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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 1 2010 6:00 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

That would be a cool match-up. I heard the Utes might be playing Toledo, Temple or some other MAC team. I hope the radio guys are wrong because those match-ups aren't appealing but Boise State would be great (except for them, going to the Rose Bowl millions or even the National Title game, to the Vegas Bowl as a consolation prize).

Albuquerque, NM

As much as I love my Utes, they'd better be ready or its going to turn into another TCU/Notre Dame beat down!!! I know they are very capable and much better than their recent sub par play. Coaching staff better figure it out fast! They got Boise in two weeks and Pac-12 summertime of next year. Boise St is well coached and have superior athletes. Coach Petersen is an outstanding coach with the ability to see/evaluate great talent in players who are not considered "4 or 5 star" recruits. Obviously that star system is flawed because some people don't rate or assess high school athletes very well. All I can is, go UTES!

Orem, UT

Utah's bowl winning streak ends the moment Boise State accepts a bid to the Las Vegas Bowl.

Mesa, AZ

This would be ugly for the Utes. The embarrassment would take years to overcome........

Orem, UT

@CG I disagree. The Utes match up really well with Boise State and Whittingham's penchant for preparing his teams for Bowl games gives them the edge.

I think it would be a great match up and I would probably watch it and I don't watch much of the Utes.

Utah 42
BYU 38

Salt Lake City, UT

"The Utes match up really well with Boise State and Whittingham's penchant for preparing his teams for Bowl games gives them the edge."

Obviously you haven't watched the Utes or the Broncos much this year.

Boise State would destroy the Utes.

The myth of Whittingham always preparing his teams for bowls would be disproven just like the myth of him always winning the big games was disproven against TCU.

Utah was vastly over-rated after their first 8 games. The real Utah team was exposed the last month.

42 points against BSU?

Utah would be lucky to score 10 points against the Broncos.

Las Animas, CO

If the Utes play either Boise State or Nevada it will have to play a lot better than it did against ND and TCU.

I could almost see the MWC wanting to see the incoming Boise State pound the outgoing Utes to boost its conference status and punish Utah.

And Nevada, a future MWC, is as tough as Boise State this year. Saw them pound California earlier in the season.

It seems there are some very tough teams at the top of the pyramid this year and an awful lot of poor teams and Utah had a strange season, pounding weak teams but also defeating good mid-level teams like Pittsburgh and Iowa State, AF.

I'm a Ute almuni but after watching them outplayed so badly in its two must win games (but then the last two became must win too) I wonder if they should get some relief from their PAC 12 schedule by scheduling Harvard and Yale for patsy games.

But in three or four years I hope the Utes will then be reloaded with some terrific West Coast talent.

For now, I hope Nevada and Boise State go bowling not in Las Vegas. Still, go Utes!

Iowa City, IA

If Boise accepts...goodbye Utah bowl streak, with a thud.

BYU still rules
Nephi, UT

Wow, the Utes match up well with Boise State how? This would be another TCU like blowout. Here's hoping it happens.

Logan, UT

I wonder if Ute fans will clap "overrated" at any point between now and the Vegas Bowl if Boise St. is the opponent.

Provo, UT

I hope it is BSU. They would take the utes to the woodshed worse then the combined score of the of what TCU and ND did!

Come on Vegas Bowl committee invite BSU!

BSU: 82
utes: 3

Washington, DC

Boise state would be bad for the Utes. I don't think TCU exposed the Utes, but rather the Utes had a major meltdown that it is still recovering from. I don't know what exactly happened (TCU made it worse) but the Utes better get it together if they are going to play Boise or Nevada.

Sandy, UT

it would be a great match-up but i think the broncos would win.

Logan, UT

Apparently some of you haven't been watching the Utes play football lately. News Flash: They're not a very good team this year. Utah got lucky and beat a very young BYU team on Saturday. Boise State would beat Utah in every aspect of the game.

BSU 45

Kanab, UT

This has got to be a joke. If Boise play the Utes they might as well not waste the money to put it on TV Boise will roll Utah by probably 50 points.

Maricopa, AZ

I wish they'd mix up to match ups a little.
Instead of the TCU vs BSU and now Utah vs BSU which would be a train wreck for Utah and everyone knows it, and I love Utah football, but come on..
I'd rather see BSU get matched up with a Florida State
or OK or Stanford or ?
Then put Utah up against Arizona or Virgina Tech.
At least we all get an idea as to the upper crust and the middle crust of college football instead of always going up against teams within the same groups of teams they play all year.

Omaha, NE

Come on guys, the Eat Mac 'N Cheese to Fulfill Your Hunger Bowl wants Boise. Didn't you read the article? Either way, it will be hard to find an opponent the quality BYU has played lately. It's tough to find better local competition than Oregon and Oregon State.

Go Utes, CA

I think Utah could give Boise State or Nevada a good game if Wynn plays well. If Wynn plays like he did against TCU, Notre Dame, and BYU, then it would get ugly fast.

Midvale, UT

It's ok UteMiguel. If Wynn plays terrible, just switch to Cain. Most Ute fans were cheering for him to be the quarterback anyway, right?

Lehi, UT

I find it amusing that for the past few years, the ute fans have made non-stop fun of BYU for being relegated to the lowly Las Vegas Bowl. There has been NO mercy. Now,"the best team ever",6th dropped to 20th ranked utes are going to none other than the lowly Las Vegas Bowl! I mean, that's gotta be so hard for fans to swallow after all the years of trash talking. It's even more embarrassing that the Las Vegas Bowl is supposed to get the MWC champion. No MWC champions here. Just a team that couldn't cut it with the Big Boys. Poetic justice at it's finest.

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