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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 7 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Doug, you hit in right on the head. If you from the outside looking in, like TCU, BSU, UofU, Hawaii, then the system is broken. If you are on the inside looking out, then the system works wonders, meaning the big boys get to keep all the money and pretend they are the best team in the nation by telling each other they are.

Time for the rest of the college football nation to begin their own playoff game and crown their own. Refuse to participate in the silly .com, chick filet or Meineke bowls and make your own playoff. Which college President will step up and take the lead?



VA Tech is 11-2, not 11-3.

Back off the Big East. They are 3-2 in BCS bowls over the last five years. That's better than the Big 10, Big 12, and the ACC.

Trust me, I know the BCS is flawed. Any number of teams, Boise State included, deserve better opponents than they will be playing in the next few weeks. But the BCS has improved the college football landscape from where it was decades ago.

And lastly, get a haircut!

Burley, ID

End the BCS farce and let's go to a playoff system!

I just hate all the useless and inane bowl games. A playoff would be so much more exciting to watch.

Hopefully, I'll get to watch at least one College Football Championship playoff before I die in 25 years.

Moss, Norway

Amen Doug! Now, can we pass a law that requires Bill Hancock and his colleagues to spend their workday reading articles like this one?

Clearfield, UT

Totally agree. Connecticut in BCS Bowl, what a joke. BYU playing UTEP which lost 5 of it's last six. I think AK has an excellent point. Scrap the bowl system and form our playoff system. Love the idea.

Saint George, UT

Can you tell me what the percentage of these "power conferences" have played a NAQ away from their home for their non conference schedule. - How do we know they are "power". We just have to take their and ESPN's word for it. I think I heard the gators haven't played a NAQ away for 20 years or something like that


In the last 5 years, here are the win-loss numbers and winning percentages for the BCS bowls or the National Championship game participants:

SEC: 7-2, 0.778
WAC: 2-1, 0.667
Pac 10: 3-2, 0.600
Big East: 3-2, 0.600
MWC: 1-1, 0.500
Big 10: 4-6, 0.400
Big 12: 2-4, 0.333
ACC: 1-4, 0.200
ND: 0-1, 0.000

Interesting that no conference has received more BCS money than the Big Ten, but they have a losing record and five conferences have performed better than them in the BCS games.

Alexandria, VA

1) The real importance of the Colley's rankings mess-up isn't that Appalachian State's game can affect LSU's ranking; it's that nobody checks the computer rankings to make sure there are no data-entry errors. Colley's is the only one that makes it public, which is how the error was discovered. How do we know that another one of the computer rankings didn't accidentally omit some other FCS game which would have put TCU into the title game? If they're going to base the championship on something other than wins on the field, at least make it transparent.

2) I agree a playoff is the ideal. But I don't understand people who complain that there are too many bowl games or that 6-6 teams get to go. More football is a good thing. Sure, most bowls are meaningless, but they mean something to the fans of the teams involved, and even to others, there's another game on TV to watch while you wrap presents. More football is good!

Layton, UT

The column is good but it is flawed in one big way. You are assuming that the BCS has the desire to do the right thing and make it about football...when in fact it could care less about doing the right thing and it is always about money and power not about the players, fans and certainly never about the game.

That's A Good One
Meridian, ID

Best comment on here so far comes from Utah'95 at 1:32 a.m. Dec. 8, 2010

"And lastly, get a haircut!"

I've been laughing out loud for 10 minutes at that one-And I'm a BYU fan. Nicely done Utah'95. That was priceless! See, BYU and Utah fans can get along when we want to ;-)

Ogden, UT

Everyone but the BCS itself agrees that the system is flawed. Fans want a legitimate national champion crowned at the end of the season. The BCS only CLAIMS that's what it wants.

Fans are truthful about what they want; the BCS lies. It's goal is money; money for itself, and money for the elite programs in the country because therein the BCS finds the greatest potential for profit.

Logan, UT

You forget about the history behind these bowl games. Most had direct conference tie in before the BCS and without them there would have been no BCS formula. Secondly to get all of the (then) major conferences to agree to a BCS format, all had to have a guarantee spot for their conference champions.

The main purpose in developing the BCS format was one, to get a concensus one vs. two match up and second to eliminate the nonsense of 15 years ago when major bowl were extending invitations three weeks before the season ended and creating embarassments when those teams lost.

The Big East ought to lose their guarantee and unless TCU somehow saves their bacon, they probably will in a couple of years. Sadly, if the MWC could have held itself together along with adding Boise State, they would be in line to pick up an automatic, but no more.

As an independent, BYU has only a sliver of a chance of landing in a BCS bowl in the future. Utah will find out how tough it will be in a big boy league and maybe will get in once in ten years.

San Bernardino, CA

Hancock doesn't think the system is working for football, he thinks it is working for him and his friends to line their pockets with millions of dollars. He may have forgotten to qualify that in his prior statements.

The only way to beat the BCS is to bring it down financially. If we all commit to not attend the games and notwatch the games on TV then they will lose money and quit.

Frisco, TX

I agree the top two teams (based on their records) are playing each other, but a playoff system could yield a Stanford,TCU, Wisconsin or some other winner that we all felt good about. Quite frankly, The Big East does not deserve to have a team in a BCS bowl this year, and I'm not even sure the Big 12 deserves a spot.

Forget about conference affiliations. If we can't have a playoff system, lets use these "magically" computer rankings and send the Top 12 teams to the BCS bowls. Number 1 plays 2. Number 3 plays 4 and so forth!

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

I think Doug hurts his own argument by including Stanford and Nevada as teams that should get consideration for who is the best team. Stanford lost to Oregon by 3 touchdowns. Nevada lost to Hawaii.

U.S. sports fans often delude themselves into thinking that a playoff is the only fair way to determine a championship. I actually appreciate college football because of the emphasis it gives to the regular season, which none of the big leagues gives. NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAA basketball? wake me up when the playoffs start or the last week of the regular season. The Oregon vs. Stanford regular season game was a playoff matchup that gave extra excitement to the regular season. That excitement permeates through each week of the regular season for undefeated teams.

But because of the small sample size for college football with only 12 games each and 120 teams, I think a plus-one playoff would be good, and I think that TCU has a legitimate gripe this year about being excluded. But I don't think Stanford and Nevada have legitimate gripes for being excluded at the end from championship contention.

Murray, UT

I don't know what the big deal is, the BCS system works fine. I'm more than happy to be a part of it once we enter the PAC-12! We'll finally be able to contend for a National Championship. I used to be ant-BCS, but now I'm all for it!

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

The BCS should be required to remove the word "championship" from its name. It is misleading and is false advertising, because the distribution of money is involved. Grab some of our overpaid congressmen away from their luncheons and brothels are make them do something about this.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

The BCS system is great. For example, the PAC 12 is sending two teams to the BCS Bowl this year. That is over 40 million dollars that gets shared between the PAC 12 Conference members. The only people who seem to have a problem with the BCS are people who have never been to a BCS or don't belong to a BCS Conference.

Go Utes, Go BCS, Go PAC 12!!!!!!!!!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

What a major college football playoff would have looked like for 2010.

Every ranked conference champion, plus the next highest ranked teams (AP/Coaches combined) to get to 16 teams.

This year, the Big East, MAC, Sun Belt and C-USA champions wouldn't qualify for the playoffs; but, every conference would get a share of the playoff revenue. Conferences that advanced past the first round would get a larger share. A playoff would generate at least $750 million more than the BCS.

Teams seeded according to ranking with higher ranked teams hosting the first-round games the first Friday and Saturday after Christmas.

Friday, December 31st
16.Oklahoma St. at 1.Auburn*
9.Oklahoma* at 8.Arkansas

13.Nevada* at 4.Wisconsin*
12.Virginia Tech* at 5.Stanford

Saturday, January 1st
14.Missouri at 3.TCU*
11.LSU at 6.Ohio St.

15.Alabama at 2.Oregon*
10.Boise St. at 7.Michigan St.

Saturday, January 8th
Quarter-finals in Orange, Sugar, Fiesta and Rose Bowls

Saturday, January 15th

Saturday, January 22nd

Other bowls could still be played on any day except for playoff days.

Conference Champions not included in playoff

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

The BCS rocks!

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