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Published: Monday, Nov. 29 2010 8:00 p.m. MST

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Bo Jangles
Meridian, ID

Go Utes... extend the bowl win streak to 10
99 Vegas - Fresno
01 Vegas - USC
03 Liberty - So Miss
04 Fiesta - Pitt
05 Emerald - Ga Tech
06 Armed Forces - Tulsa
07 Poinsettia - Navy
08 Sugar - Alabama
09 Poinsettia - Cal

Fruit Heights, UT

Ohhhhhhhh... I hope it is for a basketball game.

Bronco Loco
Henderson, NV

I think you Ute fans will be coming back to Vegas more often than you would like as a 4th or 5th place team in the PAC-12.

Payson, UT

Go utes! a possible rematch with ND?

With three weeks to prepare, the Utes will be ready to dominate whoever they face.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

If it is Ohio or Temple (as espn is predicting) I would rather not go. No offense to those teams, but would fans really be excited to watch?

Bountiful, UT

BYU / Utah Rematch on a nuetral field. AWSOME!! The way things are looking, that would be the best match up they could get.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

@ sledhead

Why not a rematch. Florida and Florida St did it back in 96 when BYU should have gone there for NC but end up at Cotton Bowl. Bring it on. And many more to come for utah at LV Bowl.

Beverly Hills, CA

Just keep playing Jordan Wynn. He knows his stats against 6 win BYU.

1st half: 8-18, 113 yards, 0 TD, 0INT

2nd half: 5-12, 86 yards, 1TD, 1INT

Vegas Bowl would have to do something unprecidented, but to let BYU-Utah finish their unfinished business... would be the Utes worst nightmare.

Send them to the PAC with a good win, or a good thrashing. Either way, it would be good for the LV Bowl, and the Utes.

Boise, ID

I'm hoping for BSU. If the Vegas bowl could pull that off, national and regional interest would be very good.

West Jordan, UT

re: ute-chute

What do you mean "finish their unfinished business"?? Didn't they finish on Saturday with Brandon Burton laying on the turf soaking in the last second block of Payne's field goal....in my mind that DID finish the business they had. I'm sure BYU fans don't feel that anything is finished, but that is how they have felt 6 times this season (Florida St., Nevada, Air Force, TCU, Utah State, Utah)....so keep wishing!

Ogden, UT

To Ute4ever

Have Utah play the schedule BYU played this year and the Utes, too, would be a 6-6 team.

As for the LV Bowl, the Utes will find over the coming years that it just might provide their most frequent holiday vacation trip. That is, when they actually get the chance for a bowl appearance.

Utah has been in two BCS bowls during the past decade. By going to the PAC, they wanted to improve their chance for a BCS bowl. They'll find, I'm sorry to say, that getting there with a 12-0 season in the MWC provided them a much better chance for that. The past decade provides clear evidence to prove my point.

Don't hold your breath in hopes of seeing the Utes in a BCS bowl, even as members of the PAC-12. On the other hand, they do have a respectable chance to replace Cougars as the most frequent LV Bowl contender.

yankee doodle
Layton, UT

I really hate the Utes. Hope they come home crying after they lose the bowl game, especially Jereme Brooks.

Lehi, Utah

BYU fans are soo prideful...
i find it hilarious that you think your 6-6 team will do just fine against ole miss, texas, oregon st, georgia tech, notre dame, and boise st.
why dont you guys try and worry about your own games coming up and stop worrying about the utes?

Beverly Hills, CA

Re: yarrlydarb | 10:03 a.m

"Have Utah play the schedule BYU played this year and the Utes, too, would be a 6-6 team."

Are you serious? Utah beat air force and would easily beat Utah St. Utah would beat washington also. Utah beat pitt and crushed Iowa st, 2 teams that BYU would struggle to beat.

To make a final point Utah just beat BYU. You are delusional!

Surfers Paradise, AU

@ RunningUtes
Hasn't BYU already beat Oregon State pretty handily...last year.
We've beaten ND in South Bend ,something you couldn't do. When is ND coming to SLC again?
They are all winable games. BYU's record now, does not indicate how well they're playing now...we took the U to the last play didn't we?

Orem, UT


"a possible rematch with ND?"


In fact, a possible rematch with ND is more than likely the reason the Las Vegas Bowl is waiting until the opponent is decided before they select the MWC team.

The Las Vegas Bowl doesn't want a rematch of Utah/ND or BYU/Washington.

If the Las Vegas Bowl can get Notre Dame, the most likely MWC representative will be BYU.

Bowl games are all about money. They couldn't care less which teams are most deserving. All they want are teams that will create the most interesting matchup to draw the most television viewers, and, teams that will bring the most fans.

I do find it interesting that after years and years of knocking the Las Vegas Bowl, Utah fans are anxiously hoping for an invite to Las Vegas.

A Utah/Boise State matchup would be interesting. But, be careful what you wish for Utah fans, a matchup with Boise State would most likely bring Utah's bowl winning streak to a screaching halt.

Sandy, UT

@ Bronco Loco

"I think you Ute fans will be coming back to Vegas more often than you would like as a 4th or 5th place team in the PAC-12."

Yeesh... then we'd know how byu fans feel...

Burton is still unblocked.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Sorry utes....ND considers you to be a Little Sister of the Poor. No rematch for u!

Ogden, UT

To bookonwomen

No, I've not delusional. Take a look at the won/loss records of the teams Utah played and compared to that of those BYU played; i.e. strength of schedule. Also look at the polls during the season and compare how many top 25 or 30 teams BYU played as opposed to Utah.

Then look at how many games in which the point could be made that the Utes "lucked out" in games they played as opposed to BYU.

Finally, look at the rivalry game and tell me Utah was not outplayed, again lucking out in the fourth quarter. Utah is extremely fortunate that they came away with a win with the lousy-kick turnaround and the fumble (which was clearly shown to be a bad call).

In 2008, Utah was arguably the best college team in the land. But in 2010 they were really at best a 7-5 team and maybe 6-6 when analyzing at least three and probably four of their wins.

Bottom line: Look forward to the majority the Utes' future bowl games being held about half-way between where you I reside; i.e. Las Vegas Nevada.

Omaha, NE

ute fans have mocked BYU for playing in Vegas for years. Feels pretty sickening to see their team there now eh? Not only that, but getting a Temple or Ohio would look even worse, especially since that means their "power" conference can't even get enough bowl eligible teams. Pretty pathetic.

As others mentioned, if the utes don't do better than 4th place, Vegas could be a new home.

What goes around comes around.

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