office longer than he should. Enjoy your retirement Senator.

Riverton, UT

"For years, Bennett brought billions of dollars to his home state through federal funds..."

Hello!!! Earmarks, earmarks, earmarks...maybe now he gets the message.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

12 years are enough for anyone....18 are far too many. Bennett is one of the few senators who deserve the term "The Honorable" but he did not fight for smaller government or the end of earmarks. It is nice he still supports his vote; we the voters also support our votes to retire him.

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