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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 8 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT


South Jordan, UT

BYU will need to pay ESPN to show over half of these games.

Bountiful, Utah

Hm... Really not surprised by the games that have been scheduled. I knew we could get some decent teams, but not really anything spectacular the first year going independent. And UteMan, you do realize the money ESPN put down to make an agreement with the Y right? People will still watch those games. HEAPS FOR HEISMAN!

Saint George, UT

Thanks utes, for your relevant and insightful comments!! Now get outta here, you're botherin' me...

Fresno, CA


If we're boring you, please feel free to stop incessantly trolling BYU articles....

I think it's a pretty decent schedule -- especially when you consider how quickly Holmoe was able to put it together. As for Hawaii, I just figured we stopped playing them because those games would end at 2 am MST.
The dorm kids were gettin' cranky in Church the next day.

El Jefe
Las Vegas, NV

Typical for a BYU article to be commented on by the typical utes who always show up like clockwork. You do realize UteMan, that this is the first year of independence; not a bad schedule at all considering the situation and the time frame for putting a schedule together, and still more impressive than anything I have ever seen the u of u play. In the future, BYU will be playing great teams from all areas of the country and utah will be playing a stoogy and boring pac schedule.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sorry, not impressed. if they had other teams wanting to play and we ended up filling out the schedule with ISU? As Shania Twain once sang, "that don't impress me much".

Salt Lake City, UT

What year does BYU leave the WAC and go independent?

Salt Lake City, UT


Troll Alert!

Analysis: Harmless little ankle-biters.

Carry on!

We could have sworn our little brothers on the hill were putting the MWC and BYU in their rearview mirror, and yet, here they are ragging on BYU's schedule for next year when Utah supposedly will only be focused on the PAC 12.


It's nice to see our little brothers still care about us.

See you September 17th Utes.

We'll see how irrelevant U think the Cougars are then.


I'm not trying to push your buttons, BYU fans (I confess that I do it sometimes for entertainment, but not this time), but how can you say "that looks like a pretty decent schedule" with a straight face?

I know that the future BYU schedules will look much different than the 2011 version. The Cougars had to put next year's schedule together after almost everyone else's schedules were already finalized. BYU was lucky that the WAC teams still had open dates.

Playing one or two cupcakes when you have a challenging schedule seems to be the standard. But calling a schedule that includes Utah State, San Jose State, New Mexico State, and Idaho State "decent" will draw a laugh from any but the most faithful BYU fan.

Why isn't your response, "Well, it's the best that Holmoe could do on short notice. The schedule will be better in 2012 and beyond."

Good luck in Albuquerque, Cougars!

Murray, UT

I'm not gonna lie, Ole Miss, Oregon State, Utah, and Texas at the beginning is pretty impressive.

I wish I could say Utah would have a much tougher schedule, but we're avoiding Standford and Oregon in our first year...so we can't really talk.

Springville, UT

This is a great schedule!

And having Idaho St is little different then Florida or Aurburn scheduling Div IIA teams. We play against three very visable conferences, on ESPN with numerous Thursday games for the entire nation to see. And unlike Boise St, which would only play against maybe 1 or 2 big conference teams, we have 5.

If (great big IF) BYU went undefeated they would have a much bigger claim to a BCS game then Boise St. Then throw in 2012 BYU begins playing Norte Dame, which has a massive following and cult support. Cult as in national appeal for the sake of loving the team, regardless of how inconsistent they have been. BYU made a great decision with plenty of upside. And they continue to play Utah and Utah St.

And dare I say, no more Mountain TV!!! Swap that for ESPN. Now I don't have to go to the local Hooters to watch the game. The irony of that! haha

This is going to be a fun year.

Dulles, VA

Yeah, that schedule isn't too impressive, but not so bad considering that it's our first year of independence. It would be nice to dump two of those cupcakes and add some legitimate teams to make a balanced schedule.

Logan, Utah

BYU will probably thrash USU at home next season. That's just reality. I love my Aggies but they just can't seem to get football right after so many seasons.

BYU's independent schedule looks better than this last season's, but really isn't anything too fancy. Utes will probably do okay in their first season in the PAC-12. Good luck BYU and Utah on your upcoming seasons.

Bloomington, IN

Also, Ute fans, I hope you realize that all the broadcast money also stays right at home with the Cougars instead of spreading the wealth to teams like Wyoming and New Mexico.

I haven't seen figures, but even with the BCS payout and broadcast money being split 12 ways, I'll bet BYU's income is still quite comparable. I guess we'll see though.

Mr. Obvious
Sandy, Utah

Independence = Big Mistake

Schedule = Weak sauce.

sports fan
Provo, UT

Considering that this schedule was put together in about 5 months it is not that bad. it will be a good schedule for BYU they should get 9-10 wins on this one easy. the hardest games will probably be Utah and Hawaii but we will see if OSU, Texax, and Ole Miss can rebound from poor seasons this year. this should be fun to watch.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I detect some jealousy raining down from the utes.. they still wish they had the fan base that would make independence possible for them. They know they will be lost in the lower tier of the pac12 for the next decade while BYU gains national attention even when playing a schedule that was put together in a real hurry.

I'm excited to see this schedule and can't wait to get my season tickets.

salt lake city, utah

nice to have 7 home games but with utah being the best one doesn't get me very excited

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

Looks like all of their tough games except Utah are on the road - not exactly a recipe for success BYU's first year as an independent.

I suppose you take what you can get, however. Let's hope these "young players" become road warriors real quick...

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