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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 15 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Iowa City, IA

1 vote for exposed. I'm surprised Riley even wrote this because Utah was exposed a long time ago. If utah wins it will only confuse fans. Why could they beat Boise but not TCU and Notre Dame. Then the coaches will get blamed or Wynn (who doesn't need anymore criticism). The utes were bragging about NC2010 and got embarrased, twice. Best just to stop spinning the season and get ready for next year. There quest for perfection also blew up in their face.

sports fan
Provo, UT

Cant wait for the game, we have got the tools lets make sure we make them work for us, we can Beat Boise!


Richmond, VA

The Utes are Huge underdogs??? Hmmm, it's the perfect set up for the Utes! There's no better chance to prove they're for real than at this game, and I hope they won't disappoint! I love seeing an underdog come out on top and I feel no different about this one. Go Utes!!! I'm one Cougar fan who'll be rooting for you and your great BYU alumni coach K.

Kuna, Idaho

The Broncos have the advantage in every category (even coaching)...except the special teams. The Utes will be exposed for sure in this matchup with Boise State. Can you say - Bye bye bowl win streak, Boise wins this 47-13.

Salt Lake City, UT

Every fan should beaware of how lucky Utah has been since the Air Force game. They have only won the three games they did during that stretch because of highly unusual bounces, weird turnovers not their making, unexplainable calls and inexplicable no calls. But Utah has won 10 games. Rather than being 7-5 like their talent has shown, they have been charmed to make it with 10 wins. Congratulations. That said, if they pull together, work as a team and really focus they will...look like deer in the headlights for this one. Sorry, but Boise just hasn't needed luck this year. They are just plain great. Oh, and for those who think Nevada would have been a easy win...Sorry, they would have eaten Utah alive like a pack of Wolves too. Just because they play in a league you mock doesn't mean they aren't good. Remember Alabama thought Utah was a patsy from a bush league too.

CdA Ute
Gilbert, AZ

I've learned over the many years never to count my team out against a "superior" team. Even if BSU is favored and all the haters are piling on, I think Utah will definitely be exposed... at being awesome!

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Odds are EXPOSED!

This isn't 2008. The Utes aren't even as good as their 10-2 record suggests.

The Broncos are the real deal and are one botched FG away from playing in the Rose Bowl.

Despite their records, and the Broncos being favored, the Broncos have more to play for.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

SLC WATCH I don't know what you are talking about getting lucky bounces or being charmed to win 10 games. What kind of "wierd turnovers not their making" are you talking about? I don't recall a single turnover where someone simply just dropped the ball and handed it over. TheBYU fumble, may have been the wrong call, but you cannot argue that the Utah player stripped the ball. In the SDSU game, both teams got an equal share of fortunate bounces, Utahs hail mary and SDSU's tipped 90 yard touchdown catch.

Everything works out in sports, you get some bounces and you don't, but you still have to be in a position to take advantage of bounces and that has everything to do with the quality of the team and skill of the players and nothing to do with being charmed.

Alpine, UT

govt rocks

Just admit it; anybody who watched Utah's games against AFA, SDSU and BYU knows that Utah got lots of lucky bounces and fortunate breaks from the officials.

It's happens.

But, it's nothing to beat your chest about when you're given a chance to win, rather earning it through your own performance.

Pocatello, ID

Way too much being made of this game. This game does not determine whether it was a great or good season. I don't think it will affect recruiting (nobody decommitted after the TCU and ND games). Deficiencies in the defense have been shown and the offense has had one good game in the past 5. The big question is will 21 practices give the coaches enough time to correct the deficiencies and find ways to attack BSU. I think they will. But overall, the game doesn't mean that much.

Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404

Sorry Utah you just don't have the group of really good athaletes you had a couple of years ago. You have a couple, but a couple ain't going to do squat against a excellent Boise St. You are out manned at almost every position, especially the skill positions. Notice I did say almost. You are going to get it handed to you. It will be a good game for maybe a little over a half then the wheels come off. Half time score 14 to 10 Boise St. End of game 44 to 13 Boise St. You are now perpetual cannon fodder.

Provo, UT

I think the Utes will play better than how they ended the season. They will get Cain up to speed, they will get healed up, they will have time to work on things that were problematic.

Still, Boise is a better team. They have the more experience QB, better skill positions, better defense and probably better talent overall. Both are led by excellent coaches but in this case Whittingham isn't going to find somebody that he can outcoach.

The one tangible the Utes have is they want to prove themselves while Boise might be a bit reeling after their big loss to Nevada. So this would be the time to beat a team like Boise. But Boise has a good bowl record as well. So in the end:

Boise State 42 Utah 24

Arlington, VA


This game will determine whether Utah finishes in the Top 25 and wins its 10th straight bowl game, so it's a huge game for Utah.

Sounds like you're just trying to minimize the importance for Utah so it won't be so painful when the Utes lose big.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"Utes will excel or could be exposed"

So you are saying we will either win the game or lose the game?

Good guesses, that's what I was thinking.

Pocatello, ID


You're right, Utah likely won't be ranked if they lose. My point is, that's not that big a deal. Look where Oregon and Auburn started this year. After 2007, Utah wasn't ranked either. Their recruiting class was still very good (David Reed, Sealver Saliga, DVC, David Kruger) and 2008 was a rather successful year.

I'm not saying I don't want to win. I live in Idaho, you think I want to live with Bronco fans after a loss? I'm saying the success our program or BSU's program doesn't hinge on this game. I'm saying I disagree with Riley that this game is the determining factor between a good season or a great season. It's been a good season, but with the losses we've had, there is no way it can be considered great. Regardless of the outcome, I'm confident Utah football will continue to get improve and the best years are ahead.

MoTown, CA

Have no fear Ute fans...the Utes will decimate BSU...can't wait to party!

West Jordan, UT

Mark it down !!!

Chris B predicts either a U win or loss.

Mark it down!!!

So, if the Utes win, will they be NC2010?

Fresno, CA

For once Chris B., I agree with you.

It must be hard to be a sports writer when they sport you are supposed to write about aren't actually being played. You end up writing articles like this one -- or the one about UTEP beating BYU way back in the Reagan years.

Good luck to your team, Chris.

--Your Fresno Cougar Friend

Payson, UT

This really will be one of the better games this bowl season as two great teams face off.

I would correct your story though. Utah´s last victory was not over a quality opponent. You should have said that Utah struggled against a low quality opponent right after beating a high quality opponent on the road.

Cedar Hills, UT

Excel or Exposed?

I think that the latter has already happened unfortunately. The Utes were exposed for not being a top 5 team in embarrasing fashion. That's over and done.

I think they are giving Boise St way more credit than deserved though. I mean, they barely beat an over rated Vtech team and a 5 win OSU team. Big woop!

I think this is setting up nicely for the Utes. They'll cap a nice year with a W over a ranked opponent again.

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