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Published: Friday, Dec. 3 2010 1:00 p.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

This is like a home game for UTEP.

Look for the Miners to play a gutsy game and beat the cougs to give them a losing record :)

vancouver, wa

WOW! I'm sure every sports lover just can't wait to watch to 6 & 6 teams play.

Salt Lake City, UT

Price has done some great things in El Paso, but I like BYUs chances against UTEP. This game will bring back memories (I grew up in El Paso...and miss the old WAC games).

Farmington, UT

Easy win for the Cougars.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

It will be fun to watch Heaps and company play...


Well, let's get it over with so we can focus on basketball, and look forward to next football season.

Lubbock, TX

So this is the type of Opp. utah usually gets, nice change.

Can't wait for BYUs next home game though, Cougars are going to kill whoever it is.

Red Red Ute
Taylorsville, UT

Wow, couldn't they find a better match-up? BYU should roll in this game. Have fun watching Heaps throw up 60+.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

How can BYU justify the expense of this frivilous bowl game? This will be a money loser for the school and the LDS Church. Who is watching the cost for this game in church headquarters?

Farmington, UT

It's official. There are too many bowl games.

South Jordan, UT

Seriously? I guess thats what happends when you go 6-6 for the year. My only hope is UofU plays bo diddley tech

Alpine, UT

Red Red Ute

I could only dream of Heaps throwing 60+. Anai will have him throw 20 4 yard passes, will run the ball up the middle 3 out of 4 plays and will basically bore the heck out of us.

And before all of the brilliant Ute fans get on talking about how "excited" we are about this game, get a life. You know that we have simply accepted this as an opportunity to continue practicing and getting more experiance for a very young team.

No one is interested in this match-up (except for the so called "Ute Fans" that spend their time hating the Y and booing their own quarterback).

It's a now win situation for us, but we'll make the best of it.

Layton, UT

as a Ute fan I'll I can say is - good luck to the Cougars.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

The money doesn't matter. BYU's football revenue is going to quadruple next year anyway. This is about having another chance for BYU to play and chalking up another win on the scoreboard.

UTEP has enough ability to pull an upset over the Cougars. Even with the same records, though, BYU is easily a favorite in this game. This game is more mental for BYU. If they go in ready to play and play tough, then BYU takes care of business easily.

Lehi, Utah

"So this is the type of Opp. utah usually gets, nice change."

What is it with BYU fans and their Utah obsession? Yeah, UTEP and Alabama are so alike, I can see how a Cougar fan would make that mistake.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Oh yeah, and hopefully Utah actually gets a Pac-10 opponent in the Las Vegas Bowl. There are only 3 bowl eligible Pac-10 teams this year. They could end up playing some random Non-AQ team themselves.

Idaho Falls, ID

RE: Dixie Dan
BYU will do just fine and the expense is offset by the value of qualifying for a bowl game in a rebuilding year. I think it will be a money maker in the long run.

Surfers Paradise, AU

I remember when UTEP beat BYU in 85 in El Paso which became known as "wire-tap gate". I think they had the coaches box wire-tapped and knew the plays they were going to run.

Or Bosco just played like crap...one or the other.

Layton, UT

The church doesn't pay, the football program is pretty self sufficient and the payout is around 700K so I think everything will be alright.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Given that ASU won last night to put them to 6-6, and if UW wins tomorrow, they also will be 6-6. The Pac10 ties for the vegas bowl may pit Utah against ASU, or UW.

Little bit different than having Nevada or BSU as an opponent. We're sure that U fan will spin it as a positive to play against future members of their conference.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

The excitement about this bowl is that it is the first bowl game of the season. Yes, there are too many bowls. Only TCU should be going to a bowl from the MWC because they are the confernece champions. Utah and BYU have been major disappointments.

Its going to be interesting to hear who the Utes get. The best case scenario has Boise State or Nevada. The worse case scenarios are all just as exciting as Utep is.

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