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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Nice game Utah Players.

It will never be the same until the PAC allows you to play in November.

But, until September, you have scoreboard, but BYU has Heaps.

Dream about that for awhile.

Fruit Heights, UT

Ute Fan: Son, you're looking at a legend.
Child: I guess a legend and an out-of-work bum look a lot a like, daddy.

Let's see what you can do in the pac before we start talking legends.

St. Heaps, now, theres a legend....

Orem, UT

Make no mistake: I am definitely a big BYU fan, and I have to agree, that was one heck of a game! Wow.

Hats off to the Utes for never throwing in the towel and fighting to the last second. There shouldn't be a sports fan alive who can't admire that.

Good job, Utah.

See ya next year! :-)

  • 11:35 p.m. Nov. 27, 2010
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Orem, UT

I won't be putting this in the "amazing file" because this game wasn't amazing. The refs blew this game. It was clear as day that the knee was down. It didn't help that BYU settled for a field goal instead trying for a touch down. How about the Ute players pushing the BYU kicker around after he was blocked? Really classy, Utes. Their own coach had to stop them from acting like bullies.

Portland, OR

I think the chest-pounding from both sides of this rivalry is getting absurd. As Dick points out, this has been an incredibly close rivalry for more than a decade. Very little has separated the teams. Consequently, an insult to the other team insults your own. For example, those who suggest that Utah will be a poor PAC team, unintentionally, but logically, suggest that BYU would also be a poor PAC team. Neither team is far enough ahead of the other (either now, in the recent past, or the foreseeable future) to credibly argue that one team's fortunes in another setting would vary significantly from the other team in the same setting.

Also, it is a bit premature to argue that Heaps is headed for greatness and Wynn is headed for failure. That may be true, but remember, Wynn played a great game against BYU last year as a freshman - most thought he outplayed Max Hall. Heaps may continue an upward trajectory, but that is far from certain.

Both teams have reason to be proud. But suggestions that one team is far superior to the other, or even that one significantly outplayed the other today, is nonsense.

Cedar Hills, UT

What a game! BYU usually plays well against the Utes in SLC for 3 quarters, then can't seems to close it out in the 4th quarter for some reason. Where's Mo Rivera when you need him! BYU most likely wins the game if they kick the field goal in the 3rd quarter and gets a correct call on the bradley fumble.(I thought that is why we have a replay booth)Anyway, congrats to the Utes as they fought thru some bad breaks of their own to overtake the Y and win the game. Good luck Utah next year in the PAC 12 and good luck to the Cougs next year as they go independent. It's going to be great!!!

Apo, AP

Another classic.

If I were a Ute fan, I'd be concerned about the apparent lack of confidence in Wynn in a tough game. BYU defense played very well into the 4th where it too many breaks went Utah's way.

Who will be Utah's QB in a bowl game?

Layton, UT

Utah wins by one on a pair of lucky dimes? Thought this was supposed to be a blowout?

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Forget the Blocked Punt....Forget the reviewed fumble that clearly showed that the reciever was down before the ball was ripped out of his hands. Forget the the role of the men in stripes. There were bad calls on both sides of the ball. However...Robert Anae owes this team an apology for making the biggest blunder of his career. Leading 6-0 early in the 3rd Quarter with an easy opportunity to put 3 more points on the board he alone is responsible for not taking the 3 points as it turned out that he should have. This by far, overshadows the desasterous attempt to run out of a deep hole inside our own 5 yd line with 7 seconds on the clock before the half in the UCLA game several years ago. Rule number one is Never take points off the board and Rule number 2 is you always put points on the board when the easy opportunity is there. Robert Anae gambled way too early in the game and despite everything else... including the blocked punt... he lost on that one pivetal play. This is a great team but this is not a great coaching staff.

Jimmy James
Bronx, NY

I don't know, that was a pretty ugly game (especially for the Utes).

However, maybe this was the right way for the MWC rivalry to end because now fans of either team really can't talk smack.

BYU can't say much because of the final score, and Utah can't really say much because lets be honest, if it wasn't for some very lucky breaks we would be on the other side of the scoreboard.

Lets hope that next year it's an offensive shoot-out with the score something like 57 to 50. Now that would be an amazing game.

Alexandria, VA

Can't blame the refs for this one. Yes, there were some questionable calls, but BYU should never have left the game in the hands of the refs. Get out of the way of the punt - hold on to the ball when you intercept it. Kick a field goal and go up by two scores when it's fourth and one. Pick up the fumbled ball - pick off the three passes that hit our defenders hands. There were lots of opportunities for the Cougs in this one and they just couldn't pull it off. Congrats to the Utes.
But, BYU has a lot of positives to take from this game. BYU has something special in Heaps - a freshman QB with that poise? Very hard to find. Quezada and Hoffman will mature and do good things for BYU. Van Noy will mature and become a force on defense. We're losing alot in the secondary next year, but we've all been hearing good things about some of the new players coming in to the secondary, so it's going to be an interesting year next year. And we still have a bowl game - go Cougs!

Thayne, WY

What was amazing about the game was who decided the out come. I am sure that neither team won or lost the game. The team in the replay both had the biggest input on who won and lost. I am a fan of both teams and it makes me sick to think a bunch of young men can play that hard only to leave the decision of who should win to a group in the replay both. I would rather see a bad call made by the referees who have to make the calls in real time then someone who is using replays and still getting it wrong. BYU has been on each side of this issue this year and the Mountain West needs to improve the quality of the replay booth.

Fort Worth, Texas

Amazing is...

A) Utah played another horrible game (3 of 4)

B) BYU had its best game of the season against a team with 4 or more wins

yet Utah still won.

@Veritas or FAYM or whatever you go by

Heisman Heaps matched Wynn's numbers. The difference we yanked Wynn out of the game because he played horrible.

BTW... I think everyone will agree that the worst no call of the game was when BYU horse collared Wide in the open field saving a Utah touchdown.

Bottom Line
Draper, UT

Too hard to put in the amazing file, but I do have a tainted file where it fits. Not sure why we have replay at all. They can't seem to overturn any calls.

Providence, UT


You are .500 on your predictions for Utah the last 4 weeks (same for sammyg). That's pretty good. Ironically it's the same percentage as the Utah fans who predicted that Utah would win out. That puts you and sammyg on their level...along with flipping a coin. Impressive. You two really know the game of football! Where is sammyg by the way? Has anyone seen him? Now that it is the post season and he is officially rooting for Utah, I'd like to raise my Twinkie with him to toast the bowl season.

Mission Viejo, CA

Two comments I did not make in earlier post. This game could have been won by BYU if they had only scored more points!

Utah would have lost if BYU had scored more points!

That being said:

Great game and hats off the the die-hard Utes. They never gave up and like the SDSU game, caught a couple of breaks and won.

Likewise, BYU fought like mamma cougars, but were held back by an over-conservative OC who played not to lose.

However, if Heaps had folded or threw a couple of pics in the endzone, we'd all be complaining that they should have protected Heaps more.

I think this was a great game and I'm looking forward to the new era of BYU independence and Utah in the Pac12. I'll be rooting for my Dawgs to pound the Utes every time and for BYU to look good against the more national teams on their schedule.

South Weber, UT

Good Call in Portland from the WOLF !
It seems to me like you have the wisdom to recognize the game for what it was.. a white knuckled exciting game.
I get's old reading the tripe of the if's and but writers.
I particularly liked your final statement'" Both teams have reason to be proud. But suggestions that one team is far superior to the other, or even that one significantly outplayed the other today, is nonsense."
As for the replay and fumble recovery BYU fell on it's own sword. Somewhere today Brady Hoke of San Diego State is smiling.
Utah just happened to have enough gas left to make that 4 seconds in time put a "W" into the history books.
My hear felt thanks go out to Burton and his desire to follow the coaches instructions and the extra time that they took into the film room to expose the Achilles Heel of the the kicking game-- that observation alone set up the block of the decade.

Ogden, UT

As they say in NASCAR who is the lucky dog. UTAH. Hope this does not make the DNs censor nervous!

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Mediocrity is now being hyped! This was a game for parents and family to cheer for.

It's like going to a High School play and saying " That was good " for a High School play.

Really, Heaps again choking in the Red Zone, and Anae keeping it real with I know lets run a Dive on First Down, and Utah unable to do anything offensively. Pathetic performance for the Utes who on paper should have handled these guy's.

Yawn, yawn, yawn.....

Ogden, UT

It was a great game, full of as much excitement as there has ever been in the rivalry.

CONGRATULATIONS UTAH! Good luck in the LV Bowl!

That said, here are a few facts to keep in mind about this past season and the next:

1. Utah has a good team but was definitely overrated.

2. BYU is as good as Utah and was definitely underrated during the season.

3. Without the lucky breaks this year, Utah may well have been a 7-5 or even a 6-6 team.

4. Wynn hasn't achieved his potential and will surely improve for 2011.

5. Heaps, although not achieving all that he wanted, has proven to be as good a freshman QB as any who has attended the "QB Factory."

6. Unless Utah and Wynn make significant improvement in 2011, the Utes will probably end up in the middle of the PAC-12.

7. The Cougars in their independent role have an excellent opportunity to play before a significantly larger national audience, potentially producing just as good a chance for a BCS bowl appearance in the 2011 season as the PAC-12 Utes.

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