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Published: Thursday, Dec. 2 2010 7:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Mitchell obviously has something wrong with his mental functions. But he is a very dangerous man who should be isolated and prevented from harming others or negatively influencing other people (like he did with Barzee).

And it seems unlikely that a mental hospital would be able to do anything with him, with his uncooperative attitude.

If he ever walks free again he is going to be a danger to society, no matter what they call his mental state.

the boonies, mexico

Mitchell is a "PHONY" as is his defense attorneys, throw them all in prison or physcological cages!

Kimball Woodruff
Salt Lake City, UT

Why are these self-proclaimed prophets so often pedofiles?

Florissant, MO

So are Warren Jeff's and Mitchell the same mentally, how does it differ? They are both sick men who use religion to prey on young girls. Nothing more.

Charlottesville, VA

I, for one, think Mitchell might actually be delusional. Fakers don't pull handcarts across California, relinquish modern life to live in a camp in the hills, wear robes and grow out a beard, and in every other manner completely adopt the appearance of a religious fanatic for *years* before the commission of the crime, all for the purpose of constructing an insanity defense just in case he gets caught, so that he can be sent to a mental institution and forcibly medicated rather than incarcerated. Mitchell may have known that what he was doing was wrong when he abused Smart, but I can't imagine that his entire life for decades has been a carefully constructed ruse.

Provo, UT

DeMier: "Except for their delusional belief, they're hard to distinguish from everybody else."

I'm fine with saying Mitchell is delusional. But to claim that this "disorder" (whatever) somehow means he is not responsible for his actions, is just wrong. Lots of otherwise "normal" people have wacky, implausible ideas--delusions. And they must learn to deal with them.

I really don't care whether Mitchell is forced to take anti-psychotic medications and locked up in a hospital, or locked up in jail as long as he never has the opportunity to walk the streets and introduce his delusional ideas to my daughters.

American Fork, UT

There is no question that Mitchell is mentally ill. When one takes into account anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders; 20-30 percent of adults are mentally ill. The important point is that he is guilty of serious crimes. The good doctor said that paranoid schizophrenics and those with delusional disorders can "hold jobs, drive cars and take care of personal hygiene". I say they can also go to prison.

South Jordan, UT

Let's see: the "doctor" spent five hours interviewing the rapist. Elizabeth spent nine months being abused by him.

Who do you think knows Mitchell better???

Sandy, UT

I think the Dr. is delusional!

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

I disagree with the Doctor. While I do not think that Mr. Mitchell is the Davidic King, I do not see why it is not possible.

Saratoga, UT

Delusional - no doubt. But is he not guilty by reason of insanity - no. He does know right from wrong and does not dispute the facts of what happened. All of the rest the good doctor said does not excuse the guilt or remove the need for Mitchell to be locked away.

South Jordan, UT

that's what happens when they have a psychologist try and play pretend doctor..

not saying you won't find some "for-hire" psychiatrist out there - but at least then they'll have an actually medical background.

Mcallen, TX

People in our society who suffers from bizarre delusions:

1. Defense lawyers believing Mitchell did'nt know what he was doing.
2. Political leaders who mismanage tax money.
3. Educators who believe standardized tests is good for learning.
4. Citizens who believe our taxes will not go up a single dime.
5. Businesses who believe Season Greetings should replace Merry Christmas.

Are we being infested with bizarre delusions?

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

I would point out, not that it will help all that much, that this is a federal trial. Some people speak of it as if it is a state trial.

The prosecution is the U.S. attorney's office and if any attorney general ever made a decision about it (which I highly doubt) it was either Gonzalez or Holder, not Shurtleff.

At times it saddens me how few people understand the differences in federal and state courts, federal and state laws, federal and state prosecution and so on.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Combining words and making up new ones is a sign of schizophrenia?

Actually knowing the arrogance and elitishness of some in the psychiatric "profession" it would not surprise me is this "Dr." would have claimed that Palin's use of the term refudiate showed she had mental illness.

This is the problems with this "doctor"'s amorphouse definition of delusions. They are built around a set of non-unique behaviors.

They also need to be understood within the social and religious context of the person involved. The problem is that "Dr." DeMeir does not understnad even the basic Mormon social context, let alone the context of Bo Gritz extremism.

It is convient for this doctor and many of his elitist allies to speak of the "God delusion" and write off all religious belief as at heart disordered.

However, do we want to go from punishing criminals to "treating" all their actions as disordered. The fear in Mitchell's case is if he is given to these "experts" how long will it take him to be "cured" and set free.

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