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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 14 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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Appleton, WI

Memo to Brad:
I heard what Frank Layden had to say about Fredette on Saturday. Whose opinion do you suppose is worth more, his or yours?

Carlsbad, CA

If he does go late I hope Miami picks him up, that could be a dynasty and Jimmer would fit oh so well for that team. A real threat but a PG who can creat and dish to guys who can finish.

IF he goes early like he should, New York would be great fit in the East and Houston in the West.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Brad go light on this kid. We don't know how far he will go and he'll be fine. He is having fun on his final season in college and what is wrong with that?
Go Jimmer and Cougars. And good part what Cynic saying from Frank Layton on Jimmer.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

I'm sure you were one of the people who said Steph Curry wouldn't be any good in the NBA either.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

By the way Deron stayed for 3 years at Illinois and his stats weren't all that impressive in college. 67% from the free throw line and only about 13 points a game his junior year. I recollect Dee Brown and Augustine having just as much to do with their NCAA tournament run as Deron did. Maybe that just proves your point that college doesn't mean much, but I for one think there are plenty of busts that come out early.

Wesley Matthews seems to be doing pretty well for himself after 4 years of college and nobody even spent a draft pick on him.

Let's face it, its pretty hard to know who is going to be good in the NBA before they play there, so why don't you just wait and rip on Jimmer when he doesn't perform once he is there?

Ripping on him now while he is dominating college competition just makes you seem like nothing but a hater!

Queensbury, NY

Not sure I really understand the purpose of this article. Very strange, what is the point. Jimmer stayed in school, yes, because he could not get a solid 1st round draft committment. He also worked out with NBA teams to find out what he needed to improve on. The guys no dummy, watch him play basketball, he's not only the most talented player on any College court right now but also the smartest. Jimmer wanted to get his degree and cement what has turned out to be an incredible College career. Most of those young guys have 1 good year and then decide "I better go while my states are good", what will next year bring? Not Fredette. Harrison Barnes, come on! Jimmer would embarass him. Jimmer- National Player of the year, 1st round draft pick and 15 year NBA career and what ever team gets him, gets no baggage, just a very talented, hardworking basketball player who loves the game like no other!

Queensbury, NY


Provo, UT

When most are trying to build the Kid up, you try to tear him down Lousy article.!!!

Suwanee, GA

He may not do much in the Pros. We will have to wait and see on that. But what we do know is that he is tearing it up in college. And frankly, that is a beautiful thing!

Sloppy J
St. Louis, MO

It largely depends on what team he lands on. Let's face it; unless you're a "can't miss" type of player, your opportunities will vary greatly depending on who's playing ahead of you.

Jimmer won't go high because of the endless pursuit of "TUP," for those of you that read Bill Simmons. He's about as good as he's going to be already, unlike some 19-year-old freak athlete with little in the way of basketball skills. Scouts love those TUP guys.

We just don't know how his career will pan out. I hope he has a nice, long NBA career and don't see why that can't happen. Those who are sure it won't happen are probably the same folks who were sure Austin Collie wasn't a legit NFL receiver.

Iowa City, IA

Yah, Jimmer's more like Stockton, no chance at all.

Heber City, UT

What was the point of this? Typical media trying to create a controversy where none exists.

Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404

Wow Brad, are you talking with the voice of experience or are you just a talking head. Are you a certified talent scout or are you just another in a way tooooooo long line of talking heads. Have you ever had a great assist, blocked a shot, hit a three point shot from 28 feet, stolen the ball, stuffed the basketball so hard it left red marks on your wrists? Like most of us, you really have no clue as to who will be successful and who won't be successful. I have done all of those and I never played high school ball. I don't know the answers either but he is a class act, really fun to watch and it is easy to cheer for him. Wish the best for Jimmer. When it comes down to it, our points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals mean absolutely nothing. The way we conduct our lives does. Go hug some gangsters. You can find them everywhere in the NBA.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Wes Matthews played four years a Marquet and now he will play 12-14 years in the NBA....College prepares guys for the NBA...Rock, when did Plaisted play 4 years in college...while I have found Rock and his humor entertaining over the last couple of decades, assessing NBA talent may not be his strongest suit

Lehi, UT

Glad he chose to stick around. Jimmer is great to watch in a college hoops environment. Hope he makes his dreams come true next year. If he has enough talent he will make it and I'll start watching whichever team plays him.

American Fork, UT

Interesting perspective. I'd say Paul Millsap's four years at Louisiana Tech would be a counter-example, except that Paul didn't get drafted until the second round. I think the point of the article is still right on the money: if Jimmer thought he would have been drafted high, he would already be playing (or sitting) in the NBA and collecting huge checks. He didn't, and he's not. Maybe next year will be different. The Jazz could use a lights-out shooting guard with Jimmer's range. Could you imagine Jimmer trying to guard Kobe though?

Saint George, UT

You may be right, but then you may just be biased towards Utah. Just look at your list of Less-than-stellar performers. They're all from the U. Oops, maybe that says more about the Utes than about the players.

Orem, UT

What a shock! Another negative article about BYU from Utah fan Rock.

If Rock were really so astute at evaluating NBA, he'd be in the NBA making alot more money as an NBA director of player personnel, instead of writing about it.

Jimmer will be playing in the NBA next season (whenever that is). How well he does will depend on the team he plays for and how adept his coach is at taking advantage of Jimmer's strengths.

Salt Lake City, UT

And, oh, your "if you can play, why stay" argument is bogus.

Tim Duncan stayed in school. JJ Redick stayed in school. Shane Battier stayed in school. Several other in the NBA stayed in school. Wanting to stay in school has nothing to do with ability...

Orem, UT

"Could you imagine Jimmer trying to guard Kobe though?"

No, but I can't imagine Stockton guarding Magic either.

Good coaches find ways of maximizing the talent they have available.

A shooting guard with great range who can handle the ball and penetrate defenses would be very valuable to a lot of NBA teams.

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