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Published: Saturday, Dec. 4 2010 3:00 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Wow, incredible reporting! I can't believe this happened right here in Utah. It will be interesting to see how the trial goes.

Enoch, Ut

Dear CATS: Thanks for the response.I did find out last night he is the same person.They actually lived in Blanding and may have also lived a while in Monticello as it is only 22 miles north of Blanding and that is where the San Juan County Hospital is where he worked out of when his patients were admitted. My daughter reminded me of her association with one of the girls as they were the same age, and she went to a birthday party at their house.I just could not come to terms that this was the same person. Though I had gut feelings about this guy when he was in Blanding as did some other Blanding folk. There was a big town meeting regarding his medical credentials that supposedly had somehow been lost or some such thing. Not real good on remembering for sure, but what I do remember is the Elementary School cafeteria was packed with people at this meeting. They wanted proof for one that he was indeed a doctor. I cannot recall all that was debated that night, just that some things did not sit well with some folk.

Provo, UT

You can't believe this happened in Utah? I can! No offense, and I'm a devoted LDS member myself, but our culture here is RIPE for this type of behavoir. We need to ALL start being more honest about our behavoir....responsible for our actions. Its becoming an afterthougt to have those qualities here in Utah.

The selfish actions of ONE guy has damaged the lives of so many. We have to stop looking at church membersip as a standard of good...it isn't, and never has been.

BTW, this guy is an embarassment to everybody he's com ein contact with, apparently since his youth. Throw the book at him!

Tooele, UT

@My2Cents: Schizophrenics aren't the cold, calculating types. You're thinking of psycho- or socio-paths.

It's hardly my place to condemn, but I'm shocked at the number of people who say "Not in Utah!" Why not? We rank at the top of the FBI's list for fraudulent schemes regularly. This just shows you that such frauds are not always business-related, or business-limited.

Santa Ana, CA

Not at all complimentary of the PG Police Dept.

Somewhere in the Lower 48, Utah

This indeed would make a great thriller. The reporting was thorough and I appreciated the details. McNeill was working at the BYU Health Center when I went there as a student to be treated. Scary. I feel for the children. I applaud Alexis for refusing to give up. She is not safe if her father is allowed out on to the streets. I don't think anyone in that family is. I don't think any of us are. We are all potential victims. I am sad that the facts were not checked out more thoroughly. I feel for the children and their loss. It sounds like their mother was a really wonderful person. This should be a wake up call to all of us. Sometimes things are not as they appear. I think it is also amazing that there were so many people that experienced that gut feeling that something wasn't quite right. Those feelings are not our own and should probably be given more credence than they are.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Evil people can exist in any environment and they are very good at picking their victims. In the LDS Church most people are honest folks without guile. Evil people often find this as a really comfortable environment for them to deceive others and thrive in their evil.

Please read "People of the Lie" by M. Scott Peck. It is a real eye opener about people who live among us and live double lives of evil while pretending to be upstanding citizens and people of character and virtue. It happens all the time. This guy is clearly one of these people. What makes them evil? I don't know, but true human evil does exist and we need to be on the watch for it.

Sandy, UT

Welcome to UT where it is all too easy to pull the wool over people's eyes. Finally some are getting smart and are doing their homework. I pray for the kids that they can move on and get the help and love they so deserve. I pray for the good people of UT to not be too trusting of those they come in contact with whether it be in church, business or education.

West Jordan, UT

Its scary to think Of Martin MacNeill being the medical director at the Utah State Developmental Center in American Fork. Some of the most vulnerable people in this world live there. I have met the man and seen him in action more than once. He was both charming and odd. Made me nervous to be around him. Glad he is where he is and hope that charges will be filed against him for the allegations concerning his wife's death. Sad, sad story. God be with the children in this situation.

Enoch, Ut

Indeed we are very trusting in Utah and that is why so many are "duped" because of our belief in people. I also think if we belong to a specific group we are inclined to trust people in that circle. I recall in Australia once I got duped by some "people of my faith" simply because they belonged to the church I attended. So therefore, aren't they honest and have integrity as tight as a ship on a maiden voyage? Not so. I learned my lesson at a very young age and I thank God every day for that experience because it taught me, trust is easily misplaced, and though I didn't know him at the time, there are a lot of Martin Mac Neill's out there in the world. Scary Scary thing for trusting souls. We need to go with the gut as a previous comment said. Isn't it sad not to be able to trust completely? I think so and feel for his family.

Sydney, NSW

How very strange. Incompetence is a word that comes to mind. Where is the expected co-ordination and professional expertise? Sadly lacking it would seem.

Provo, UT


I am so shocked to hear of both your losses. Your mother was a treasure of a woman, and Damian was a great guy! My mother taught you some highland dancing early on when you and your sister started and we LOVED your mom with all our hearts. I truly hope your father is brought to justice and you can finally find some peace.

Sandy, utah

Thank you to everyone who is showing support and concern for our family. Your Well Wishes are greatly appreciated!! There is definitely power in numbers. Please tell everyone you come in contact with to follow your lead!


Sisters, OR

The first we heard of this was on Nancy Grace last evening. We hope the family gets justice and finds peace. What happened to the daughter's whom identity was stolen after being sent to the Ukraine?
May God Bless this family always...

Nana of 13
Enoch, Ut

TO: Sisters OR.
In reply to your question as to what happened to Giselle. A family member of mine knows her quite well as she lived next door to her when Giselle was in foster care following Michelle's death. She did get back here to the USA and is now living in another State. She has been through a lot trying to establish things such as, birth date etc., since now with the stolen identity she has 3 birth dates from what I am told. Anyway, what a mess he and this Gypsy put Giselle through, Michelle I might add was a beautiful woman, with grace,and very well cultured. He was certainly smooth and so many were fooled by him, but many were not as well. Sometimes we look at families and may envy them. Then you hear of something like this and realize, all is not necessarily well behind the walls.

Hope Mills, NC

In the true psychiatric cases written of by Dr. M.Scott Peck in his book, "People of the Lie", two common denominators apply to Martin MacNeill:
1. a favorite "hiding place" of evil people is church
because it reinforces their "appearance" of propriety by being associated with those who are authentically striving to live righteous lives and who truly are decent people.
2. Evil people place the highest emphasis on their "appearance" of being perceived by others as decent, honorable, safe, caring and kind all the while planning evil deeds.

lehi, utah

I remember seeing this story on Nancy Grace and being completely appalled. Although I think that Martin MacNeill is innately evil, I just recently had an experience with his co-conspirator, Gypsy Willis that opened my eyes to the entire justice system...This last Friday I found myself being arrested for failure to register my car. It was my first brush with the law and I wasn't able to make bail till the following Sunday. As I walked into the dorm room with my fellow inmates, Gypsy Willis was the first face that I saw. She was kind and lovely and made me feel somewhat at ease in an uncomfortable and surreal situation. Many people may disagree with me, but after spending this short time with her, I believe that she was blinded by her love for this man. Although I do not condone what she may have done with Martin MacNeill, I want people to know what I saw,a beautiful woman who has lost everything because of her actions. A woman who is truly sorry for her involvement in this case. I am truly sorry for what has happened to the MacNeill children.

Mount Pleasant, UT

I'm sitting here shaking my head in disbelief at what this man is getting away with. He's probably making deals at this very time in prison...he is a manipulator, a crazed human being that starves for attention, notoriety and control. My heart absolutely goes out to this family and extended family. Their lives have been altered. I just get chills even thinking about what this guy has done to hundreds of lives through his deceit, fraud and misuse of his authority as a doctor, lawyer, son, husband, father. It's my fervant hope that the remaining members of this family will receive all the help they can and that hopefully some day feel peace and comfort that their Mother is in a better place and that someday they too will be with her again. What a sad story!

Cedar Hills, UT

I can't believe he is not in jail! He killed his wife.

Zoey`s owner
Las Vegas, NV

Alexis Somers, was exactly like her mom elegant, beautiful, smart, caring, loving and wanted justice for her mom. and got it.

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