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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 30 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

I've got a better one: "The luck of it all"...

1)Ball takes a crazy bounce after a shanked punt by Utah, hits a BYU defender running away from it...

2)Two plays later, Brandon Bradley intercepts the ball for BYU to run out the clock and win the game...instead, one of the most terrible calls I can think of when his knee was clearly down (IMO that the MWC refs were simply making a make-up call from the SDSU game...)

3)Utah throws a bomb the bounces off a BYU player into Utah's hands for a TD

4)Then the blocked kick...which was a great play, no question, for the win. The sad thing for BYU was that all of that transpired in the last 6 minutes, when they clearly dominated Utah's so-called awesome offense...

Call me a Y-ner? Ok, go ahead, I guess it due BYU fandom since they've been on the receiving end of close victories for years: 1998, 2000, 2001, 2006, 2007 and 2009. I can certainly understand Utah's excitement to eek out a miracle, that was gift wrapped by BYU's youth...

Salt Lake City, UT

MichiganCoog, I'm a BYU fan and I'm going to pass on a bit of advice from a classy Mormon -- Eric Weddle


"On the game's final play, the crimson captain was on the opposite side of the end zone when he saw Beck float his unforgettable pass to Harline. Suddenly it was all over. Utah had lost and Weddle was crushed.

"To lose like that I didn't get over that loss for weeks just thinking about it " Weddle said. "But sometimes you got to be the bigger man."
Weddle said his father Steve taught him to respect his opponent and treat the game right. You always congratulate your opponent and never make excuses for a loss, Weddle said.

So when Weddle saw Beck after the game, he was moved to say something and he didn't care what others might think.

"For whatever reason, I felt it in me to go up to him and say, 'Hey man, I feel horrible right now, but I am happy for you,'" Weddle said."


Congratulations, Utes. You battled until the very last play. This year things went your way. Thanks for the entertainment. Can't wait until next year.



Since you went there by bringing up the BYU fumble against SDSU....

The review of Bradley's fumble on Saturday was a bad call. His knee was down. But it was the SECOND worst review - the fumble in the SDSU game was worse.

I can't believe that the MWC officials have been waiting to drop their "makeup call" on BYU for half of the season. That's a pretty laughable theory. Why can't it just be human error?

Both teams played hard from start to finish. Both defenses played extremely well. Heaps came up big in his first rivalry game. But two very athletic plays - Christopher's TD catch and Burton's block, and two big breaks - the shanked punt and the Bradley fumble, were just enough to get Utah the win.

Now, does anyone want to bet me that the Utah-BYU game next fall won't be decided by fewer than 7 points?

Riverton, UT

The irony of the block is that Utah's coaches noticed a weakness at the edge of BYU's field goal execution but the BYU coaches didn't seem to have a clue. That was a great block...BYU fans know the feeling...good luck to the Utes in the PAC 12.

Santa Monica, CA

Hey Sportzfan, thank you for straightening Michigan Coog out via Eric Weddle, who isn't just a classy "Mormon" as you call him--but a Ute great. I still can't stop watching my TIVO replays of the last minutes of this game. Ugly at times? Yes. Both teams lucky and unlucky at times? Yes. But in the end--a flat out classic that will be talked about for decades.

Magic Happens
Kaysville, UT

Re: MichiganCoog.

Really, is this all you got. You sound like a high school student trying to justify the outcome. Yes BYU lost out on a controversial call but SDSU suffered the same to BYU on the same call. Karma works things out. I expect we will hear this same drivel forever from a snall minority of BYU fans like yourself. You just don't seem to be able to let the past go. You should spend your energy focusing on BYU's future. It looks bright. After all you have a good quarterback, a couple of talented freshman with him and a coach who most BYU fans seems to believe in. Oh and one other thing (sarcasm at your expense) BYU can schedule who they play in the future. That should mean that Holmoe and Mendenhall can schedule success, right! I actually hope that independence works out for BYU. I also hope the PAC12 move works out for the Utes. It should, after all Magic Happens!

Salt Lake City, UT

Do not look at the front page picture of the Utah Daily Chronicle for Monday Nov. 29th. It will only mean having to explain yet another lucky break for Utah. You be the referee.

Magna, UT

From my perspective as a BYU fan, I thought the game was ugly for Utah too, starting with Wynn tripping over his own feet on the first series.

The problem with this article is, Bill Riley is a Utah Homer and is not capable of unbiased reporting.

In the fourth quarter Utah was able to cash in on some really crazy plays that went their way and I will give full credit to Utah for the win on the last play, but Bill, please step out of your booth at RES before you write another article.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Hey magic happens,

Surely you wouldn't be one of those hypocritical self righteous holier than thou yewts who think San Diego should have beat byu right?

Surely you didn't throw a hissy fit on these comment boards or to your byu colleagues about how unfair and byu SDSU game was and how byu didn't really win right?

No, you yewties would never be so self righteous and hypocritical. Never.

Sandy, UT

For the record, I am Utah alumni and an avid sports fan. I used to love listening to KALL 700 until Bill Marcoft turned the station into Utes Homer Central and the blinder wearing has continued ever since.

Bill Riley's choice of words (beneficial) to describe the blown Instant Replay call is Classic KALL 700 Homerism. The blocked field goal kick was amazing, and we will talk about it for years, however the failures of the Mountain West Conference to properly officiate the Instant Replay in this game has taken all the joy out of the win. There is no ability for us Utes to gloat over this game because The Block still would not have won the game had The Call been made properly.

Thank goodness for 1280 The Zone radio. Fair and balanced Utah sports talk without all the whining about officials or player mistakes or BYU this-or-that.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

byu has never gotten lucky in any games. Ever.
The fumble against SDSU wasn't a fumble.
byu couldn't have shut-out Utah in the 4th quarter, it was fate.
byu couldn't have gone for a FG earlier in the game, instead they went for it on 4th.
byu's play calling was perfect, even though they couldn't run on Utah, they had to keep trying.
zoobs: keep blaming the loss on the fact that the replay official did his job correctly, there was no proof to overturn the call on the field.
keep up the delusion in independence. Those Aggies from New Mexico State should provide a great game for you.

Salt Lake city, UT

i agree with all the people that have come on and said coulda, shoulda, woulda, etc... if a missed call from the officials costs you the game then you should go back and look at other blown opportunities that you never converted. did utah get some lucky breaks? yeah, they did but byu didn't do themselves any favors with a blown 4th down and three other turnovers added to bradley's. also, i don't think you'll hear bronco blame the game on the officials, it's not like him. he would drop a statement containing the word "execution" 4 or 5 times.

all i'm trying to say is byu had the chances, but utah played opportunistic ball. and though it will kill some of the Y faithful to listen to the U gloating for a year, that's sports.

pretty sure stanford fans are still bugged about "the play" and usc fans still say that vince young's knee was down but again, that's sports.

Ogden, UT

I really detest it when sports writers and broadcaster insist on calling a game ugly or pretty.

The only adjective that should indicate the measure of a good game is if the athletes gave it their best effort.

With that criterion, Utah qualifies for having a great game, even an outstanding one.

Likewise, with that criterion, BYU also qualifies for a great and even outstanding game.

With that measure of the "goodness" or "badness" of a game, even the fans in the stadium qualify for great.

It's ridiculous for you media guys to insist on judging the "prettiness" or the "ugliness" of competition on the field or court.

Who cares about your silly-minded label?

Were the fans who saw the game impressed with the athletes' performance in trying to win?

That's all that counts and makes a competitive, good game.

Rock Hill, SC

Who was it that recently said One play can't lose a game, but one play can win a game?

Poor officiating always happens - part of the game, but to single it out as the one play and one reason the Zoobs lost is rediculous.

Butters said it well - what about all the dumb, dumb, dumb coaching decisions by BM? He won't criticize the officials since he is the one who really lost the game.

Sandy, UT

y grad/ y dad. whitt is 58-19 (including fiesta bowl officially credited to him) bronco is 55-21.

Salt Lake City, UT


And Greg Wrubell and Dick Harmon aren't homers? I know that if I read Wrubell or Harmon I'm getting a slanted view.... same as reading Bill Riley. The DNEWS wants that view. If you don't like it, don't read it. It's a no brainer. Really. It's not that hard to figure out.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Block was a classic moment that will long be
remembered, with that I agree.

I love some of the things the Ute special teams have done this year, but how many blocked punts, for example, should occur in one season? Still, for Mr. Riley to call Coach Hill an unsung hero is alright.

I'm OK with pointing out a few plays that are important. Many games come down to a play or two.

Calling the officiating on a particular play "beneficial," however, seems silly to me, even in an editorial.

Officiating calls are not "beneficial" or "harmful." They are what they are. Officials do the best they can.

Calls happen in every football game. It's part of the game. You play around them.

Anybody who has watched the Rivalry for a while can cite chapter and verse on when calls, even ones that would supposedly change the outcome of a game, went this way or that way.

So what? Get over it.

I wish BYU the best in its stab at being independent. I predict it will be temporary.

I wish Utah the best in the PAC 12. It will be interesting.

Long live the Rivalry!

Pocatello, ID

To my fellow Ute fans.

Twas truly a glorious day on Saturday. Let the BYU fans say what they will. We have scoreboard, and that's all that matter.

Go Utes

Cedar Hills, UT

I think this was a well written article from someone who called the game from the Utah side.

btw... Riles is not a "homer" by any stretch of the imagination. He is from Kansas and people are way more critical that he is too objective almost to be a "voice" of a team.

Rubell on the other hand.... is a "homer" by all definitions. Just go take a look at his article and you can just soak in the Yine.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


You're right that byu definitely had their chances to win even with the one call.

But to dismiss it as "one play" and "poor officiating always happens" is rIdiculous(you perhaps should have gone to English class this past semester).

What is rIdiculous has been you watch you yewties throw a fit better than my 3 year old daughter ever has after the San Diego game and then dismiss what happened as just "part of the game" after this game.

Typical self righteous hypocrisy from the little yewties.

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