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Published: Saturday, Dec. 11 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

BYU lost 3 games in 1985, to UCLA, UTEP and Ohio State, all on intercepted passes returned for touchdowns.

Each pass was earily similar -- an out-pattern to the sideline.

After the season, it was discovered that Bosco had a shoulder injury that was probably taking just enough zip off those long passes, to allow defenders time to step in front of his intended receiver for the interception.

UTEP's interception was returned 100 yards. A quick 14-point swing, since BYU was knocking on the door ready to score.

The difference between being undefeated in 1984, and losing three games in 1985, was those three interceptions.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

you had to bring that bad memory again? put it the trash bin and never try to bring it back.

Harwich, MA

Anytime you can run a story like this please, please do it. It's so entertaining.
It's just like getting an early Christmas present.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Awesome. My friend wouldn't answer his phone when I called him after that games.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

It could happen again ! The Cougs have allot to prove still, with there beat up team and freshman frozen in the red zone qb, UTEP could do it again.

Chicago, IL

The Cougars need to bounce back and build momentum for a strong 2011. Meanwhile their ESPN "partner"--as people like to say here--just named BYU the Biggest Disappointment in 2010 amongst the non-automatic qualifiers.

Desert Coug
Las Vegas, NV

I've been reading BIG HAPA'S comments all season long and my conclusion at the end is that though he is a fan of Cougar football, I don't think he will ever be a fan of Quarterback Jake Heaps. It is the privilege of this forum to be able to express one's opinion (Civilly of course) but I must sigh usually after reading his post.

Big Hapa, Feel the love brother.

Go Cougs!

Santa Monica, CA

I really think that this loss but a huge foot on the brakes of what was becoming a juggernaut. A wonderful '84 season where the Coogs played the 6-5 Wolverines in the Holiday Bowl and won a very disputed (to this day) National Championship and then the amazing '85 season. I felt that BYU was moving into that hallowed area where nothing but top notch recruits and BIG bowl games would follow until they were recognized at Florida State level. Or the equal of some of the 2nd tier SEC programs. But since this loss truly burst the momentum bubble. Just as a loss to the lowly Rebs at Sam Boyd served to turn the Utes into the program they are today, this loss--(where opposing players claimed the the Y players yawned and chatted during opening warmups) --spelled doom for BYU and a downward spiral from which they are still trying to recover.

Hampstead, NC

BlueCoug says, "The difference between being undefeated in 1984, and losing three games in 1985, was those three interceptions."

I know it's tempting to draw that conclusion, but there is a HUGE difference between an undefeated season and a three-loss campaign.

Friendly Smiles
Big City, Utah

Do you actually believe the zoobs will win this bowl game? Jake H. is not mature enough, he is as bad as Jordan W. of Utah. Zoobies, I think it best you forfeit the game and leave BYU and the state of Utah with some sort of dignity !! :(

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


You have a warped view of history.

The UTEP upset, while, disappointing, was hardly the program changing debacle you describe.

Five years after the UTEP game, Ty Detmer won the Heisman and BYU beat the defending national champion, the then #1-ranked team in the country, the biggest, baddest boys of the day, Miami.

Eleven years after the UTEP game, BYU finished 14-1 with a win over a very good Big 12 team, Kansas State, in the Cotton Bowl.

Just last season, BYU finished 11-2, #12, with a resounding defeat of then #16 Oregon State, a team that tied for 2nd in the PAC 10.

Hardly signs of a program that was sent into a tailspin by one upset loss that they're still recovering from 25 years later.

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

BlueCoug | 1:36 a.m. Dec. 12, 2010
Orem, UT

"After the season, it was discovered that Bosco had a shoulder injury..."

BlueCoug -

To suggest that Bosco's 1985 shoulder injury was not discovered until after the season is revisionist history.

In 1985 caller after caller to the post game call in shows asked Lavell why Bosco never threw more than 20 yards downfield.

Mike Holmgren, the BYU QB coach in 1985, was later quoted as saying the it was the worst kept secret in Provo the due to his injury Bosco was incapable of throwing more than 20 yards.

But they played him anyway and it has been speculated that his injury cost him an opportunity to play in the NFL.

Provo, UT

Without a doubt, this game sucked. I also remember that both Bellini and Kozlowski were out with injury that game, in fact Kozlowski missed most of the season.

But I think it was all due to the fact that BYU got real cocky, had that season ticket lottery in the Marriott Center in the wee hours of the morning where many students got shafted with tickets. That spelled doom for the Cougars that year ha ha :)

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

The only ones STILL disputing the 84 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP are ute fans because they'll NEVER have one.

Good luck making it to the Vegas bowl again next year. You'll probably be playing BSU again and take another beating just like the one that is about to be delivered this year.

Centerville, UT

What the heck? They didn't have COLOR photography back in the stone age of 1985?

Tucson, AZ

It just goes to show that anything is possible: a blow-out by BYU or another upset by UTEP. If I was betting however, my money would be on BYU.

Alberta Reader
Magrath, Alberta

The story on Bosco must explain the problem with Wynn this yr he was awful.
BYU will win by 20+ points
Mark it down

Iowa City, IA

I agree with WhiteBuffalo. Certainly "likely" or "probably" exists in college football but "guarenteed" doen't exist.

They still have to play the game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just another of the many examples why the 1984 Co National Championship was such a farse.....We have BYU and BYU alone to thank for the creation of the BCS. No one wanted to see a National Champion crowned that way ever again..

Salt Lake City, UT

In 1973 Utah beat UTEP 82-6
In 1974 UTEP beat Utah 34-7

103 point turnaround. Stuff happens.

Utah won five games the next three years.

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