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Published: Friday, Dec. 10 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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North Las Vegas, NV

I am a huge Bronco fan but this comment about the job being open was, well, probably not well thought out. No wonder Heaps was a little taken back by it. Unless, of course, Heaps hits the mission field. : )

Lubbock, TX

The Dominator deserves an OC position, or an assistant HC position.

Go Y

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

QB coach can't control OC when we really need to see Jake Heaps throw more. So, does that mean Rober Anae is done after this season? And please no more two QB monsters starting in the fall 2011.

Saint George, UT

BYU has fine coaches all around, but it's time they get some less predictable offensive play calling. Robert, isn't it time to retire? Bronco isn't it time to find a new offensive assistant?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Doman is the best quarterback coach in the country and he has no job offers from a major college team?


Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Bronco is the true puppet master here people. I hope my intuition is correct, #1. Bronco is opening the screen door on Anae, hint don't let the screen door hit you on your way out. Hopefully, this means a new OC for Christmas Coug fans. Cool ! Now #2. is a little more on topic for next year. I know everyone loves what Jake did against weak teams, myself included. However, the fact is Jake's performance against teams with winning records is poor, he can only produce field goals and single touch downs. Frankly, his red zone out put is weak. So, open it up in the spring and let's slug it out. The mission thing is out for Jake, for whatever reason, it has publicly stated he has no interest in serving a mish. The spring is going to be fun.

Go BYU in the New Mexico Bowl !

{ this is still a little tongue and cheek for me to say }

Oh well its better then staying at home.

"Poly" Cougar Nation

Syracuse, UT

Re: Howard S.

What do you expect Bronco to say, "Doman is in the bottom 1/3 of all quarterback coaches in the nation"?
Go to every coach and they will say the say thing. What would Whitt say about his QB coach? Wise up and go get on your own Yewt posts. You really should seek help for you obsessive compulsive behavior in reading and commenting on everything BYU.

Provo, UT

No BYU fans want Riley except in a rare wildcat formation. As we all know, Riley came out and said after his injury that he was going to battle for the QB position next year. This quote by Bronco is him not wanting to offend Riley, the Bronco prototype (service awards, works hard, mission, etc.), and act like he actually has a chance at beating out Heaps. Really??? Don't get me wrong, those are all great that Riley has done and are commendable, but it can become frustrating when Bronco and Anae show a lack of trust in young guys because "they haven't paid their dues", even though they are loaded with talent. Take Heaps for example not being able to audible out of a run play when the defense is stacking the box. Completely ludicrous.

Seems like the entire BYU nation is calling for Anae's head. Doman is the man for the job, and I think Ty Detmer, a current high school football coach down in Texas, should be brought up to coach the QB's. A former Heisman QB is no joke, and could easily replace Doman. Fire Anae!!!!

Orem, UT

Nice comment Bronco, QB position up for grabs in the Spring. Heaps has proved himself your QB. Just let Riley play out his last year as a backup. Maybe you should retire!!!!

Captain L
Provo, UT

I don't like the comment by Bronco, I would rather see him say things to build Heaps confidence.
Re Big Hapa : I think one of the reasons Heaps numbers in the red zone were poor, is because of Anae and his play calling.
I would love to see Anae move on to another school or given an other assignment and let Doman be the Offensive Co.. Bring Detmer in as the QB coach and that would be quite the brain thrust combo on the offensive side.

Alpine, UT

Howard S.

We are a major college team.

Go worry about the pounding that your team is about to get at the hands of BSU.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

"Though Heaps has been impressive the last month of the season, Mendenhall has said the quarterback job will be open when the Cougars convene for spring ball in March."

No. NOOOO. No!!! Please! This nonsense has gone on long enough! Listen, Riley Nelson is NOT a college quarterback. I question if he'd even be a succesful junior college quarterback. Riley Nelson is basically a running back who happens to be a good leader and a good competitor who can sometimes complete passes with his weird left handed throwing style. The only reason his passing numbers look good at all is because he completes a lot of short passes (which leads to higher efficiency) and then the guys who catch the ball happen to run hard and get a lot of yards after catch which makes the numbers look a lot more impressive than they really are. In short, he's kind of like a Jordan Wynn with running ability that can't throw as far.

Seriously guys, this is getting ridiculous. If you want to talk about paying dues, the fact that Heaps has put up with this season and this garbage without transferring are dues enough to me.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Nope the red zone limited production is all on Jake. The coach's plays are all good when the weaklings teams go down, but when the real pressure is on the kid was mediocre.

The reality is Riley has 2 more years he was granted a medical red shirt year.

So let the boy's punch it out in the spring we the fans will be the winners because this competition will make a better QB who ever emerges. You never know, perhaps it will be Lark or Munn's ?

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


Perhaps you should channel your energy towards something more productive like helping yewt players avoid setting up drug houses immediately after entering the NFL.

Go be a mentor for David Reed.

Yewtiew - proving max right one comment at a time.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

TheSpiker | 10:14 a.m. Dec. 11, 2010
Alpine, UT

TheSpiker says "We are a major college team."

Dear Mr. TheSpiker -

BYU may be special, but they are not a major college team.

In fact, BYU is a non-AQ, mid-major school with no greater access to the BCS than Idaho State or San Jose State.

Self-imposed independence does not change that.

Facts are sometimes inconvenient, but they cannot be disputed.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Bronco's praise of Doman is right on. Doman was a team leader when he was the QB and now his talents are being used to mentor talented young men as QB's. I am glad to see Bronco single out and praise one of his position coaches. In time, it is likely we will see him praise other coaches and pass on praising some others.

Bronco is also spot on when he says the QB position will be open next year. Coach issuing that challenge is what separates the mediocre players from the talented. The truly talented will rise to the occasion and assume the position. The mediocre will continue to just be mediocre. The tight end position this year was kind of that way. The cougars had some talented young men, but none of them really separated themselves from the others and assumumed the position.

Go Cougars. Please put the beat down on UTEP. I am looking for a 40 pt. spread.

Idaho Falls, ID

I have to agree that Bronco's comments are really inappropriate prior to the final game. It shows lack of confidence in your QB, which is not a good move prior to your last game. Something like "the starting position coming into Spring is Jake's to lose," would be a better way to say he is our man but is still expected to perform.

Like you I have been one of Heaps critics, especially early in the season. But even you, a big Riley Nelson fan, have to admit that Heaps has shown much progress and improvement over the year, albeit against weaker teams. His best test against Utah, he stepped up, despite being stifled by the OC and play calling. That last drive was all Heaps despite really bad play calling. I would have to say he really did prove himself against Utah. If you look at his total body of work from the beginning of the year to now, you're right, it is not that spectacular. But if you look at where he is now, and how much he has improved, I would have to say he is the starter for 2011, hands down.

Idaho Coug
Meridian, Idaho

Jake Heaps has progressed a great deal. He was thrown into the fire and has become a very solid, granted still very young, QB. I think Bronco's comments go more toward his overall philosophy of fairness rather than any questions about Heaps.

The other 3 QBs were the victims of circumstance not talent. Nelson was injured while being the official starter. Lark and Munns came home from missions and did not have enough time to fully shake the rust but they did all they were asked to do as LDS young men. All three should be treated fairly and that means at least giving them a chance in Spring ball.

The reality, however, is that Heaps is way ahead of those three. He has the most raw talent and now has the experience to boot. I do not see any scenario in which any of those three even give Heaps much of a battle.

Actually I think the Cougs should get Nelson into the defensive backfield now so he can learn the ropes. He is not a BYU QB. He is a nice athlete who could fill a hole at safety. Lark and Munns have legitimate QB skills.

Lyman, WY

I think that Bronco is reminding his young QB, that he still needs to show up, and that he isn't above the team. Rest assured, Heaps is the future of the Cougars and he will start next year. Go Cougars!!! Beat the Miners by 50!!!!!

Provo, UT

XPat and some others may talk about Bronco putting his foot in his mouth, but how can anyone say in December who will be the starter next September. I doubt people in Indianapolis say that about Peyton Manning. Anything can happen. Peyton (or Jake) might even decide to quit the game. Might even run into issues with the law (honor code).

If Bronco were not working to ensure that he has back-up plans for all potential, conceivable contingencies, then I would wonder what is wrong with him. As Big Hapa (whom I often disagree with) says, competition for the starting role is a good thing. Keeps Jake from getting complacent - and keeps Lark and Munns from losing hope.

So those of you calling for Bronco to retire - I'm suggesting that you might want to avoid the embarrassment that comes with a display of ignorance. Bronco is a trained professional and his body of work speaks well for him.

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