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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 7 2010 5:00 p.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

The Utes and Broncos get a little love from ESPN and the Yners start calling foul. Can't believe it.

Nice to hear byu fans smack about the 1894... I mean 1984 NC and pre 2000 top 25 finishes to prove their relevance in 2010 though. silly coogs

btw... 2 out of 3 and scoreboard!

South Weber, UT

Scoreboard !!
Utah 3 wins in 6 years 113
BYU vs Utah same 3 games 61

What was the total points the Y scored in their 3 victories ?

AyeAye Captain
Aurora, CO

Can't we all just get along and be happy that Todd Christensen is not announcing the game...THANK HEAVENS.

Alpine, UT

I have opened an escrow account at Zions. Each of you can go there, ask for the TheSpiker fund and they will give you a quarter to buy a sense of humor.

What a bunch of thin skinned people.

BYU is going to the stinky bowl. So what.

95% of the nation thinks that Utah will lose to Boise. So what.

BYU fans (and many Ute fans) come on the article predicting a Ute loss. I don't get it personally. You won't find me posting antagonizing stuff about the U.

I am, after all, a classy BYU fan (ask anybody). I have no problem with rooting for the U in this game. I don't think that U have a chance of winning but I will still root for U.

As to the NM bowl featuring the power house UTEP losing their way into the game and BYU winning their way into the game. It may be the least interesting game in the world but it is interesting to me!

Just a newsflash to you Utes whining about Y posters on your articles ... there are just as many U fans on the Y articles.

Iowa City, IA

The question is: how many times will Herbie mention how Ohio State deserves to be in the NC game?

Oakley, UT

Where to start??? How about BYU fans talking about how bad the teams Utah has played in their bowls are... and have several comment follow it post haste talking about BYU's "Championship". You can't have it both ways... either give Utah Credit for their bowl wins or don't brag about beating a 6-5 team.... More Zoobie hypocrisy!!!

Where to continue??? How about another Utah board with more comments from the haters than those in support!! Now how about a few of you pipe up about how obbsessed we are with your team...... Again.... More Zoobie hypocrisy!!

And to the Non-Zoobie haters.... Im guessing nobody here reads the Idaho Who Cares Press... so proceed... but stil, nobody cares!!! We understand that BSU is all you have to live for and after this game nobody cares about your little school for 8 more months... enjoy it while it lasts!!

Sandy, UT

steve84088... Did you see the part where I said ND was the better team that day? Overrated huh? 10-2. Beat the team - that I would bet is your team - down south. So keep up you're overrated rant... I'm sure you've used that sad excuse over the last several years including the Fiesta and Sugarl Bowl seasons. Any time Utah has a successful season it must mean they're overrated. If that's the case then I'll take overrated, bowl appearances, 10-2, 11-1, 12-0 seasons all day long.

Palo Alto, CA

Boise State junior quarterback Kellen Moore, his family and his coach will take a memorable but jam-packed journey around the country this week.

Moore leaves Wednesday for The Home Depot College Football Awards show at Disney World in Florida. Hell travel to New York City on Friday for the Heisman Trophy ceremony and back to Boise on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Cain and Robles (who is 0 for 1 passing this season), battle it out to determine who will start for Utah in Las Vegas.

Who is ESPN really coming to see in Vegas?



College football seasons are judged as a whole, not by highlights. Utah may have an impressive bowl record, but how many of those teams were really any good?

As much as Utah fans try to bury their heads in the sand and pretend it isn't so, BEING RANKED in the final polls, is a thousand times more important than who you beat.

It doesn't matter if your report card has a couple of A's on it, if it also has a couple of F's, it's still only going to give you a C average.

Final Rankings are the final grade.

Kaysville, UT

So what if we keep bringing up 1984. Where in the world were the yewts back then. Please help me yewt fans .Boise is going to put a beat down on you. Only reason for the announcing team is that boise state is there. Not for you yewts. Chris b really yewts 34 to 21. What world are you living in . Fantasy land i think

working class
Salt Lake City, UT

"It might be better said that your greedy decision to leave for a new conference will raise it's ugly head very soon and the pain brought with it will upset many Utahn's in future years! " Sour grapes to be sure. Utah will have a slow ramp up, but it will be up. Meanwhile BYU will be a Notre Dame wannabe. Yes, Utah is going to get killed on the 23rd, but its up from there. Where is BYU going?

Fresno, CA

And here I thought the bickering over past triumphs would simmer down after the rivalry game.... Instead BOTH BYU and Utah boards are even more filled with it. Oh well....

To my Ute friends:

What do you think about Cain being the QB in Vegas?

(I thought it was pretty selfless of Wynn to step aside and miss out on the chance of playing in this bowl game). It is tough though going into it with a back up. At least he'll get 15 practices of being "the guy" beforehand.

Plus, Nevada has shown us that Boise isn't bullet-proof. What would you like to see your team do to win this game?

Being a BYU Girl, I root for the Utes but only follow them passively. So I would like to hear YOUR thoughts on the upcoming match-up.


I for one thought your The Eldorado High School Video Club comment was hilarious! It was almost as good as the Ute fan from Springville after San Diego talking about Bronco's magic T-shirt and asking why he's been holding out on us. "Why Bronco? Why????" Thanks for the laughs!

Provo, UT

The little cat fights are interesting. One always pauses to chuckle.

This will be a ten-point game. Boise never blows anyone out in a bowl game of this magnitude.

The score will most likely be in the twenties.

Turnovers will determine the final outcome.

Hank Pym

Re: itsajelly | 5:59 p.m. Dec. 7, 2010

ESPN does not give a rats hind end about Utah, and Boise is their little darlings

There is a media man crush on Boise & I cant for the life of me figure out why?

The motivation for the U is great. Unlike tds, Utenation wont use it to play victim and feed a ridiculous persecution complex

Re: Old Timer | 6:05 p.m. Dec. 7, 2010

I'd wish you good luck but luck isn't going to cut it where your headed. It might be better said that your greedy decision to leave for a new conference will raise it's ugly head very soon and the pain brought with it will upset many Utahn's in future years!

A Zoob preaching about greed. Really? When it comes to avarice the utes are the little brother. Starting in 2011, well see who gets exposed and who get positive exposure.

Wally West

Re: hedgehog | 6:13 p.m. Dec. 7, 2010

One a sidenote:

It's just been reported that because of the sheer irrelavaece, there will be NO crew for the New Mexico Bowl.

Irrelevance implied re: BYU. Shocking. Not!

Re: 3grandslams | 6:24 p.m. Dec. 7, 2010
Iowa City, IA

no one really cares about one of the weakest bowl records ever,

I care as do you or you wouldn't have mentioned it. Speaking of apathy; what about playing a mediocre Wolverine team who was running strictly on reputation back in 1984

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