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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 14 2010 7:00 a.m. MST

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Murray, UT

So wouldn't an obvious fix be to have European kids serve those particular missions? (Instead of sending them to Utah, for instance?)

Claremore, OK

"We have several similar cases from other countries, and to make an exception for the Mormons would create a precedent."

They have several similar cases from other countries??

Even if that were true--that other churches
from other countries send missionaries to Switzerland who "are unpaid volunteers, serving...without compensation and not competing for employment with other workers"--
its hard to see what they find objectionable about those who serve others, pay their own way, do not compete with others for employment, use no public services without paying for them, and require nothing of any Swiss person or entity.

Rick for Truth
Provo, UT

Religious bigotry is alive and flourishing in Switzerland. It will only be time before any LDS missionaries will be allowed in, from any country. It will take a change in Government and time to reverse the direction of this one. Very similar situation we experienced in Singapore a few decades age. In the end, the gospel will go forth unimpeded from man.

Rexburg,, ID

Oooh this so so typical. European bureucracy with no real reason behind it. 'Gainfully employed?' Right, because missionaries are rich and the Swiss people are just clamoring to get that job. Oh well, the Church will just have to send more native EU missionaries there. Seriously, though, this is the kind of senseless way policies are made in Europe. I lived there for a year. Small government is a foreign concept. And I thought it was bad here...

Rexburg,, ID

Come to think of it, this might have more to do with European paranoia towards non-majority religious groups who practice what they believe. 'Sects' they call them. Europe doesn't have nearly the sense of individuality that the US does.

Saint George, UT

Just a suggestion, instead of pulling a 2008 photo from your mtc file, couldn't someone e-mail the Swiss Mission President and get a more thoughtful photo of missionaries who are currently serving in Switzerland? With today's technology, it would just be a click away.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

It doesn't matter. The Church is still in Switzerland, and they can still send missionaries, they just may have to get them domestically vs. importing them, as LDSguy pointed out.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

"It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest."
US Commission on Immigration Reform 1994
It's funny that the Swiss are following that counsel and we are not.
Let's change the names. The European threat of immigration is Islam. We see what is happening in the UK. Perhaps the Swiss are merely protecting themselves.
It isn't an ideal solution, but it works. Remember when East High banned ALL clubs as a result of the request for a gay club?

Murray, UT

Yes, missionaries can be sent from other EU countries but it is a missed opportunity for good kids here in the US to serve there. EU citizens complain all the time that Americans need to get out more and experience the world outside our own borders and then the Swiss adopt a stupid policy like this. I have friends who have served in Switzerland and they make the best ambassadors for that country when they return. They spend their own hard earned money while there thus helping the Swiss ecomomy. This makes no sense to me. I think this policy is like swiss cheese. It is full of holes.

Beverly Hills, CA

Interesting how many fellow US Mormons I know constantly bark about the USA's right to allow or disallow who they want in their country but when another country decides on it's own then it is "religious bigotry". It is hypocritical for US people to criticize another country's immigration policies if we are immigrant bashing and keeping people out. They have our policies, we have ours and all are passed by a democratic process.

salt lake city, UT

Very interesting development in light of the fact that the Zurich mission was closed this summer and its missionaries assigned to the Germany Alpine mission. When I served in Switzerland, I found the people to be warm and friendly and very tolerant. I haven't returned to Switzerland so I can't speak to the current climate. We all know how neutral and tolerant Switzerland has been regarding politics, religion and immigration; clearly there is opposition to the work.

John Stewart Pill

I seem to recall not so long ago, a certain group that was happy about the Swiss decision to ban minarets on mosques. Interesting.

Murray, UT

How do you equate immigration with performing volunteer religious work? Mormon missionaries are not seeking permanent residence or status in the country. They are there for two years or less at thier own expense and then gone.

Spanish Fork, UT


There's no need to turn this into what it isn't. The church will be respectful of the laws. It wouldn't be the first country that has had to have adjustments made by the church. I don't mind people coming to the US, I just want them to do it legally. Missionaries aren't trying to go illegaly, nor are they trying to become permanant citizens.

Your point is way off the mark on this one.

John Stewart Pill

TC: Mormonstudent

You lived "there" for a year? You thought it was bad "there?" Where exactly did you live? Or are you trying to lump the most diverse place on the planet into one simple package?

Salt Lake City, ut

To bad but the Church will continue to grow no matter what as long as the members are willing to be missionaries. Hope they work something out.

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

Mr JingleHeimer your intolerance is showing. I personally don't know any LDS people against immigration, however I do know some that have issue with ILLEGAL immigration which is totally different. LDS missionaries are not entering Switzerland illegally. In fact they are not even immigrants, so your point is... well I guess you really don't have one.

John Stewart Pill

No one seemed concerned when the Swiss banned minarets on mosques last year. No, everything was fine and dandy then.

Magna, UT

Just send the missionaries from Europe. There are three languages spoken in Switzerland, I believe. They are French, German and Italian, depending on which section of Switzerland.

French, German, Italian and Swiss missionaries would be the most obvious choices. Saves on airfares too, as well as avoiding 'faux pas' with regard to the local culture and idiomatic speech.

Beverly Hills, CA

First of all, I am LDS, proud of it. Secondly, being in Utah I do know plenty of LDS people who are intolerant of any type of immigration legal or not. My comments are aimed at them the one who have a problem with Switzerland, a sovereign nation setting their own laws by a democratically elected lawmaking boy. The US can impose it's own rules of who comes in and out of our country but Switzerland is criticized for doing it just because it conflicts with missionary work?

The LDS Church does excellent work complying with local laws. They will need to send European based missionaries. We as Mormons need to respect the sovereign laws that Switzerland is requiring, not criticize it.

There is no shortage of places where we can send missionaries, no need to bash on another country for limiting it. It is unfortunate but not grounds for ugly anti-Swiss comments by LDS CHurch members.

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