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Published: Monday, Nov. 29 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Nice article Dick

Jake Heaps was the better QB on Saturday. I am looking foreword to a Bowl, and Three more years. Independence never looked so good.

Las Vegas, NV

Is leading your team to three field goals really that impressive? Utah gave Heaps a gift by handing him his one and only touchdown when Terrance Cain was inserted into the game and threw an interception which led to a TD to a wide open receiver from a blown coverage.

Payson, UT

Dick, you are a funny guy. Yes, Heaps is proving he has great potential and those phone calls Heaps received before the game added pressure to his play in this game, yet he still came through.

Why you are so funny are things like the USA Today top 30 comment. What you mean is that they played and LOST to TCU, Utah, SDSU, Air Force, Nevada and Fl State.

Orem, UT

Thanks to Dick Harmon for this great article. It backs what I've been saying all year--that Jake Heaps IS a good as advertised, and that he will perhaps be the greatest QB in BYU history.

Fans now have three more years to watch Jake improve and guide the Cougars to many, many victories.

  • 5:33 a.m. Nov. 30, 2010
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Riverton, UT

With a freshman quarterback, and with a team that statistically was one of its worst in decades, BYU managed to lose by only one point to the mighty BCS busting, self-appointed & predestined, National Champion Utah Utes...not too bad.

American Fork, UT

Nice article. One little correction: Hall was in Provo two of his three appearances in the rivalry, and those were the years he won.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA


Any your mighty utes were impressive in the 17-16 W, weren't they. Take that to your bowl game - it will be interesting to see your next impressive performance.

Bethlehem Bob
Bethlehem, pA

As excited as I am about 2011 and beyond, I'm also concerned about the quality kids who are going to leave the program or not join it because of the points in this article. It seems all OC's become predictable after awhile in their play calling. What we need is to continue to attract athletes ( aka Unga,Pitta, Collie, Rich et al) who can thrive in a system suited to their skills and a culture that allows them to grow as men.

Lubbock, TX

On the field he has the poise and resolve, no fear. Those other QBs, wYnn and Cain looked scared. They should be. BYU has a great future, utah needs new QBs.

Nampa, ID

I like heaps. I hope he continues to improve. i have a feeling BYU will get better and better for the next couple of years. Hopefully the offensive line will improve to help the running backs and the receivers will step up a bit. Looking forward to the bowl game.

Colorado Springs, CO

@wwookie-BYU beat SDSU, and don't even go there on the fumble after Saturday's call

@ bigutefan-did you watch the game Saturday. 3 field goals to include what should have been the game winning one. As far as giving TDs away what did the Utah QBs show. That after a blown call on an interception and the luckiest botched punt in college football this season they can drive all of what, 25-30 yards for a td. Please don't talk about the Utes handing BYU any gifts as anyone who watched the game knows the Utes were the luckiest team in the country on Saturday. By the way how did that 2 headed QB system work for you?

@xpat-you're insane! Fire Anae? The same coordinator who has guided 4 10-2 BYU teams while averaging around 40 pts a game? BYU had to grow into this season and once they did the offense looked solid. 40+ pts against the MWC cellar dwellars as is the norm. Had the D played better earlier BYU would likely have beaten AF, Utah St, and Nevada. No way those teams put up 30 pts against the BYU Defense today.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Let's see, the defensive coordinator was really good and had everyone fooled so he had to be fired in mid season. Things got better on defense. The offensive coordinator is really good and had someone fooled but he continues slow down the offense...but he's still there?

Chandler, AZ

Harmon, why not just come on out and say what you really what to say, i.e., Anae must do better, must make changes, must get over his disdain in starting a freshman QB...and if he doesn't then Doman, who is the real genius - according to your article, will gladly take over.

You could either do that, or just entitle this article, "An open letter to Robert Anae"

Youre not fooling anybody with the veiled references that you make.

North Las Vegas, NV

O.K. I will say it. Heaps: go on a mission. I know of know "Jake Heaps" exception. As a bishop, I have seen many young men in the past five years set aside their dreams for a couple of years and do what they are asked to do. I love Heaps, and I love BYU football. Don't be like Steve Young and regret the rest of your life that you didn't serve. Now, if there is some issue that prohibits you to serve (i.e. Harvey Unga) then I completely understand that also. But if not, do it!! We love ya brother!!

Beverly Hills, CA

Just keep playing Jordan Wynn. He knows his stats against 6 win BYU.

1st half: 8-18, 113 yards, 0 TD, 0INT

2nd half: 5-12, 86 yards, 1TD, 1INT

Vegas Bowl would have to do something unprecidented, but to let BYU-Utah finish their unfinished business... would be the Utes worst nightmare.

Send them to the PAC with a good win, or a good thrashing. Either way, it would be good for the LV Bowl, and the Utes.

Ted H
Sandy, UT

A 1 point loss to "one of the best 2 teams in the country"(zaney boy taylor) is not too bad.

Heaps struggled this year, but he'll be ok.

Salt Lake City, UT

Laughing at all of the whiney, jealous Utah fans ragging on Heaps. There isn't a single one of them who woulnd't take Heaps for the next three years over Wynn in a heartbeat.

If BYU's coaching staff hadn't gone conservative after Heaps moved the Cougars into FG range, the Cougars could have scored a TD and sealed the win, rather than risking all on a FG try.

Heaps is just getting started.

Next year he will be even better with his increased understanding of the BYU offense and better timing with his receivers. Another Young, McMahon or Detmer is filling the BYU QB position. The future for BYU looks bright.

Wynn has peaked and has no upside.

Utah will be looking for a JC transfer next year as a backup plan for Wynn. And with no Asiata or Wide to take up the slack, the Utes could be in big trouble heading into their first year in the PAC.

Springville, UT

It is always amazing to read the comments of self-assumed geniuses who know better than all the coaches exactly what should happen and of course, they'd never make a questionable call.

Heaps put BYU in a place to win the game, but a zebra and three play choices pulled the rug out from under him.

It was amazingly obvious that Utah struggled all game long, and they were supposed to be the Cougs by a mile. Well they didn't, only a blown call could do that. What's intriguing is what will happen in the bowl game. We just might see a taste of 2011. Looking forward to next season!

For all you "geniuses" who assume to know more than everybody else, it must be hard to descend from Olympus long enough to expose your pathetic egos to a mere football game. But I know you won't hesitate to assume everybody cares. Sorry, we don't.

Kearns, UT

We need a fearless offensive coordinator. Not one that tries three runs and then trys a field goal at the end of the game that gets blocked. Just like Chow did, Anae is getting stale and predictable with his play calling. Elevate Doman and bring Detmer up to help him out. After all, Detmer was essentially Michael Vick's QB coach at Atlanta.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jake will be just fine and his best is yet to come. ute troll ankle bites don't diminish his progress or hide their envy.

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