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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 8 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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Escondido, CA

Considering how Boise State played impressive football for all except 1/2 of one game this season as opposed to the two games that the Utes fell short in, I guess it is somewhat understandable that the national and Utah media isn't giving Utah a solid chance in this game. However, I remember two years ago in an even bigger game against Alabama, no one in the country gave Utah a chance. And we know how that turned out.

Utah is 12-3 in bowl games, including the nation-leading 9 game bowl winning streak. When given enough time to prepare, Coach Whittingham has proven over and over that he can win on the biggest stage. I'll take the Utes by 7.

Go Utes!!

American Fork, UT

Uh bill...last year the Vegas bowl had two ranked teams both of which were ranked higher than the still vastly overrated utes are this year. I think the result of this years game may be similar to the one last year though in that the higher ranked team is going to humiliate the lower ranked, and over rated, other team.

Aurora, CO

I agree that this will be an interesting match up. Utah always shows good in bowl games and this should be a much more entertaining than BCS bowl games involving Pittsburgh or Connecticut.

Las Vegas is getting much better bowl games than they financially warrant, but that has more to do with the depth of the MWC than anything. Too bad the rest of the nation couldn't have seen the talent, I suppose the mtn just couldn't find enough TV sets to showcase the talent.

As a loyal BYU supporter I am pleased with the move to ESPN and away from the mtn. I am also happy for the Utah move to the PAC-12, I honestly think that without that decision BYU would have remained in the Dead Zone we affectionately refer to as the WACky MWC.

I expect that the Utes will will in a thrilling game and that they will meet again next year in the same bowl game representing different conferences.

Looking forward to next September and the season home opener. Seems too early to but independence does have its shortcomings. But the benefits far outweigh the WACky MWC.

BYU 45 UTEP 10.

Toquerville, UT

Too bad it will be a blowout. Boise by 40

West Jordan, UT

BYU and Ore St were both ranked LAST YEAR going into the Vegas Bowl. If this was Utah/Ore St the media hype wouldnt be nearly as wild.

Utah, dont kid yourself, this is all about Boise St.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

The Vegas bowl will worse than something in the Roman Coliseum.

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

Hey Bill, just an F.Y.I. Here's how the Vegas betting line works. The "spread" (betting line) of 17 points is NOT what the Vegas experts think will happen in the game. It's the number of points that gets the most money into play. The betting line is adjusted based on how much money is bet on the game. If the spread is too large and bets drop off then the spread is lowered. If the spread is lowered and the bets drop off then the spread is increased. This takes place until the Vegas boys hit the sweet spot that gets the most money into play. Thus the betting line is a reflection of what the nation, as a whole, expects, not what Vegas thinks will happen.

Baltimore, MD

Las Vegas Bowl 2009:

#15 BYU (2nd MWC)
#16 Oregon State (2nd-tie PAC 10)

Las Vegas Bowl 2010:

#10 Boise State (1st-tie WAC)
#20 Utah (2nd MWC)

The hype this year is obviously all about Boise State.

If Utah was playing Northern Illinois or Fresno State, the Las Vegas Bowl wouldn't be drawing any more attention than the New Mexico Bowl.

springville, Utah

it also woundnt get the attention if it was boise and ohio or someother mac team so really its about utah and boise equally

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Too bad it wont be much of a game. Smurfs by 45!

Iowa City, IA

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a nice gift this year of the Utes beating the Broncos.


Payson, UT

To get out of LOTR´s biased box,

we need to also state that if Boise was playing Tulsa, UCF or BYU, it also wouldn´t get any attention.

Salt Lake City, UT

Boise State vs BYU would be a far more interesting game and attract a lot more attention than Utah vs Fresno State.

Not saying BYU would beat Boise State, but the Cougars would have a much better chance of pulling the upset than the Utes will.

BYU held a similar team, TCU, to 3 points until very late in the first, and only gave up 31 points total, including a late score. Utah gave up almost that many points in the first quarter.

West Jordan, UT

I love the DesNews....so many loyal BYU followers get on these boards. I'm really not sure where all the smack talk from the BYU guys is coming from this year. 6-6 record, loss to your rival (2 losses to rivals if you count USU), 1 win against a team with a winning record (thank you replay booth), heading into obscurity with no conference affiliation, and no shot in the future of BCS games or Championships unless you go undefeated (if you can't do it in the MWC, you can't do it with Texas, ND, and Miss St. on your schedule either).

Conversly, 10-2, win over the rival, respectable season with wins over teams with winning records, a bowl game that is a no lose for Utah, heading to a AQ conference with a real shot at Rose Bowls and Championships.

Apparently many of you are having a "blue, blue, Christmas" and the only thing getting you through are your jealous posts on these boards.

Mid-Major Cougars
San Diego, CA

It's been a while since LV bowls get 2 good teams in its game.
Good luck, Utes!

American Fork, UT

@Mid-Major Cougars

The LV bowl doesn't have 2 good teams in it this year. They have one good team and one dramatically overrated team that is going to get humiliated. This will be one of the worst bowl games of the season from an excitement standpoint but probably the best one of the season from a pure pleasure standpoint.

I won't watch it though. I'll be going out to eat and probably catch a movie.

Springville, UT

Vegas gets a lopsided beat down of epic proportions.

How favorable is that???

I'm betting BYU gets as much publicity as Utah, if not more!

Woot Woot!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Mid-Major Utes

"It's been a while since LV bowls get 2 good teams in its game."

Actually it's only been a year since the LV bowl got two good teams in its game.

Las Vegas Bowl 2009:

#15 BYU
#16 Oregon State

Unfortunately, the LV bowl got stuck with the Utes this year, so they'll have to wait another year at least before that could happen again.

Las Vegas Bowl 2010:

#10 Boise State
#20 Utah

Fort Worth, Texas

So tired of BYU fans calling this 10-2 Ute team overrated when their 2008 "Perfection" team

1) Was picked to win the MWC and bust the BCS vs. Utah was picked to finished 2nd and go to Vegas

2) Utah ate up bad teams all season vs BYU struggled against bad teams @LES and on the road:

@Washington (0-12) 27 BYU 28
UNLV (5-7) 35 BYU 42
@Colorado State (7-6) 42 BYU 45

And in Vegas...

#16 10-2 BYU 21
7-5 Arizona 31

So Duckhunter please tell us why our team this year is so overrated then your 2008 team?

As far as this game goes, Boise is the better team so they should win. They can even blow out Utah if we play like we did against TCU and Notre Dame. Regardless, I like the fact that we get a chance to prove we are a good team while BYU failed in 2008.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


easy answer

BYU has had three times as many ranked teams as Utah, but no ranked BYU team has EVER been humiliated by a 40 point blowout loss at home

which is why Utah, once ranked #5 in the BCS, is now ranked #20, and why, another spanking by BSU will send the Utes plummeting out of the Top 25, right where they will deserve to finish, no longer over-rated, just unranked

bottom line, a 10-2 Utah team was only one point better than a 6-6 BYU team, and it took a whole bunch of fortunate breaks for Utah just to be one point better

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