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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 1 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Not sure what Wynn is basing his rediscovered confidence on. He talked like this after the TCU game, only to get destroyed by Notre Dame a week later. Jordan talks a good game, but his on field performance says otherwise.

Utah is in big trouble heading into the PAC 12 if the Utes have to rely on Wynn.

Salt Lake City, ut

He still is a really good qb but he does need to learn more this off season. People are way to quick to write Wynn off, he still is developing. He still for the most part can win games, he helped in all ten wins this year. He is smart kid and bandwagon fans will of course try to blame him which to you its a team sport not one person can take the blame. Keep your head up, prove all these doubters wrong with a big bowl win.

Pocatello, ID

I think Wynn can get it done. Given that he is a true sophmore, with a good coaching staff, I have confidence that he will really start hitting his stride next year, and be a stud for the remainder of his career.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

Wynn will be just fine. Two things happened to Wynn in the second half of the BYU game: Cain threw two interceptions in two series, which took all of the pressure off of Wynn to perform. His play improved. The second is a biproduct of the first: Wynn stayed in the pocket, got drilled, and completed a pass for a first down on 3rd down. The best part, he got up and completed another pass on the next play. This are confidence boosting events for a quarterback.

Wynn is a competitor. All competitors cannot wait to get back on the field to overcome poor performances. He is fragile, but it falls on the coaches to limit the situations that put his psyche in a bad spot. He will get back on the field and perform well enough to win games.

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Murray, UT

I think most of the blame for the end of season stumble the Utes had rests squarely on the coaching staff. When your QB is struggling or your entire offense for that matter, the coaches need to put them in situations that feed off each other, to regain momentum and confidence. The Notre Dame game they went for it twice on 4th down and twice came up empty. If you convert the down it's big. If you fail it's even bigger. With your team struggling you take what you can get and keep building the momentum. Instead the coaches went for it came away with nothing! Give Wynn the help to play through and out of the tough spots. Don't add to the frustration with poor play calling. GO WYNN! GO UTES!

Visalia, CA

He's no Jake Heaps, that's for sure. Unfortunately for the yewts, wynn needs to get much better for them to compete for a division championship in the Pac-12.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU#1 = Excuse us Utes fans if we dont get all gaga over a 228 yard performance that resulted in 1 TD that was a 19 yard drive due to a turnover.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU fans couldn't care less whether Utah fans get gaga over Heaps because BYU fans have seen the marked improvement in Heaps and the rest of the BYU offense during the 2nd half of the season; that bodes well and has BYU fans excited for next season.

Can Utah fans honestly say the same thing about Wynn?

Orem, UT

Wynn will never be a great QB. Sorry dude, you don't have "IT".

Ute Fans...we don't care what you think. You won't ever beat BYU again.

Payson, UT

"That's when I was young and stupid. Now I'm old and stupid," he said. "So we'll just leave that on the back burner."

Gotta love our down to earth and humble coach.

Truth is, a bcs bowl is always more welcome than playing in las vegas, so even though he spoke the truth, he realized it was not PC. Notice he didn´t apologize or say it was incorrect.

Wynn can get it done, and we hope he does. Cain made some really bad decisions, but it wasn´t fair to run plays with him throwing the ball downfield on the first set of downs. Of course he isn´t going to hit his target. No one does.

Wynn needs to keep the passing game to the 5 - 15 yard range with only a very occasional deep throw, just to keep the defense honest.


Trabuco Canyon, CA

@ CWEB You are right "The Utes won't beat Byu again", Until September. When the Cewgs will start out the 2011 season by losing the first three games.
Oh no more Y'ning to come next year.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Yeah Jordan Wynn really played well after he got benched in the BYU game. He has every reason to have more confidence after that...

I mean the underthrown pass that Christopher made a great play on and the pick to Brandon Bradley with the ensuing handoffs for a TD sure were amazing. He really won them that game.

Lets face it, Utah won inspite of poor quarterback play not because of anything Wynn did.

He has a lot to improve if the Utes are going to win in the PAC

Meridian, ID

Jordan's new found confidence doesn't make too many Ute fans feel warm and fuzzy. I really didn't see the kid imporve much from game 1 to game 12.

The OC needs some serious work too.

Iowa City, IA

I think Wynn and the Utes will be just fine. If anything, he'll likely play better not having to worry about Cain coming in to replace him.

What the Utes need is to rely on is the running game early and often; something they seemed to abandon in the TCU and ND games, as well as the first half of BYU.

Surfers Paradise, AU

@Ello, Utah would know a lot about scoring points off turnovers...which is exactly how ALL Utahs points came on saturday.

Would you be good enough to point out how many drives over 50 yards the U had? How many 1st downs in the 1st 3 quarters were accomplished?

You may not want to talk about points off turnovers since it hurts your position.

Salt Lake City, ut

What Wynn needs to do is stop buying into the hype that his confidence is shot. He also needs to use the spread offense to his advantage. Utah QB's are not the typical stay in the pocket go for 50 short passes a game we all know who runs that offense. The spread option offense allows the QB to run and gun. Thats why both Alex Smith and Brian Johnson were so effective they could scramble, they also ran the option extremely well. Wynn still struggles with this but the kid is a hard worker he will try to improve.
My dear tds fans why do you even waste your time to post some of the stuff you do. Really does anyone who is a Ute fan care about what your qb does. You act so insecure like you have to prove your point to us when we dont care! The kid needs to serve a mission thats more important than football anyways. Thats why lds kids go to byu in the first place. Try to argue against that please it will be funny.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Let's give the credit where the credit is due. Jordan Wynn is a good quarterback. He struggled because he was playing against a solid BYU defense. Instead of ripping on the future of your program, Utah fans, why not give BYU some credit?

South Jordan, UT

Cougar Claws we will only get that from true sports fans. So lets not hold our breath since thaer are only what a few of those that are not bandwagoners. if the U starts losing in the pac whatever how many fans will jump ship

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

"does anyone who is a Ute fan care about what your qb does?"-Utes 21

It sure seems like it based on the comments from Ute fans on every article about Jake Heaps.

Also missions are more important than football so I won't argue against that point, but I will say that I will support the Cougars and Jake Heaps no matter what decision he makes. I still support Harvery Unga. No one is perfect and I try hard not to judge them based on anything more than their football play.

Salt Lake City, ut

I give credit where its due byu's D did come to play but both teams play there best against each other. Yes Heaps is good but has a long time to go same with Wynn. There are bandwagon fans on both sides who think the solution is get rid of the person. That doesnt work my only advice dont hate the player hate the game.

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