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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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JT Texas
Midland, TX

You know. I would tell byu to just take their ball and go home to the mwc, but then I realized byu no longer has a home.

Flame of the West
The OC, CA

Congratulations Utah! Best of luck next year in the PAC12.

BYU - how do you expect to win the game after muffing the punt return, fumbling the interception, and going for it on 4th and inches instead of a FIELD GOAL attempt quite possibly was the game changer?

Great game - would not have called it this close 2 months ago.

Albany, NY

Magic Happens when you play hard. Let's be honest, this game was a bad one through 3 quartes for us Utes and Wynn (and Cain) were just horrible. Heaps is going to be very very good and congratulations to the Zoobs for a great game plan. Very happy for the win but not happy about our digressing QBs.

Surfers Paradise, AU

@ Bo Jangles
The Utes were outplayed. The yards don't tell the entire story within the game. The Utes offense only came to life on 4-5 plays in the 4th quarter. See 3rd down conversions, and sustained drives. Both D lines played well, but the U was supposed to have a much better running game.

The U got exposed as a top 5 fraud and everyone knows it. Total yards do not tell the entire story.

salt lake city, utah

great game and the best part was no hate speech by the winning qb or no jumbotron saying byu enjoy the loss your big brother or crying about the replay official stay classy byu

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

So a 6-6 BYU team is about equal to a 10-2 uou team. Sounds about right to me. hedgehog, what do you think?

SLC, Utah

Looks like Luck swung with the Utes this year. That and BYU made some bone head mistakes that had nothing to do with Utah and everything to do with BYU making dumb mistakes. That said, all things considered, I'd be more excited about BYU's prospects for the future as a BYU fan than those for Utah as a Utah fan. BYU's playmakes today were mostly freshmen, while Utah has some holes. Also they're looking for a running back after Shakerin got knocked out(which is really sad and too bad for Shak.) Also consider BYU was without their three best D-linement and best linebacker. Heartbreaking loss but things are looking up for the Cougs!

Durham, NC

How funny is this, a 1 point victory and the Utes think they some how have saved face, beating BYU who had a marginal year in a marginal conference.

It was a great game, the way it should be with two teams who have so much history. I think both teams played about as well as they could, and it was fun to watch.

But lets not get too carried away with ourselves. Unfortunately our buddies up in Boise gave credence to Oho's claims. Utah will have the chance that they can hunt with the big dogs next year, and BYU will go fishing in uncharted waters. So ends an average season with some pretty average teams.

Phoenix, Arizona

There is a lot of "lucky" talk coming from Cougar fans in here but as the old saying goes "luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity". The Utah coaching staff reviewed BYU special teams game film, saw a weakness in the BYU field goal team blocking scheme and everyone saw the result. Kyle Whittingham even talked about it in his post game interview.

Fans overlook how much prep goes into the game plan of both teams. The game broke for Utah today just like it did for BYU last year. No more lucky talk please!

Spanish Fork, UT

I agree that it was a bad call for the fumble. But get over it cougs, Utah won, deal with it. Oh and Burton is still unblocked...GO UTES!

da bob
Salt Lake City, UT

Blown fumble call.
Utah walks away with the luckiest win. BYU was the better team by far!

Meridian, ID

Note to Whit,

Adverise the QB position as "open" when recruiting Freshman and JC transfers. Wynn is no D1 QB.

Provo, UT

My honest assessment of the coaching:

Whittingham--great coach, record speaks for itself but this is the first team I've seen of his regress badly as the season progressed. I think it has a lot to do with:

Brian Johnson--he will be a good college coach in time but he's not ready to be a QB coach (a very important job) at this point in his career. The Ute QB's are not progressing. Keep Johnson but get him an older mentor who could teach him the fine points of coaching. There is a guy named Steve Clark who once coached at the U now coaching at SUU as the OC, he might be the guy for the job.

Bronco--very good coach, Y fans need to get off his back. His team improved after a horrible start. The defense was good all year long except for maybe a couple of games before he took over.

Anae--keep him as a line coach, he is a good man and a good coach there (he wouldn't have been on Leach's Texas Tech staff if he wasn't), but take away play calling duties.

Holladay, Utah

Both teams played horribly at times with questionable coaching decisions split about equally. But, the Utes won (barely) and I am not going to whine about bad calls (or bad non-calls in some cases) which went both ways. I get the sense that Utah will be less than mediocre in the PAC-12 next year; whereas, BYU is on the rise. However, unlike most BYU fans, I don't think that the experiment with independence is the way to go.

Holladay, UT

The ONLY reason the BYU lost was becasue of Anae,

and his pathtetic play callling,

and it actually all started in the first quarter when BYU did not go for two after the 1st touch down.

mathmatically there was no reason NOT to, and every reason to go for it.

that showed BYU was playing NOT to lose rather than to win,

and if they had gotten 2, the blocked field goal would NOT have made a difference, as, at worst, they would have gone to overtime.

Anae is to blame and all his bad run play calling, and inability to call plays to get the ball in the end zone.

But it all started in 1st quarter, by NOT going for 2.

rather than actually playing to win.

Meridian, ID

To AB,

So if the replay officials today were "corrupt", please provide an adjective to describe the BYU SDSU replay officials?

Wally West
Port of Spain, T & T

re: yankee doodle | 5:59 p.m. Nov. 27, 2010

"Utesies will be a bottom dwellers in the Pac-12."

re: yankee doodle | 6:03 p.m. Nov. 27, 2010

"I guarantee the Utes will be a mediocre team in the Pac-12"

So, which is it?

Cedar Hills, UT

BYU, Make the darn field and kick the field in the 3rd quarter and then you can overcome the bad call on the bradley fumble!!

Wally West
Port of Spain, T & T

re: Igualmente | 6:23 p.m. Nov. 27, 2010

Only a zoob would care about what an ESPN talking head thinks.

For the record, Bob Davie is the most entertaining, insightful, & informative IMO but his opinions are just that.

Manny Being Manny
Pleasant Grove, UT

Exciting game. Very proud of the Cougs.

Someone please explain how the Ute players can't help but think they got away with one, and take the win with class?

Yet, what do they do? Stick their fingers in Matt Payne's face, shove him and taunt him after the blocked kick? Wow, that's classy! Looks like Max Hall was right after all.

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