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Published: Monday, Dec. 6 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Broncos by 50+. Sorry, Utes. You are not worthy.

Lehi, UT

This is gunna be an EPIC beatdown....

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hey Homer Simpson. You'll be just fine with Utep. It's obvious that you're a Y fan and harbor just a bit of resentment. It's ok.

Alexandria, VA

Anytime Coug fans predict that the Utes will lose big, the Utes usually do fairly well. I do think the Utes will lose this game, but I think they will surprise us. Cain presents a different threat than does Wynn...now if he could just throw the ball.

MoTown, CA

Utes by 14....can't wait to make for all the na-says to see the truth.

Layton, UT

Ok Chris B. I am waiting for you to tell what to "mark down"

Richmond, VA

Here's one Cougar fan who's rooting hard for the Utes against the Broncs! I hope they put up a good show and win it for their coach and their fans. I believe in miracles and I think the Utes are very capable of pulling off an upset! Go Utes!!! My cougars will look good if you put up a good show, even better if you win. Again, go Utes! Go Cougs! Win your final games and leave the MWC on a high note! And may the future be bright for both programs!

  • 6:49 a.m. Dec. 7, 2010
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Salt Lake City, UT

This is a huge chance for the Utes to "justify" their season and ranking. They beat up on the six easy teams, went 4-1 against the middle road teams barely beating Pitt and BYU, both of which should have been a far easier home wins, and then got blown out by TCU again at home. Now they have Boise State. Assuming BSU shows up better than Bama did, Utah can show they really are a top 25 team. This is their chance to shine. It would be real nice to leave the MWC by beating the new top dog. This is likely a "stay in the top 25" game. A win keeps them there. A loss, especially if it is like TCU, knocks them out. This is their chance!!

  • 7:02 a.m. Dec. 7, 2010
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Saint George, UT

You guys are read the future so well, you should play the PowerBall.

Utah will have their hands full for sure. But remember the Sugar Bowl. They were playing another angry, disappointed team then too. You just never really know. That's why they line up an play 'em.

Go Utes, Cougs, Frogs, Aztecs, Falcons. Let's win the conference Bowl thing again.

Rigby, Id

The Utes must fix the following problems.
1. More speed in the running game. Use Asiata less and Wide, Dunn and Brooks more. Spread the Broncos out and use our speed guys for the corners and open areas. Asiata is to slow and predictable. He should get half the carries he normally gets.
2.Cain should get his running shoes ready. Bring in more option plays and reverses to keep Boise honest.
3.Trade our offensive coordinators for Boise's. They actually are creative and unpredictable with a game plan that looks like they put more than 10 minutes into it.
4.If we cannot slow down Boise's passing game we do not have one chance in 100 of staying in this game. We must pressure Moore and the corners have to play better and break on the ball quicker and not wait for the pass to be completed before they decide to tackle the receiver. I would rather get beat by Boise with the run than the pass. Mix up the coverages and play 8 guys in the secondary more often. If they play zone they must play a match up zone and stay with the receiver.

Boise, ID

Remember this is the same Boise State team that defeated TCU last year in the Fiesta Bowl. The same TCU team that embarrassed the Utes this season and last.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Yes, we remember Alamaba. However, we also remember your last two games against TCU.

The Smurfs will put a world of hurt on the Utes. The Broncos are the ones that will be playing mad with a chip on their shoulder.

Maybe the Utes should do their black out thing. As in going to their own funeral.

Kearns, UT


Utah was on a roll in 2008, and you cannot say that about this current team. Also, Boise State has something to prove to the Big Dog leaving the conference they will be joining next year--they will play Utah tough. Alabama was disappointed to not be playing in the championship game in 2008, and they played that way. They felt it was an insult to play against one of the BCS busters. They did not prepare for the game. I am not saying that to take away from Utah's win, but it is the truth.

All that said, I will be cheering for the Utes. I think the Boise State fans need to learn what it is like to play in a tougher conference. They may be the second best team in the MWC after Nevada once the two teams join.

Pocatello, ID

History shows the Utes to do very well in the bowl game and BSU to struggle in non-BCS games. I thoroughly expect the Utes to be ready and this to be a very good game.

Utah by 5

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

This should be real fun to watch. Write it down.

Salt Lake City, UT

My heart is with Utah

My sympathies with the Uties wearing rose colored glasses....

But my money is on BSU.....

This will be a kin to McMahon beat down of Utah

I predict 66-0!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Us byu cougers will easily win 12 games next year. We just added the awesome Idaho State for next year and they will be really good so when we beat them that will mean we are better than really good.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I'm happy to oblige.

Let's go over the facts:

1. Boise State was clearly overrated
2. Utah hasn't lost a bowl game since WWII(pretty close)
3. Utah(unlike tds) actually knows how to get up for the biggest games(see 2 BCS wins)
4. Utah(unlike tds) has athletes, not students who pretend to be athletes
5. Whittingham is the best coach in the nation
6. the MUSS
7. Cain can scramble

You ready for this JNA....

Utah 34
Boise 24


Lyman, WY

I would give utah a chance to win this game, but a very small one. Cain isn't good enough to beat Boise St. He will be pressured into making mistakes by a very tough Bronco defense. He was terrible against BYU. While BYU's defense is much improved from the beginning of the year, they aren't as good as Boise St.
BSU 45
utah 21

Midvale, UT

Chris B

1. Utah proved to be the same.
2. With the exception of the last 10 years, Utah pretty much hasn't been to a bowl game since WWII.
3. How did that TCU game for for you?
4. Lets see, a bunch of freshman and sophomores outplayed your athletic juniors and seniors, losing only by a blocked field goal. If that's what you call athletes, I'll take the students.
5. I'm pretty sure Patterson, Peterson, Meyer, and Kelly just to name a few have Coach Whit beat.
6. Yes, Utah does have the MUSS.
7. Cain's going to need to, because he loves throwing those interceptions.

Utah 13
Boise 52

Reality Check. Mark it down!

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