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Published: Saturday, Dec. 11 2010 6:00 p.m. MST

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Lubbock, TX

Great game I got to watch on TV in Texas.

If I was in utah i'd be there.


Jimmer jammed those lamecats.

Lubbock, TX

Including every school in the state, That'll be the best college basketball game played in that city. The second best will be the win against Hawai'i, the third best will be BYUs win over utah simply due to lack of a challenge.

AZ wanted revenge, I guess the pac-10 just ain't good enough!


Orem, UT

Good game, Cougars!

But somebody should really tell James Anderson to pass the ball! Every time he touched it he tried to score. It was painful to watch.

Oh well, at least we won!

Blanding, UT

The Cougs are for real this year. More importantly, Dave Rose is a fantastic coach!

Elmo, UT

Jimmer is a man among children. The cougs are for real this year, let's get pumped cougar fans!

metamora, IL

WOOOOOOHOOOOO! Loved watching this game on BYUTV! What a great win for the cougs. Everybody was hustling big time. Sure felt sorry for Jackson though. He just could not get the ball to go through the hoop. Great defensive effort from him though!

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT

Cris B. | 8:06 p.m. Dec. 10, 2010

"arizona will light byu up worse than this game"

So much for Arizona lighting up BYU.

Great game for Jimmer, especially coming on the heals of that draining trip to his hometown earlies this week.

33 points against the team with the best record in the PAC 10 coming into this game (82 points in the last two games vs the Wildcats.)

Good luck to Noah recovering from that nasty melee under the basket.

Next up, UCLA!

Keep it rolling Cougs!

great plains, sd

this a great team! what will they be like with the other collinsworth? whew! the good memories are coming back again of the magnificent seven of '87. what a team, i got to see the game on kbyu tv the picture still isn't good(digital blocks) but i wouldn't miss the cougs.

Overton, NV

I was not able to watch this game. Apparently, so many people wanted to watch the game via byutv on-line that the site was down...or just had too much traffic for me to get it to load. Works fine now.

So, it was the radio, which doesn't really give one a true feel for how good or bad a team looks. I'm glad the Cougars won but it sure would have been nice to see it.

Alpine, UT

Mrs. B, Mrs. B, can Cris come out and play.

I guess the Cris B. strategy is to predict a loss in every game the Y plays and, of course, sooner or later it will happen and he will proclaim his superior skills in predicting game outcomes. MARK IT DOWN! Bwahahahaha!

What a great game to be at. We simply were firing on all cylinders.

Missing Collinsworth was one thing, but when Hartsock went down I thought we would be in big trouble.

Who would have every considered it possible that, with our best 3 bigs (Collinsworth, Hartsock, and Davies) playing a combined 20 minutes due to injuries and fouls, we would win the game let alone blow Arizona out?

We have a deep team. Anderson was a man inside and I think played his best game. Our defense was awesome. Switching between man to man and zone completely baffled Arizona and we swarmed to the ball so well that they simply struggled to get shots off.

Jones shot lights out and scored 20 in the second half to keep them in the game.

Arizona's Williams struggled with our D but showed his is the real deal.

Riverton, UT

"Noah Hartsock left the game midway through the first half with a concussion and lacerated mouth after taking an elbow fighting for a rebound." Uhh, NO!!! He took a skull to the face.

Charlotte, North Carolina

That's the best defensive effort I've seen from a BYU in a long time. Tremendous determination. I'm going to enjoy ever single game I can watch of Jimmer in a BYU uniform. The kid is unbelievable. Finally, could someone ask BYUtv to increase the font size of the score and time remaining on their digital display? I think the score is in 4 point font. I can't read it and I have 20/20 vision.

Chris Degn
San Antonio, TX

I went out and got an HDMI cable for my laptop to watch byutv on my new big screen TV. And this great game sure made it worthwhile! Way to go, Cougars! By the way, Frank Layden's comments on Jimmer were spot on. Fun to watch!

Fresno, CA

I love how well they play as a team. Congratulations team and Coach Rose.

Lyman, WY

Even better than I had hoped for!!!!! GO COUGS!!!!!

Boise, ID

I have been wondering if this team really is good or not. I have not doubts after today. They really are tough. Davies is looking better all the time and Collinsworth is an excellent player as well. With a few balls bouncing their way, the Cougars could go far this year.

Lubbock, TX

Now I'd like to watch AZ play Michigan and see AZ win by 20. Just to answer future questions...

Go Y

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Good game. I got to watch on BYUTV online. I would listen to KSL at the same time, but the radio feed is about a 15 second delay.

What a game. Jimmer is really fun to see play. AZ defense shut down BYU on one trip down the court so Jimmer puts up a 25+ foot 3 pt. shot. The opponent just has to come get him or he will shoot lights out. When they do, the other 4 guys have some open shooting lanes.

The bench really played the defense on AZ. They could not get anything going on their inside game, as Anderson kept them quiet with smothering defense.

Frank Layton's comments were good to hear for all Cougar fans. Jimmer's Sr. year will be fun for him and the rest of Cougar faithful. Ucla next week and another W for the Cougars.

Seattle, Wa

Great Win! Good to see everyone step up. A lot of times you hear about how teams are deep of have x amount of guys in a rotation. There is a difference between having a rotation where guys can come in and give you quality minutes, and a rotation where guys can come in and keep the game plan and the flow of the game going, AND do it for as long as they are asked. We have the latter. GO COUGS!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Don't worry Jackson Emery - after the final is over with you will get back on your feat feeling the flow again. Great team effort and we outrebounded Ariz which was where our strong point. That long hair Ariz guy took a drive on Hartsock head was on purpose and it wasn't a rebound after I replayed it. That was a dirty play of what he did to Hartsock. He'll be ready for UCLA and C. Collingsworth will play vs ucla.

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