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Published: Thursday, Dec. 16 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Ann Arbor, MI

Check out his Youtube video! two steps faster than anyone on the field.

West Jordan, UT

Who's Shany?

Iowa City, IA

This could be bad timing for Utah to announce this recruit, maybe their offer to Langi to come in and start immediately wasn't sincere. This may cement Langi going to Provo.

Bountiful, UT

Hope this doesn't hurt the U in the Harvey Langi sweepstakes. We will need both of these guys next year in the PAC-12.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Harvey will sign also.

Many great running teams feature 2 backs.

Let's consider his options - he's leaning towards staying in Utah right now.

So his options are

BCS league - Utah
non BCS - tds

Real atheletic teammates - Utah
Real studious teammates - tds

Coach who knows winning is #1 - Utah
Coach who think winning is #6 - tds

Team proven TWICE it can run the table - Utah
Team that has proven it will NEVER run table - tds

Team that will compete for NC's - Utah
Team that will compete for S.F. bowl - tds

Team that doesn't lose bowl games. Ever - Utah
Team that is 5-20(or close to) in bowl - tds

No "honor" code - utah
"honor" code - tds

11-2 team - utah
6-7 or 7-6 team - tds

6 players picked in last NFL draft - utah
1 player picked in last NFL draft - tds

What a tough decision!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

that's great to hear about Christopher giving back to the community. Thanks for including that in the article.

Ann Arbor, MI

UCLA is desperate for recruites.....might pull out all the stops for langi

Layton, UT

Don't pencil in Langi yet. He has to jump into the next level and who knows if he can make it as a Freshman. He's a great high school football player in UTAH, but that doesn't account for a lot. He is a wait and see. Besides, the Utes might have someone we don't know about yet. No one heard of Eddie Wide and we all saw what he did. Besides, the path Langi apparently is starting to take off the field might effect him.

Oakley, UT

Laser.... good luck with that... a couple of recruiting services are reporting its down to Utah or USC. Some other reports say he leaning towards staying in state.... if you read into both of these story lines? I like the common denomonator.

Wiley Old School

Utes athletes are also expected to be studious (and are performing well on that front). If not, that would be a negative. And Kyle expects "honorable" conduct from his team, also a positive.

I'm no BYU fan, and while many of your other points are valid, there's no need to be ridiculous.

Boise, ID

You had better hope Langi signs before he watches the Vegas Bowl.

Ann Arbor, MI


I tend to agree with your assesment of Langi. Infact, I wouldn't be suprised if he ends up play LB in college.

This JC kid just might be a huge pick up.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Haha we have Hague and you don't

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Let's be realistic here. Harvey wants to go to a great football team with other athletic talent. End of story.

When he's thinking about Utah he sees other athletes on a great football team.

When he's thiking about tds he sees students who pretend to be athletes on a mediocre(see 6-6)team.

This discussion is about whether harvey will come to the U. School does not really play into the deciding factor. He wants to play with other athletes. That is the point I was making.

Iowa City, IA

Keep posting ute fans, you've driven away more than one athlete to BYU because of your "hate" speech. Cougar fans everywhere thank you. By the way Langi will love playing on ESPN 8-9 times year. Plus chances are better to win another National Championship at a school that has already won one. Also a Doak Walker award, or heck maybe a Heisman. The tradition is incredibly rich in Provo.

Lehi, Utah

Tradition doesn't matter to kids today. What kid is going to care that BYU won a MNC almost 10 years before they were born. Notre Dame has more tradition and they still struggle. You can talk all you want about tradition, but in the last 10 years Utah is much more impressive.

Boise, ID

Do the youngsters care about top 25 end of season rankings? Maybe some grads of a fine research institution can help them figure that one out.

Millville, UT

On youtube he looks extremely quick and very elusive in the open field. However it doesn't look like he breaks a lot of tackles, or get a lot of yards after contact. He looks like a good addition, but will definitely need more of a power back to complement him.

Albuquerque, NM

This is an excellent athlete to help in the Ute backfield. He has speed and will need to work on YAC. If we can get Langi, that would be a huge addition! I doubt we can get other power backs like Tra Carson or Adonis Amere-Moore out of Colorado. So far we have Lucky Radley who still has yet to get an opportunity to showcase his speed/talent. Add to that John White and Jarrell Oliver out of Texas. We may have some good talent in the backfield. One thing must be addressed? QB, Coach Whitt needs to give incoming freshman Derrick Brown and Griff Robles a chance. Need to try something if this team is to have success in the Pac-12. Go UTES!

Cedar Hills, UT

Looks like a good addition.

Get Langi too!

Reloading before the season even ends.

Bring on the PAC!

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