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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 7 2010 5:00 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Nice as they witness another BSU Blowout! Go BSU!

BSU 82
utes 3

One Nil to the Arsenal!
Gilbert, AZ

Great, not only do we have to humiliated by BSU again, but it's going to be televised on National TV. C'mon Ute fans, I know you want to believe that KW can pull another miracle victory off, but this Ute team is nothing like 08'. It's going to be along night. BSU will feast on us....sorry to say. Yahoo sports has 96 % of the country picking Boise in this one. I just hope the Ute's will use that as incentive, and hopefully, just hopefully we can keep it respectful.

I don't want to hear any comments about "Your not a true Ute fan". Because I'm being brutally honest here. "Were in a whole lotta trouble here". Kinda wish I could go to New Mexico and play, what's that team called again...Western Texas? ..........Oh, ya, UTEP. Sorry!


Boise State 56
Utah 17

Fort Worth, Texas

@One Nil to the Arsenal

Get real, I rather lose by 50 than play in New Mexico vs. a 6 win team.

Its postseason shouldn't you be worried about UTEP? After all your program is horrible in the postseason:

Utah 12-3
BYU 10-17-1

Utah 3-1
BYU 2-13-1

Utah 9-2
BYU 8-4

Utah 7-3
BYU 10-13-1

Utah 5-0
BYU 0-4

Walla Walla, WA

Great article except ESPN is not sending their crews to the Utes bowl. They are sending them to the Broncos bowl. ESPN does not give a rats hind end about Utah, and Boise is their little darlings and ESPN is eager to watch Boise destroy the mighty PAC 10.5 bound Utes. Awesome!

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Dear Ewetie football team and fans.

All of you are about to experience what life is going to be like in the PAC 10 or 12 whatever, with your matchup with BSU in Vegas. I'd wish you good luck but luck isn't going to cut it where your headed. It might be better said that your greedy decision to leave for a new conference will raise it's ugly head very soon and the pain brought with it will upset many Utahn's in future years!

Ann Arbor, MI

One a sidenote:

It's just been reported that because of the sheer irrelavaece, there will be NO crew for the New Mexico Bowl.

Get used to it TDS.

Iowa City, IA

This crew is coming to watch the Kellen Moore show.

re:uteology: You're really not that great. Sorry for the news flash, no one really cares about one of the weakest bowl records ever, that includes a win against a worthless Pitt and a deflated, under motivated Alabama. Try winning a bowl game when someone is trying to knock you out of the National Championship.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Re: Uteology

Be careful what you wish for, a 50 point loss is possible.

Also, one stat you failed to mention among BYU's 28 bowl appearances, is a National Championship.

UoU 0

That being said, the Utes have enjoyed a remarkable run in bowl games. They seem to always be prepared and have been a fun team to watch in the post season. They just may give the Broncos a run.

Both BYU and Utah are getting the level of competition they deserve in their bowl games. The Ute's have had a nice season and are being rewarded with a great opponent, and ESPN's elite coverage.

Alpine, UT


"there will be NO crew for the New Mexico Bowl."

Wrong once again! The Eldorado High School Video Club will be doing our broadcast.

Go Cougars!

Pocatello, ID

spiker and hedgehog are funny.

To the hater zoobs--scoreboard, that's all that matters this year.

Orem, UT


Thanks for the history lesson, but when you grade the close wins, blowout losses, opponents, home/away, bowls, night, day, rain, snow, wind, sleet, and every other factor you can possibly think of to try to make the Utes appear better than they really are, the ONLY stat that really matters is FINAL RANKING!

FINAL Top 25 Rankings
BYU 17
Utah 5

Only five of Utah's twelve bowl winning teams were good enough to be ranked in both polls.

Most of Utah's bowl teams wouldn't have even been invited to a bowl in the 70's and 80's because the Utes weren't good enough.

Enjoy the beatdown in Vegas!

Orem, UT

It'll be interesting to see how long the Utes can stay close enough to the Broncos to keep the announcers from getting bored and starting to talk about Auburn vs. Oregon and other upcoming bowls.

Alpine, UT

You conveniently left the MOST important stats off your list Uteology.

Bowl team that finished #1.

Utah 0

Bowl teams that finished in the Top 25.

BYU 16
Utah 5

In 1977, BYU(9-2) finished #16/#20 tied with Arizona State for the WAC championship, but didn't play in a bowl.

Once again, Utah(10-3) is sending another team to a bowl, but the Utes won't finish in the Top 25 unless they manage to stay within two touchdowns of the Broncos.

Washington, DC

Only one comment before the Utah/BYU bashing started.

Agreed with other posters. This is all about Boise St. It's the only reason for ESPN. Sorry for next year when Boise is on the mtn. You'll fade. Maybe not as fast since espn has been on your side.

Salt Lake City, UT

Amazing to see a bowl game story concerning ESPN coverage turn into a U vs BYU comment thread. The U just needs to enjoy the occasion for national exposure and if possible play competitively with BSU. Note it is rated as the # 7 bowl game in the country out of 35 by Sports Ill. Sorry, Y the New Mexico bowl is #33 out of 35.

Palo Alto, CA


Utah versus ranked bowl teams
Utah 3-2

Lost to WSU #15/#17
Lost to USC -/#25
Beat Ariz #20/#20
Beat Pitt #25/-
Beat Bama #6/#6

Only ONE bowl win in Utah history against a team ranked higher than 20th.

It's easy to see why the Utes, despite their over-rated bowl record, hardly ever finish ranked...

which is the true measure of a good season.

btw, BYU would have had another bowl win over a Top 25 team, if the Cougars hadn't DESTROYED then #16/#16 Oregon State so badly in last year's Las Vegas Bowl.

South Jordan, UT

The Utes will win in Vegas. Their defense will be too much for Boise St.

And why do the Ute fans always bring up BYU? Are they involved in this game, or do some people just have some insecurity? I'm glad the two schools will no longer be in the same conference.

Springville, UT

It is very evident that reality is setting in.

Ute frustration is rising exponentially as it becomes very clear that this game could very well be another 'goose egg'.

This game has the potential to be as bad if not worse than the TCU game and now we hear Brent and crew will be here. You Ute fans just better get prepared for the comments.

You think losing to TCU and ND was bad. This time you're going into the game without Wynn (maybe a plus), a previous ranking of #5, the story of going to the PAC-12, and a narrow victory over BYU. I'm sure the ESPN boys will be talking about all of these things and then the question will be said, "Why are the Utes here today?" Then the discussion about the weak MWC will start.

Then there will be plenty of discussion about BYU going independent.

Bet you any amount of money that the ESPN discussion about BYU will be positive and more relevant than the Utes losing to BSU and going to the PAC-12!

Mark it down!!!

Palo Alto, CA

Do the Utes really want to be exposed like this for the third time this year?

Boise State won't call the dogs off like TCU did.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I honestly do hope it is an epic battle for the ages. Really, I do.

Well, okay, there is a part of me that just hopes it's an epic beat down...

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