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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 30 2010 6:00 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

Class B and Class C misdemeaners mean absolutely nothing among the illegal population. Heck, they're committing a few misdeamers just to come here! This bill does nothing to deter illegal immigration--it does nothing to make it "difficult to live in the shadows" in Utah.

The only difference between status quo and the passing of this bill is asking illegals to carry a work permit or they'll get a spanking.

Businesses aren't encouraged to pursue this work permit. Heck, businesses will still prefer to avoid this permit, and do business under the table. So who will pursue a work permit? Very few. This is a miserable failure of thought.

Salt Lake City, UT

This, and any other attempts to legislate illegal activity should be rejected. Shame on community leaders who won't stand up for what's legal, and right.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Bad, very bad idea.

This is a back door amnesty scheme, where illegals get a card to show they are "an approved illegal" immigrant.

I hope the legislature rejects this plan and instead votes for Rep. Steve Sandstrom's bill to help enforce our border security and immigration laws.

Legal immigrants are welcome, but illegals are not!

Provo, UT

Rep. Steve Sandstrom's bill is the way to go. Tell your Legislator you expect him/her to support Sandstrom or they will be voted out of office. Let's clean up the Illegal problem now and put Americans back to work.


The Federal government already has a guest worker program. A business has to sponsor them, and prove to the government that no Americans will do the job.

State laws cannot exceed Federal laws. Arizona's law was a mirror of existing Federal laws (that are not enforced).

This law exceeds Federal law by bypassing the requirements of guest worker program.

With all the complaining about immigration being Federal responsibility, how can they change their stand so completely?

A person who comes here illegally and work, commits a felony. Will this just count the illegal activity in their old country?

Sandy, UT

OK Deseret News, so you won't print all of my comments, maybe you'll print part of them now that the story is 7 hours old, and you're about to 'pull' the story anyway!
"Illegal immigrants would have to obtain a state-issued permit..."!! What part of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT is it that you don't understand?
Sorry, but this is absolutely ridiculous. First they say we shouldn't be making any laws that the Federal Government is supposed (?) to be in charge of, now they want us to accept the fact that they're here illegally and that we should give them a State Permit to remain here illegally!
You want "accountability" Robles? Have those here illegally be accountable for their illegal actions by sending them back to their homeland and families.

Kearns, UT

Very bad and unconstitutional idea that will never fly. Utah nor any state can grant permissions or legalize illegal aliens or give illegal aliens an ID or permit them to be in this country. Only the federal government can't grant permission and give green cards to foreign nationals. This state legislation is way out of line even considering this act of defiance to federal immigration laws.

The state can fine and act on business that violate labor laws and employ illegal aliens and should act to enforce laws employers are violating. In violating federal labor laws, these employers are also committing tax fraud and evasion, which the legislators should be very concerned about. Billions of taxable dollars are being funneled out of the country and past taxation by collusion with illegal alien employees and the employers.

Want to balance the state budget, tax employers and illegal aliens.

Kearns, UT

I don't think the Utah legislator is allowed to grant work permits for the Taliban or any other criminal in this country. That is a violation of immigrtaion laws. Besides, an 'illegal immigrant' is not a legal connotation, its a deceptive description of illegal foreign national.

You cannot be an illegal alien and an immigrant, its impossible with out laws. An immigrant is documented, an illegal alien occupying, looting, and pilfering this country is not an immigrant. They are a criminal economic terrorist, something that immigration laws are supposed to prevent.

So if the legislators wake up and read the current laws they will drop this green card from the state proposals. However, punishing and criminalizing employer violations of federal labor and immigration laws is permissible.

C. Darwin
Sandy, UT

Why are our elected officials even considering laws to aid and abet illegals? Giving legal sanction to aliens who invade our country is immoral. Sen. Robles, do the right thing and scrap this lame attempt to subvert the laws of the land. Maybe, you can explain your ulterior motives in this legislation.

Layton, UT

This article outlines a worthy legal compromise. Regardless of our citizenship, we all need some form of ID to work and drive in the state. This would make the illegal problem more manageable and allow law enforcement the ability to distinguish between those maliciously attempting to circumvent the law and those who have lawful intent.

It would save our state and country a lot of expense to legalize this workforce, rather than go through the costly and overtly destructive effort of extracting them from the population. Give the illegal immigrants of the state a legal course of action. Help them come out of the shadows, and let's stop blaming other groups--but allow each individual a chance to take responsibility for their status.

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Murray, UT

In the history of bad ideas this one takes the prize. It is nothing less than saying " here is a permit to break the law and we will look the other way". Robles and others are living in denial about illegal immigration, it is what it is,,, breaking the law to the detriment of others. Granting permission to an illegal to take a job legally from a legal resident is an outrageous concept, they couldn't possibly have thought about this one longer than about five minutes. The Sandstrom bill is the answer, come here legally or stay home.

Home Town USA, UT

What makes these legislators promoting this think the immigrants will actually be honest and register for this "program."

This is still a veil to get around their illegal status and stay in the United States of America. This idea is like a sieve, or Swiss cheese. It has holes in it.

Sandstrom's bill has the right idea. Any other kind of this type is unacceptable.

The new (suggestion) here does not change anything one IOTA. The illegals work here still and why do they need our permission to register and still be illegal? Makes NO sense.

This is one of those 'spinning your wheels' kind of legislation effort. No traction to this idea.

Cortez, CO

Would not a criminal background check reveal that they have crossed an international border illegally, and therefore are required to be deported ASAP?

Magna, UT

I look forward to the federal lawsuit, complete with Mexico's input, if this law passes - as it clearly overrides federal law.

But, anyone wanna bet that such a lawsuit would never happen?

Why? Because this is the type of law that Obama would clearly like to see as a way to grant amnesty to millions and thus encourage millions more to come here illegally.

And, I am confused, wasn't Robles elected by her constituents to represent them? She sure seems to be going out of her way to represent illegals while ignoring the people who elected her.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

this IS amnesty by another name, and it stinks!

those illegals who chose to ignore it (should it pass) will STILL remain in the shadows - that's how they've always lived and there is no real incentive for them to do otherwise.

this flawed proposal ENCOURAGES employers and illegals alike to CONTINUE to violate federal laws.

It's a bad, bad, bad, bad proposal.

Roosevelt, UT

I wonder if the authors of the bill even thught of other people besides Mexicans.

This bill makes it easy for Canadians and people from the UK to come, pass the english part of the exam get a job and they are in the country for ever.

Colorado Springs, CO

Immoral, aiding and abetting, blah, blah, blah. Think about how we obtained this country in the first place.


No amnesty!

jim l
West Jordan, UT

We need jobs for american citizens. We dont need amnesty. We need the illegals gone and not bleeding the system dry.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is not amnesty, it's taking responsibility. This bill goes a long way to balancing the demands of justice with the mercy and compassion that all human beings deserve.

It helps bring people out of the shadows in an accountable way.

I applaud the Sutherland Institute's and Luz Roble's valient attempt.

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