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Utah delegates vote no; undocumented students say bill gives them hope

Published: Wednesday, Dec. 8 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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Andrew J. Marksen
Salt Lake City, UT

This is another bad bill in a long line of bad bills. There should be opposition to this DREAM. While the Democrats and their progressive cronies are playing favorites with people who have broken the laws of the United States the hard working American citizens who are legal are getting pushed to the back of the bus. I can only assume it is because the Democrats need to create another generation addicted to the government handouts thus preserving their power. What is even more disgusting is the person the DesNews focused on is an illegal. It appears the DesNews has become Utah's sanctuary newspaper dedicated to touch our hearts with the sufferings of illegals who should not be here in the first place. If you want to be here then do it legally. You do not get to come into my home and dictate how I rum it because you are uncomfortable. The law needs to mean something. I wish the Democrats and the DesNews would get that.

Murray, Ut

Search the Internet for S.729, the bill that comes up for a vote today in the senate. This bill is amnesty for over half the people illegally here.

Anyone 16-35 can apply, and all children age 12-18 that are attending a primary or secondary school cannot be deported. That means all families who have a 12-18 year old child just received amnesty, as their children can't be deported.

A disgraceful act by the Democrats, they are no longer the party I supported for years.

dueling banjos
salt lake city, ut

oh come on make em all legal citizens, you never said a thing when you bought that tyson chicken or built those nice houses in Spanish Fork canyon. alot of these people were invited by the greedy in the beginning which brings up a similar pt of how the pioneers who are going to be flooding Missouri someday will be recieved. We can't bus them all back and our borders are far from secure so the dilema was started by the greedy to begin with.

Logan, UT

But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, "

Its funny the whatever the government names a bill turns out to be the exact opposite effect.

The federal reserve act. It is not federal nor is it a reserve.

The Patriot Act- is very much as unpariotic as it comes.

The Health care bill - is so unhealthy is should be the Black Plague bill.

The dream act is more like - the dream is over act. Yea for more deficit spending.

Inch by inch we always move in the wrong direction.

Murray, UT

This bill is open ended, it's not a one time deal.

It's a billboard to the rest of the world that America is open to illegal immigrants. You can come here and get a college education for your child. Then they can sponsor you.

It's a shame we are paying off those on unemployment to be silent.


I have hope that our senate will reject this attempt at amnesty for millions age 12-35 and the under age children's parents. It's gone way beyond it's original intent, and would stop most immigration deportations in this country for many years.

It has so many holes in it, that courts will be filled with cases.


Here are some costs I found. The bill is expected to have 1-2 million people sign up for it. With 1.5 million, the estimated costs are 6.5 billion per year for schooling ($6,000 per student federal subsidies).

The cost of processing, administration and running back ground checks will cost minimum $2,000 per student ($2 billion). (students can be arrested three times and spend no more than 90 days in jail).

After 10 years, the congressional budget office estimate that their increased productivity will give the economy $2.3 billion. However at the same time, they would be eligible for food stamps, medicaid and welfare at a cost of $5-20 billion dollars (Congressional budget office).

The congressional budget office expects more than half to drop out, but they still will be able to stay in the country and work for those 10 years.

That's a cost of 8.5 billion the first year, and 6.5 billion each year after, plus the cost of new applications. In return we lose 2.7 - 17.7 billion after 10 years (per year)

Pete in Texas
Copperas Cove, TX


I appreciate your comment and I've wondered the same thing exactly. (I wonder if this comment will get printed for the exact same reason.) DesNews has become a support group in the way they portray the stories about illegal immigration problems. I can't remember the last story I've read where it's portrayed the illegal as just that.... illegal. The stories they print about other criminals don't seem to have the "forgiving" overtone that the stories about the illegals seem to resonate. Why not interview an individual like you and me about the passage of the Dream Act? I guarantee our perspectives about how this passage will affect OUR lives is totally different than how this story was. I'm not looking forward to passage of ANY bill that supports amnesty in any sense. These illegals don't bring more money into the economy. They steal it from the LEGAL families who would help the economy just as much if their wages could be rasied by not having to compete with the illegals wages.

I applaud all the Utah representatives for not supporting it.

Ron Arnason
Bandon, Oregon

Do not need this type of one sided "news."
It is either legal or illegal.
Color me cancelled.

John Stewart Pill
Vienna, VA

Legal or illegal, considering our lazy youth, these "Dreamers" might be the best hope our country has. Just look at this quote from Thomas Friedman:

"If you want to know whos doing the parenting part right, start with immigrants, who know that learning is the way up. Last week, the 32 winners of Rhodes Scholarships for 2011 were announced Americas top college grads. Here are half the names on that list: Mark Jia, Aakash Shah, Zujaja Tauqeer, Tracy Yang, William Zeng, Daniel Lage, Ye Jin Kang, Baltazar Zavala, Esther Uduehi, Prerna Nadathur, Priya Sury, Anna Alekeyeva, Fatima Sabar, Renugan Raidoo, Jennifer Lai, Varun Sivaram."

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

This legislation is a sham. I'm disapointed that this paper would carry another liberal sob story. Here's the facts: they don't have to graduate, most will be going to school on the tax payer's dime, but worse, this will bring about a flood of illegals. Once in place, illegals from all over the world will enter our borders, attend college at least on paper, and then they will be able to be citizens in a short time and of course, vote Democrat. The latter is the real purpose of this measure.

Happy Dad
Sandy, UT

I grew up in the inner city of Ogden. The house we lived in didn't even have a bedroom. We were poor and we struggled for years. My mother (single at the time) had to sue UTA to become the first lady bus driver in Ogden because they wouldn't hire a woman. Funny thing is; I have always been looked at as the fortunate "white" boy with opportunities. It hasn't been a "DREAM" for me but I have fought for everything I have today.

This propaganda is just a political demonstration. Perfect timing for the Bush tax cut talks.

Somewhere in Time, UT

This is a sad situation, but the blame is on the parents who brought these kids here illegally. These kids should have a lot of anger toward their parents.

As sad as it is, it is NOT the responsibility of the American people to make right the wrong that has been done by their parents.

It's all very sad and I could probably go along on the basis of military service. But, just going to college should NOT qualify someone for American citizenship...especially if it makes it possible for these people to sponsor relatives who have also come illegally.

I think it will probably go down in the Senate. There's no end to the havoc these Democrats can wreak when you give them the chance.

Saint George, UT

This is a bad bill that will give amnesty to most illegals that are here now. Once they get amnesty they will start pressing for family reunification. Each hispanic immigrant brings on average 5 people from their home country once they are legalized. (based on the past amnesty program in 1986 and current immigration trends). Within 10 years we will have over 100 million new immigrants to this country. America as you knew it will be no longer. Where are we going to get the water and energy needs for 100 million more people???

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The lame ducks have struck again.
They suffer from short-term memory loss.
The midterm elections were about changing direction and listening to the voters.
DREAM has lost its public support yet they are full speed ahead with a bill that has failed multiple times in the past.
Sort of reminds you of Obamacare, doesn't it?

John Stewart Pill
Vienna, VA

Some of these comments are ridiculous. They talk about what the "law" is, and what is "legal" and "illegal." In case you haven't noticed, Americans make their own laws. And we're trying to decide what laws to make regarding immigration. The debate isn't about what the law currently IS or ISN'T, it's about what the law SHOULD be. No one is saying these people are legal. What we're doing is trying to decide what to do with them. If I see another comment saying "The law is "x" therefore there should be no debate," I'm going to throw my monitor out the window.

Provo, UT

You reported the Federal deficit reduction through increased earnings of $2.2 billion over the next 10 years. Senate's version $1.4 billion.

But you left off the true cost in the same study.
A 5-20 billion dollar hit to food stamps, welfare, and medicaid.

I would like to see reporting, not editorializing through omission. The fact that it's true cost is a boost to the deficit is relevant.

Centralia, WA

Lame ducks seeking padding for the next election. As some wrote, there is no vision and the duck is really lame. The British Isles, specifically England then France and Germany are convulsing and hemmoraging because of this economic boondoggle.

See what happens when Americans try this in Persia or Mexico.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Amnesty by any name smells just as bad. I could maybe see it for veterans, but not for students and definitely not for their families.

John Stewart Pill
how many of those names you list belong to ILLEGAL immigrants? How many of those names you list even belong to immigrants as opposed to the children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren of immigrants? And unfortunately, while the vast majority of the illegal immigrants in this country are hispanic, none of those names appear hispanic. While I applaud the hispanic culture for its work ethic, graduation rates among hispanics would seem to indicate education is not as highly regarded within that culture.

Provo, UT

@ John Stewart Pill, no matter how you like it, or how many pieces your monitor is in, the law is the law. You can't get around it. They came for the jobs, the jobs are gone, it's time to go home. It happens all the time in the business world. They should be happy they had the opportunity to come here and boost their earnings greatly.

Now it's time to follow America's wishes. In a poll that asked if we wanted forced deportation, or self deportation or amnesty, amnesty was last, then forced deportation, the choice by far was self deportation like the Arizona law would accomplish.

I don't see American workers asking for a hand out because someone came here and drove down their wages illegally.

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