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Published: Friday, Dec. 17 2010 11:00 a.m. MST

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Boise, ID

Brings back a lot of memories and helps to remind us why the BCS was formed in the first place. Gotta keep the little guys down. Bowls have been watered down. BYU has played a lot of big name teams in their history. Those matchups are rare now.

I'm glad the bowls are watered down this year to see the Cougs suit up one more time. Go Cougs!

Ivins, UT

Just a chance to watch one more football game in the little leagues.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD

Live Hard

"But when you play weak teams from the WAC..."

It's like playing Wyoming every week, only with better looking jerseys.

You're just jealous because the Cowboys don't do bowls anymore.

Iowa City, IA

Brings back so many great memories. BYU really has a great tradition and has had some incredible matchups over the years. My favorites were of course the holiday bowl x 3 (SMU, Missouri [thanks Steve Young] and Michigan), the Cotton Bowl, and beating Oregon and Oregon St. in the LV bowls.

Wish we had a better Bowl record, but Cougar fans love the Cougars because, hey, it's the Cougars. It's still one of the most winningest traditions in the post leather helmet/ one bar fask mask era.

Appleton, WI

Mike Bellotti personifies the arrogance of BCS conferences that still prevails. He couldn't admit the Cougars were better than his team, even after losing to them by 30 points. BYU's 3-2 record against PAC-10 teams in the LV bowl, combined with a 4-2 regular season record against PAC-10 teams during the same period, says more than Bellotti's arrogance about BYU's ability to compete in the PAC-10.

West Jordan, UT

All you need to know about the "Storied Tradition" of the Cougars is in the first paragraph of the article. 10-17-1. Check my math..but that is a 40% win rate. Congrats Cougars!

Iowa City, IA

That was a great article, DN.

I remember watching those bowl games as a kid, plenty of great memories.

Bowl games are a plus; a chance for the players to go some place new, play someone from far away and get some extra playing time. If you win it's a plus. Sometimes it's a miracle---others a nightmare.

Either way you gotta love college FB.

Good luck tomorrow, Y.

Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

Man, if BYU would have had some help in the 70's, maybe the WAC wouldn't have lost the tie-in with the Fiesta Bowl.

wyoming cougar
Green River, WY

re: ute4ever;

It's not the best percentage in the world, but the coach's philosophy early on was that it was a reward for the hard work during the season, as opposed to treating it like the important game it really was.

I'd still rather have that history, however, than only going to 15 bowl games total, including no more than a few against ranked opponents. Yeah, your winning percentage is great (12-3), but most have come in the Freedom Bowl, the copper bowl, the poinsettia bowl, etc against cupcakes. Alabama was a good win for your program but really the only bowl game against a great opponent.

Fortunately for BYU they'll likely climb to 11-17-1 after tomorrow, while unfortunately for u, you'll fall to 12-4 next week (against the 2nd toughest opponent you've ever faced in a bowl game).

Ann Arbor, MI

wyoming cougar

"Fortunately for BYU they'll likely climb to 11-17-1 after tomorrow"


Sad, so very very sad.

Eugene, OR

Re: cynic

Really? You are going to compare BYU to Oregon football? Really?

Bellotti made Oregon a major contender and paved the way for Kelly to take the DUCKS to the Natty this year. In contrast, BYU is playing in the Dust Bowl with a losing season hanging in the balance.

I was at the Utah State game this year when the Aggies manhandled BYU. BYU fans talking smack right now merely confirm what most non-BYU fans already know - BYU fans are clueless when it comes to college football.

Eugene, OR

How can the DN devote 11 pages to this story? 1984 was a long time ago. Time to move on.

Lincoln City, OR


Wow, you're talking all tough from Eugene??? LOL... Oregon has a decent team this year, but the PAC 0 is a worse conference this year (by far) than the MWC... If Oregon had played in the MWC instead of the soft PAC 10 they likely would have had two and possibly three losses...

Boise State manhandled the Ducks last year(and I think even the year before) as you might recall and they will be a MWC next year...

Truth is that Oregon played nobody this year.... Portland State and New Mexico were two of your out of conference games....

I live n Oregon and I want you guys to beat Auburn.... But even if you do, in my opinion TCU and Boise State are still better than Oregon this year.

And btw, I went to the BYu- Oregon game and BYU took their foot off the gas in the second half to avoid embarrassing you guys anymore than you were.... It very easily could have been a 50 point game with a shut out of Oregon.

st george, utah

good point....JJL its for all the "uncle ricos" in the zoob nation!

Saint George, UT


I forget, what is Oregon's record against that WAC team, uh, oh ya, Boise State?

Gilbert, AZ

Could we even write a story like this about the Utes bowl history? Prior to 1992, they didn't even have a bowl history. They played in only two bowl games EVER before that? Both pre-1965.

Since 1992, Utah has played in the Copper Bowl twice, Freedom Bowl twice, Las Vegas Bowl twice (when they had the THIRD choice of MWC teams), the Liberty Bowl, the Emerald Bowl, the Armed Forces Bowl, the Poinsetta Bowl twice, the Fiesta Bowl (against a weak, propped up Pittsburgh team...kinda like UConn this year) and the "storied" 2008 Sugar Bowl.

That's 13 bowls since 1992, and although they have a 10-3 record, they Utes have only been rated in the top 25 after their bowl game 5 times...EVER! Other than Alabama, the Utes have never really played or beaten a team of note in a bowl game...EVER!

See, it barely took the word limit in a DN blog post to cover the Utes bowl history?

But I wouldn't want to live in the past, so we will just look forward to your upcoming Bronco beat down from a team that definitely has something to prove this year.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Miracle Bowl against SMU was the greatest football game in BYU history including the OT and Harline wins over the utes.

Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

@Cougs4Life, well put.

Layton, UT

Although the one good UT bowl game, I would actually say two, was more impressive then any bowl game BYU played in. As was shown on multiple occasions, BYU was typically in over there heads. That being the general consensus of most Cougar fans back then," hopefully we can pull this out against . . ." And thats coming from a devout Cougar fan. The only game comparable would be the BYU upset of then #1 Miami in Provo. As noted in the article. BYU and LE was often criticized for making the bowl game a vacation and often taking family along.

Lubbock, TX

BYU has won more bowl games than utah has ever played!

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