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Published: Thursday, Dec. 9 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Leave before this train wreck of a team gets any worse. That's my advice. Nothing but 7 and 5 seasons with blowouts to big names in the future for this program. Who cares if you play texas, ole miss, v tech if you will never have the athletes to compete with them? Recruits will have an easy decision after seeing byu get exposed every time they face real athletes. See florida state and tcu the past two years. Byu won't ever compete with those programs. Would have been better to keep pretending you were good by staying in mwc

BYU Student
Provo, UT

Didn't you lose by 40 to TCU?

Aurora, CO

Nothing a Ute fan would like more than all the great BYU pro prospects leaving early for their fortunes in the NFL.

If that is what Matt wants and deserves then more power to him. He will be hard to replace and will be missed, but the Cougars will continue to build tremendous teams during the Mendenhall years and beyond.

The tradition has been established and the quality of recruits continues to flow into the greatest college surroundings that are avalible. It is not for everybody, but the selected few that it is right for will thrive in the environment.

If, indeed it is time for Matt to move up, then more power to him. If he chooses to stay hurrah for all the fans of BYU. Either way he is a winner and we have had the pleasure of watching him succeed.

Enjoy the bowl game.

Prediction BYU 47 UTEP 10. Offensive left tackle Matt Reynolds protects his quarterback allowing no sacks.

Matt thanks for the memories yesterday, today and for many tomorrow.

  • 4:28 a.m. Dec. 10, 2010
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Layton, UT

This "train wreck" of a team very nearly (and probably should have) beaten your precious Utes, Ken. Nice job against TCU, by the way. I am very excited to watch Boise State do the same to you.

American Fork, UT

Glad he's going to get an evaluation from the NFL's College Advisory Committee for underclassmen, instead of relying on some slimy agent trying to get another client. Still remember the debacle faced by some others who left too early, like Bateman and Walsh.

At least, I think it's good--anyone know how accurate the CAC is in predicting draft round? Whichever way he decides, go Matt!

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Just as sure as I am sitting in a brown chair, he's going pro. Fear of a lock-out will not deter him. The only variable I see is the potential for serious injury in New Mexico. That would make a re-hab year logical. I anticipate he will have a successful career and retire with a few good years left. He will advise the coaches on the flight home from the Bowl game. It will start with "hey dad...." The only thing remaining is for fans to act suprised and second guess the decision when the official announcement comes.

What does this mean for BYU next year? A team always misses a NFL caliber player. They are fortunate to have 4 returning starters on the O-line. Enough players have had playing time this year to suggest a solid o-line early in the season.

Taylorsville, UT

He's not a typical Junior upperclassman. After a redshirt and two year mission he's far older. If he stays for a Senior year he'll be 3-4 years older than the rest of the incoming NFL rookie class. You only have so many years in the NFL and he'll basically be graduated. I'd be surprised if he stays after the bowl game.

Cedar Hills, UT

"If a guy is able to be a high draft pick at his age, that's awesome."

HUH? He has to be atleast 24 if he served a mission.

Whatever, he is a big boy who will play in the NFL. I say go, but of course you all knew I would say that.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


"HUH? He has to be atleast 24 if he served a mission"


If a guy is at least 24 and is projected to be a high draft pick - that's awesome.

Leave it up to a yewty to completely miss the boat.

Lyman, WY

ken. we'll see. I guess you didn't see all the freshman on BYU and what good athletes they were. BYU is going to be very good the next two or three years. I think they will beat a lot of those teams that you said are too good for them.
P.S. Go away haters!!!!!

Frisco, TX

If Ken is saying that BYU can't compete against the quality programs, what does that say about the Utes? Because it's pretty obvious that BYU has been able to compete against the Utes. I hope the Utes and still thanking the refs for the blown call on the fumble that should not have been called a fumble.

North Salt Lake, UT

I hope that he doesn't leave the Cougars early because you also need to think about if he doesn't get drafted or if he gets a ending career injury than what does he have to back him up. I think these players need to think about that instead of just jumping in and saying all I want to do is play in the NFL, NBA or even the MBA.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Re: CougFaninTX | 9:49 a.m. Dec. 10, 2010
Frisco, TX

Thanking the refs?

No, Ute fans are thanking the BYU field goal team for failing to execute on a simple field goal attempt.

Thanks Cougars... and btw... scoreboard...

We the People
Sandy, UT

Take the money and run.

Cedar Hills, UT


Funny though, his position coach goes on to say...

"Potentially, he has the ability to be an NFL player"

You would think he would be ready go at the ripe old age of 24.

Toquerville, UT

Forget the NFL, stay and play for BYU.

Pocatello, ID

Anytime you can be paid to play football, instead of doing for free (I know they get a college education, but you know my point) do it. I would say the thing to Brandon Burton who has been projected in the 2nd round.

Do you think Jake Locker is glad he came back? That cost him tens of millions of dollars.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


Agreed. If professional ball doesn't work out, they can come back and finish the year left they have in the degree.


Yes, and barack obama is president. What's your point?

Yes, he has the potential to be an NFL player. Yes, he is likely ready to go at the ripe old age of 24. Who said he wasn't ready?

I think you're somehow trying to shift the focus from the fact that you were trying to make fun of someone for supposedly suggesting he is young for a high round pick when in fact that person was suggesting it it awesome he could still be a high round pick at the ripe old age of 24.

You were confused bud. It's ok. It happens.

Salt Lake City, UT

Speaking of train wrecks, what has happened to the Yewt defense? Now that all of Urban's players are gone we're no longer seeing NFL draft worthy players in the graduating class. Also, Twitt's recruits are being exposed as a bunch of small, slow, lumbering 2nd raters. I guess the blowout loss to Boise St will just be more proof in the pudding.

Wait until next season when you no longer have the luxury of playing a cupcake schedule and your lack of speed, size and depth gets exposed even further by the relentless grind of a weekly diet of better teams.

I remember attendance at Rice-Chex in the mid-late 90's being typically in the 25,000 range per game because the teams were so boring. I imagine after a few routine poundings by the likes of Colorado, Wash St and such that the fairweather Yewt fans (like yourself) will all disappear again.

Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Ken,
"Leave before your train wreck of a Yewt team gets any worse. That's my advice. Nothing but 5-7 or 6-6 seasons with blowouts to big names in the future for this program.

Who cares if you play Wash St, Colorado, ASU if you will never have the athletes to compete with them? Recruits will have an easy decision after seeing Utah get exposed every time they face real athletes. See the BYU, Boise St, Notre Dame, SDSU and TCU games the past two years. Utah won't ever compete with those programs.

Would have been better to keep pretending you were good by staying in mwc and feasting on the likes of UNLV, Wyoming, New Mexico, etc and always avoiding playing quality OOC opponents in order to have a chance at finishing undefeated."

That sounds like good solid advice Ken. Better to go in with realistic expectations so the actual results don't hurt as much.

I'm sure the team that's most happy about your joining the Pac 10 is Washington St. Now they have a shot at an easy conference game on their schedule.

Good Luck,

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