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Published: Sunday, Nov. 28 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Curious to see how the Utes do playing in a real conference. All the cheap shots taken against the BCS conferences. Now that Wyoming, New Mexico, etc etc are gone Utah will have to get up for more than one or two games a year.

Orem, UT

I'm very excited to see the Utes enter the Pac-10 because they will be in about 5th or 6th place every year, if they're lucky. No more playing chump teams and getting 5th place. The Pac-10 is full of very good teams that will send Utah a clear message. That message is "you should have stayed in the MWC with your weak schedule"

Jimmy James
Bronx, NY


Excellent assessment of the Utes, I agree 100%. (And I'm a Ute fan by the way.)

Henderson, NV

The utes also need at least one more cornerback who can cover worth a darn - Conroy Black can't cover anyone. A good, big running back like Harvey L. out of Bingham would be a big plus as well. I think that if Blechen moves to linebacker, he will need to put on about 20-25 lbs and that leaves another void at safety. We would need a Robert Johnson type Safety plus someone for Blechen who has done well in Robert's stead. Hopefully Nai Fotu and VJ Fehoko will be the linebackers we need and we do need to find some explosive edge pass rushers - perhaps some weight on Trevor Reilly (6'5") and Joe Kruger (6'7") would help fill that need. The receiver position needs to get better - hopefully 4-star receiver Kenneth Scott will be fully healed and can add some muscle and be like the SDSU and TCU receivers and with continued development by Devonte and Luke, along with the others, we could have a good group.

Houston, TX

Finally a realistic assessment of the Utes in PAC 12 land.

However, the Utes have been able to recruit in the past and should fix some of the weakness.

There is no reason to think the Utes are any better than last year but they do have a better record. They will have a decent foundation to build from.

I expect them to be a middle PAC team, especially with USC and UCLA down as bad as they are. The South PAC 12 is weak next year and Utah could win the South with some luck and a few key recruits.

I am not a Utah fan and do not wish them luck but they are capable of being a pretty good team at times.

Orem, UT

I am really excited for the Utes in the Pac-12. Good luck there. You guys have got to step up and be the man. But what I really look forward to is an early season meeting with an improving and independent BYU team. Out of Conference games will not be any easier on the Utes than there new conference games.

Pocatello, ID

I'm pumped for next year. It will be a test, but I think it will help very much for them to be in a dogfight week in and week out. Look what happened Boise St. when they had to finally play a game in the 4th quarter. Utah will do fine in the Pac 12. The coaching staff is excellent, there is good talent in the pipeline and more coming in because Utah is now a Pac-12 team. Only good things in store.

Mesa, AZ

There is no uncertainty regarding the Utes future in the Pac-12. They will be a bottom feeder. I hope they enjoy their trip to the Las Vegas bowl this year. In the future, they will most likely not be bowl eligible and, even if they are, it will be the Las Vegas bowl again. And again. And again.


Rigby, Id

Keith McGill is a good junior college transfer who should do well replacing Taplin-Ross. If Blechen moves to linebacker Greg Bird has played well behind him and has created a turnover in the three games he has played a lot in. He blocked the punt at San Diego
and recovered the ball that bounced off the byu player.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Mike thanks for a very honest and in depth analysis of the Utes and their chances next year. I too wonder about Wynn's health. He did not look like the same player from last years bowl game.

Mike would you please report also what the Utes have done to discipline #52 Martinez for his actions after the game ended Saturday. I was disgusted by what I saw from him after the game. I recognize I'm a BYU fan but I'm also a Utahn and I found his behavior simply unacceptable from any player representing our state. Incredibly poor sportsmanship.

I mean who goes after the opposing teams kicker instead of celebrating with his own teammates after his team makes a big block to win the game?

Ann Arbor, MI

I have a feeling Brandon Burton will leave for the NFL...if so, Ute is in for a world of hurt and the safety position next.

Pocatello, ID


I'm sure Whit will do the same thing that Bronco did to Max when he shouldered sly from behind and yelled at him after the game last year. Nothing. Both were bush league, but, I'm sure nothing will come of it.

Bluffdale, UT

Toledo or Temple or whomever the Las Vegas Bowl is able to scrounge up? Wow, I sense some jealousy. If Utah finishes 5th in the Pac 12 they still go to the Vegas Bowl. Nothing but green lights ahead for the taking.

Ogden, UT

One of the best things for the Utes' move to the PAC-12 is the fact that they will no longer be overrated!

Their overrating this year just about did them in.

In their last five games, we really saw the type of team they truly were.

I wish them luck; it will be tough.

Utah Man
Salt Lake City, UT

I could not agree more with you Mike. Kyle has some real problems and issues to deal with up here. We do not have a quarterback, a running back, and our offensive line is poor at best. On the defensive end, our linbebackers are garbage, we have no pass rush, and Burton is our only real defensive player. Kyle has a lot of work to do.

Tooele, UT

Why do you run a spread with a quarterback who never runs? Doesn't that seem predictable? At least with BJohns and Alex Smith you knew they had a chance of breaking one big, but you know for a fact that Wynn will never run.

Salt Lake City, UT

The U does need to improve. But then to have been competitive in the new MWC, they would have had to improve. The PAC-12 if you notice has its own share of below average teams. Maybe slightly better than New Mexico, and LV, but not much. The U played similarly talented teams in Notre Dame, SDSU and BYU and they won two out of three of those contests. They will do just as much next year in the PAC. Winning 2 out of 3 may not keep the stands filled, but it certainly keeps them bowl eligible.

Meridian, ID

I was surprised that Utah's pass defense and running game struggled in the back half of the year. We definately need work there. However, the biggest areas for convern are QB and OC.

Kyle, just want to know if you were calling for a reprimand of Max Hall after last year's game? Didn't think so.

Cedar Hills, UT


I think he was referring to this year? The Pac 10 does not have enough teams that are bowl eligible so the LV bowl is struggling to find a team for Utah to play THIS year.

Will not be easy but with increased "intensity" on the recruiting side, they can compete. I think the Harvey Langi kid would be a great move. Play it as he can come in and be the man from the get go.... Could happen.

Whatever, it will be a work in progress in mind anyway.

Go Utes!

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ

Put down the Kool-aid. TCU is Not one of the best teams in the nation. Along with BSU, what quality wins, Utah, Oregon State????????. Utah will be an average PAC-12 team next year and the years after that

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