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Published: Sunday, Dec. 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I haven't seen a game in a while but BYU looks better. We just need to keep up the pressure and put this one way away.

Stay the Course
Mona, UT

My mommy always said it doesn't matter what you were that counts but what you become that counts
BYU has become the best football team in Utah.
got to love the play by play
This is like taking candy from a baby

Overton, NV

Dominance by BYU so far, but they have to stop getting beat by the big plays; big kick return that led to a field goal, blown coverage that led to a long TD, interception return that probably would have led to a TD if UTEP doesn't run out of time, and now a 37 yard completion to the same guy who burned them earlier for 67 yards. Got to stop those, or UTEP could get back in this fast.

springville, Utah

well there yuo go BYU and botched replay to make up for the one against utah. This one is even more clear than the utah game :)

Logan, UT

No big surprise here. Success will be if BYU is playing in a BCS bowl in a couple of years.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow. Pretty dominant game by BYU. Call it the Cupcake Bowl.

sandy, ut

Stay the Course, "Byu is the best football team in Utah", Wow your beating prob the worst fb team in the bowl system in years. Plus didn't Utah and Utah st BOTH beat BYU. By the way Burton is still unblocked. Go UTES

Stay the Course
Mona, UT

Hold it is this BYU vs UTEP or BSU vs Utes?????
Mark it down the scores will be similar with the team starting with a B as the winner

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

We have sunk to a new low if we celebrate this victory. This is the kind of opponent we will be seeing every year since a BCS bowl is NEVER within reach.

Denver, CO

Yes, they beat a very bad team... now sail off into Independent Obscurity won't you?

Payson, UT

Congratulations cougars! Nice game, complete domination.

Way to exit the MWC on a positive note.

Bowl leading conference, MWC 1-0

Lees Summit, MO

Not really a big deal. It does sum up BYU's season pretty well and is a good indicator of the program's status in the real world. Let's see how they do against ole miss and Texas next year.

Syracuse, UT

Speaking of "Obscurity", that is what the 'U' will be next year and for many years to come, while the 'Y' will be off into the freedom of independence and big bucks being made every game while the blue chip players start lining up to play for the cougs. Watch out NCAA, here come the COUGS! ! !

Saratoga Springs, UT

Ute fan here BYU looked real good Heaps is for real. That said UTEP was a bad bad team

Provo, UT

Good to see all the BYU haters out today! It means that the Cougars got under their skin! Go Cougars, and here's to independence!

Denver, Colorado

Nice job BYU, but theres no braggin rights here. Two 6-6 teams in the albequerque turkey bowl....??? Heaps looked good -- could be a real stud over the next four years.

This is just one of MANY "so what" and "who cares" bowl games over the next couple of weeks....

Santa Rosa, CA

I was happy to see that there wasn't snow. With a big Pacific storm coming in. BYU played a great game. How about the toughness of UNLV's Q-back? Playing with torn ligaments in his ankle?

Will be an interesting year next year. I would like more clips of the band. My daughter plays horn, in the band.

Lubbock, TX

Glad I could watch it in England, thanks ESPN. I can't find the UCLA game...oh right, pac-12. Wish I had some ESPN help with that one.

Go Y

Denton, TX

Nice finish to the season, Cougs. Too bad we can't have that blocked FG at Utah back--that would have made the season. Looking forward to next year--had some red-hot freshmen out there today.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Let's not get carried away now. This wasn't much more than an extended scrimmage game. Sort of like putting Bingham High against a Post Jim Durrant Payson Lions team...Only UTEP played a little better than my Old Lions would have. Heaps, Diluigi, Kureya looked pretty good. Defense was a little iffy...can't say they were stellar...by no means. And from the replays on the challenged... touchdown pass that was called and not overturned It looked to me like the Y receiver didn't have control of the ball although he did a fine job of acting like he did at the end of the play. One Aspect of the game I liked was how nice it was to actually finally see some balls down range for a change rather than the usual 5 and out or the pass underneath. But despite the score let's not forget this was UTEP and not Utah..the game that was given away because we gambled way too early in the game and didn't take the easy chip shot field goal. Anae's still a long ways from being out of the woods.

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