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Published: Saturday, Dec. 18 2010 6:00 p.m. MST

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sandy, ut

This is why BYU will not advance through the NCAA tourney

Salt Lake City, UT

As happy as I am that they lost I have to say what a good start to the season.

Slim Shady 801
Bluffdale, UT

As a UCLA alum I have never been prouder. No seniors, players transferring, etc. This shows that the UCLA program is on the way back. The Pac 10 is young right now because so many players leave early for the NBA. Byu and Utah fans, just check the rosters. By the way, the Pac 10 respects both BYU and Utah's programs, but you guys still act like the redheaded stepchild. Oh, and don't talk about UCLA just being athletes....they shot it well, rebounded, defended, etc....deal with it

Cris B.
Sandy, UT

Overrated. Mark it down - utah finishes the season with as good of a record as byu. Ucla is not even that good but again we see what happens when speed and athleticism meets byu

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Didn't UCLA lose to Montana in their last game? Hmmm maybe the Zoobs can at least be competitive in their new leage (whatever it's called).

Alpine, UT

I just came down to turnovers. We didn't take care of the ball.

There's no doom and gloom here, just a loss.

UtahDerek and Cris B. had to wait until our 11th game to come on and predict the end of BYU basketball. Silly trolls.

Cris B.
Sandy, UT

One ncaa win in 20 years. See ya in 2030 tds. Lol.

Kaysville, UT

UCLA played a great game...and BYU's inside weakness was exposed. They will have a great season, but will struggle against teams with strong, athletic inside men...which UCLA has. They had their chance when they got back to within 2, but hurried their next two possessions.

Don't know how anybody (except a die-hard UTE fan) could think they will end up with the same record as Utah...unless their starting 5 decided to quit...but think the Utes have a corner on that one.

Kaysville, UT

Unfortunate loss, against a UCLA team which played a great game. Hopefully they'll learn some from this game...like not passing inside to Anderson! :o( He can play some defense and is good for 5 fouls...but offensively he just doesn't have the hands...oh well...

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

BYU's loss was a result of poor preparation (with a bad decision to give the team three days off), poor coaching (with no apparent consistent game plan), a weak interior defense (partially related to Hartsock still suffering from his concussion), a horrid game on the part of Fredette (who made numerous turnovers), few assists (with only two in the entire first half), and weak rebounding overall.

BYU's weaknesses were predictably exposed by a great coaching job and good play by the Bruins. The Cougars will need to do a gut check and show whether they have the courage, the brains, and the talent to beat tough teams.

I hated watching this game, I saw the loss coming, and I hope the Cougars avoid such disappointing play in the future. Chris Collinsworth was a huge disappointment, shooting threes like a shooting guard. Davies and Emery played well in the second half, but Fredette disappeared.

Iowa City, IA

Games like this, win or lose, will help prepare the team for the post season.

Cris B, as much as I like the Utes, BYU is still much better. BYU should finish second in the MWC and Utah 5th.

Alpine, UT

There's some pretty big talk on here from some of you yewts considering your 7-3 record which includes a stellar home loss to 4-6 Oral Roberts. Last I checked, 10-1 was still better than 7-3 and BYU's RPI of 5 going into today's game was just a little better than Utah's 114. Don't get too excited over today's loss. BYU will still win 30+ games and finish the year in the top 20 - both accomplishments that Utah won't come anywhere close to.

Come On
Salt Lake City, UT

Passing was awful and people need to learn how to play defense!

Dave from Taylorsville
Taylorsville, UT

Hey Chris! Give it a rest.

Your tired diatribe through football season was a monotone drone of no account. "Oh how the Utes are sooo great!" Sorry pal, but if they come within 30 of Boise it will be a great moral victory for Utah. Anyone who watched Cane in that last game saw a rendition of the back-up 9th grade QB thrown to the wolves. It's going to be a nightmare.

Oh, by the way, same in B-Ball.

sandy, ut


Facts zoob BYU cannot beat long athletic teams away from provo. Its a fact. And if this is supposed to be the self proclaimed best team in BYU history than you should beat a mid pac 10 team with NO senors. There freshman and sophs destroyed you today. I am sure you guys will win 25 to 30 games. But when the tourney comes you will be done in the second round if you can get past the first just like last year.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Coach Rose said it in the days leading up to this game that UCLA's big men and their inside game would put BYU to the test. They did. UCLA played a litte better than usual today and BYU played a little less. Good game anyway. Playing catch up is not nearly as fun as leading the whole way.

Reading some of the posts above, I see some respect from from UCLA fans. Thanks for the good remarks. I see some from the usual critics that have a love/hate relationship with all things Cougar. Where do these guys come from. What do they do when they are not criticizing BYU? Do they have any life at all?

Go Cougars.

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ

Good thing you are moving to the WCC next year

Saint George, UT

RE: AK Cougar
We don't criticize BYU we criticize their fans. When comments are made about running the table and Jimmer being the number one overall pick in the NBA draft it becomes too easy!

Salt Lake City, UT

The mountain west has some good teams but it was UCLA's night. BYU can't beat anyone good away from home.

Lyle Bettger
Randolph, Utah

After an afternoon and evening of Christmas shopping, I settled down in front of the TV to watch my recording of the game. When it started, I noted that all three referees were similar demographically. I stopped the recording and erased it. When I checked the results on-line, it was exactly as I expected. I'm sure glad that I didn't waste my time watching the game.

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